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It is rare that our cargo is a goddess.
I apologize we have no kings or queens on our ship.
Only gods and goddesses. So you should fit right in.
All strange and terrible things are welcome.
Haha! I'm worried that my quarters are not as comfortable as your Palace.
Comforts? We despise them.
My loyal shield boy, are you fit?
I am in awe of this goddess.
We must do her well.
I can't believe she's on our ship.
Don't be fooled by appearances.
She needs us more than we need her.
Aya she is the real goddess.
There, in the distance.
Aya, already showing Bayek the best places to make love!
Enough Phox. It is time to make war.
Brother at sea!
Today we carry a precious cargo, queen Cleopatra.
Great lady in perfection, she of the sedge and bee.
With so many other cocksure titles my breath falters just to think of them!
Now if you'll direct your attention to the fore.
You'll notice we have some friend bearing down upon us
Emissaries of our little Pharaoh.
How kind of them to come forth!
Let us welcome them, shall we?
Warmly. With the ball of flaming refuse!
This reminds me the day twenty years back, when I sailed with a group of pirates.
The Sicilians was it?
Ah, you heard the stories!
That's right, I was hired hull then too.
They were planning an inland raid and Antioch
And needed a few extra sails.
It was my first and only dip into the life of a scoundrel
I prefer having a shred of decency. Only a shred.
A shred can be hard to come by.
He speaks? The great Medjay.
We are at sea, captain. Any greatness here is yours.
Ptolemy! Burn them!
Arrow out!
Let them taste of our fire.
Well done there! Seacraft comes naturally to you.
Easier to sail about when the sea is empty of ships trying to sink you.
Won't dozen missing triremes not alert the main fleet?
It will take some time for them to find a wreckage onwards.
Captain my shield smells like charcoal.
Damastes please, shut up! We press on.
With caution. We're not yet in Carmel waters.
There. More of Ptolemy's ships!
They'll want to box us in, and drive us against the shore.
I see that look in your eyes. Why should we fight them?
We can just barge on through and it's straight for Alexandria.
I need to be sure the way is safe for Cleopatra. We have to do this!
Those Neket iadet will feel Ra's arrows!
Nice to hear Egyptian vulgarity on a Greek ship.
Variety is what makes life interesting. And bloodshed!
The fleet awaits command, Aya.
Our catapult will fire upon your order.
Don't save our ammunition, Aya. Waste it and them.
Which one is the god of fire?
Wake him up and tell him it's time to unleash your wrath!
The fleet is at your disposal.
One signal and fire will burst upon them.
Take them you slackers!
Cut them off! Don't let them tack!
Show no mercy!
Send them to the abyss!
The air stinks but not of oarsmen. Something else...
Hold, Phoxidas, look there at the water.
Two ships down! Damn Ptolemy.
Did make a fine Navy. Though.
I'm no poxy general with bottomless Roman coffer! Those were my men!
Easy, Phoxidas. We're not done yet.
Our catapult will do that work. We will make them pay!
And dearly by the balls of Zeus!
I want the ocean turned dark with their blood!
Damastes! Make the call, increase the rhythm!
Yes, my captain!
They've sent an Octareme! A floating city!
Blast! Do the gods wish my fleet destroyed!
Fickle Poseidon! This old fish will stick in grizzled throat!
Bear up old man, let's not offend the gods without cause!
I'll take angry gods over docile ones right now.
Open up the skies and rain some kind of shit down on us.
We have one last beast to hunt!
And that is the games! Ah, the god's have such a humor, Aya.
The day I met you, was a day danger found me again.
Bayek you are one lucky Medjay!
As are we, lucky to be in your furious company.
Should I apologize for putting you back to work?
Not the all, not at all!
My blood runs quick now, with the roar of battle!
By Zeus! I have not seen this much action since the earliest days of Cleopatra's father.
Let's not celebrate to roundly, old man.
We're afloat in the sea with a cargo with a thousand ships.
I wondered if Cleopatra survived unmarked. Those clothes looked expensive.
All are safe. We're done.
Attacking starboard!
We're not done yet!
Ptolemy's malakia are not dead yet!
Get onto reed boats. Using flog to hide your escape.
I will take care of this. Destiny is a fucker sometimes Aya.
Enjoy the calm water. I will stay in the...
Flee you fools! Don't mind the flaming arrows.
Before battle, we will honor our goddess!
We cannot afford to spill any Roman blood.
We cannot traipse into the palace armed to the teeth.
So we disarm, then.
Armed or not they will recognize her.
For once perhaps the Queen's entrance is unnecessary.
Act natural. We are meant to preside these grounds. Remember that.
Is our queen all right?
I'm fine.
Who are we?
Let me do the talking.
None pass here without escort or a royal seal.
I am the Nomarch Heliopolis, these are my Phylakitai.
We bring gifts from our local merchants.
Let them pass, with an escort.
Follow me.
This way. Our Imperator appreciates the hospitality.
Have you received a warm welcome our Pharaohs always provide?
We will not celebrate until an alliance is sealed.
Your Vizier and your King have given us fine accommodations here in the palace
However, I cannot guarantee my Imperator will hold court with you.
We understand, you are a good legionary we will be patient.
Do you think we could take them all?
Of course. We have better gods than them.
Are we there yet?
Guest legionary, at ease.
We are with the great Pharaoh Ptolemy the 13th, his envoys from the east.
With gifts for your Imperator.
Carry on then. An offering?
Would you like me to help you carry your carpet?
No, sorry, it is very sacred.
Must be handled by the Phylakitai. They understand the merchandise.
Step aside legionnaires, official business for the Pharaoh.
Who are you? You look like a Hippodrome racer.
I am. You should see me race.
The Siwan warrior.
Continue, this way.
Guest legionary, at ease.
We will stay in the palace until all politics are concluded.
My palace is at your disposition Gaius.
Pompey was bound to be killed.
Pompeii was your enemy, Caesar.
He was my friend first. But you are right, Ptolemy.
Now let us discuss our alliance-- what is this?
Forgive, Lord Caesar. We bring a gift from Pharaoh, Cleopatra.
Pharaoh? This is no gift, these are my sister's friends, it's a trap.
In place of an envoy, Cleopatra send a rug?
I wonder how you all entered my palace?
Guard! Kill these traitors!
My wretched brother.
He's let the wine go to vinegar...
And my kingdom to pieces.
Great lady. Your audacity is equaled only by your beauty.
Flavius, please.
I can offer you what my brother failed at with me.
Marriage. A true marriage, that is.
If you allied with my sister, I will kill every last roman in Alexandria.
Enough of the big words, little brother.
Out, all. You will each to be sent for when our congress is concluded.
I wish to hear both Ptolemies' side of the story.
Pothinus and Septimus, gone. We missed them.
You will have your vengeance soon.
This is Cleopatra's time, to officially become Queen.
If she is crowned Queen. We will be able to act from within.
Crush the network.
Tomorrow our Queen will have turned flattery into progress.
We'll reconvene tomorrow at the gardens.
You proved your worth tenfold today.
You truly are great Medjays.
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Assassin's Creed Origins-Episode12

2480 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on May 1, 2018
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