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Having a cat on my adventures has taken my outings to a whole other level.
JJ YOSH: Alright! Here we are, got my kitty on my back, doing a little adventure today.
Simon, take a look!
Cats love nature, especially Simon. Every time I walk near the door to go outside,
he races to the door, he looks up and he gives me this like, short little meow sound. That
makes me know that 'Yeah, I am ready to go out.'
I think Simon loves the outdoors. Here is a great example right here. I have
this, this crate of grass. And look, he decides he wants to lay on the grass. I have been
adventuring for the majority of my life. It started way back when I was a little kid,
just exploring the creeks in my backyard. But my real outdoor career began in college
when I started the excursion club back in 2003 and I realised in that moment that, 'Woah!
This is, this was my calling. This was the way that I could help the world and help the
earth.' When I graduated college, I thought I need to do this on a bigger scale. Media
was the key to be able to influence more people on a much larger scale especially those that
maybe are unable to travel as much and see the rest of the world.
Simon and I have gone on road trips all across the US, road trips that have been
as long as 20 consecutive hours.
We have gone to deserts, we have gone to majestic forests and we have even
camped in the snow. Simon, wake up!
We are hiking. Simon doesn't really want to walk today. He is making me
carry him and we are at the ocean right now.
I am a person that is always about getting to the top, getting to the destination.
Simon loves adventure and having Simon has helped me to embrace more of the journey and
really appreciate the moment and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.
The first time that he went into the water, I was so terrified because I didn't
know if he could swim or not and I am thinking to myself, 'I am going to have to jump in and
rescue him and how I am going to do this? Is he going to drown?' So it was really
terrifying but then when I saw that he immediately got to his instincts and started swimming.
That was amazing.
I would love to take Simon to a really tropical location and I would like to just
kind of take him snorkelling and just, you know, like have you ever seen a cat snorkel
before. So, because he loves fish, I just got a fish tank and he loves it. He loves
staring at the fish. So, I think taking him somewhere tropical where we can go in and
swim with the fish, he would love it.
I think Simon introduced me to the wild.
Simon, you enjoying the outdoors?
He is not much of a talker. Can you get up and say goodbye to everybody? Huh,
do you want to say goodbye?
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The Backpacking Cat Who Travels The US With His Human

11711 Folder Collection
Evangeline published on May 19, 2018    Evangeline translated    Evangeline reviewed
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