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(lofi hip hop music)
- Hello, it is March 1st.
It is later in the evening.
I am just gonna freshen up
because I am going out tonight.

First I have dinner with
my agent and my manager.

I believe we're gonna have sushi,
so really excited about that.
I love me some sush'.
And then we're gonna go to the Lancôme and
Vanity Fair party, that's
gonna be at the Soho House.

I think it's gonna be
more of a swanker event.

So, I need to get all glamored up.
I'm gonna start with my hair
first, this is day two hair.

I'm using this dry shampoo,
this is by L'Oréal, Fresh Dust.

But, I'm literally out.
This will definitely go in my empties.
Do you guys wanna see empties video?
Like, I feel like I've saved
all my trash for you guys.

So let me know if you guys wanna see it.
This is my huge bag for empties,
along with other trash too.

Sorry, Cheeky hears this and
she thinks it's someone coming.

Hello baby, oh you're so cute.
So I'm finally gonna bust
out this orange number.

So, this is my dress for the evening,
it is this orange,
sparkly number from NBD.

I've been saving this for a
rainy day, because it's like,

I dunno, It's like a cute going out dress,
but I had no occasion to
wear it, except for tonight.

For my makeup, I just kinda went all out
with the orange theme.
I've got orange on my
lids, cheeks, and lips.

A lot of you guys were
asking for a makeup tutorial

for my February favorites
speaking portion.

So I've been practicing and
I feel like I've got it down.

So prepare for this makeup look.
I think it's gonna be
out before this video.

So, I'll leave you in the cards.
I hope you do this future Jenn.
It is a full moon tonight.
Alright, here we are at Roku.
(lofi Hip Hop music)
(crowd chatter)
Hello everybody, happy Friday.
Today is a very gloomy and
rainy day here in Los Angeles.

And It's actually very
refreshing to have this weather.

It's frickin' amazing, and it's awesome
because I don't actually
have to be outside.

So I'm very excited about that.
I really don't like being
outside when it rains.

Rain is only fun when you're indoors,
cozy, and not wearing any pants.
This morning, I already had a workout.
Amy and I went to Sweat Garage,
and it was back and arms day.
So hopefully I'm gonna be sore tomorrow.
My armpits are still sore
from Barry's bootcamp,

so I guess we're just
focusing on this area here.

Last night was amazing, it was so fun.
Roku Sushi is so delicious,
I highly recommend it.

The fish is so fresh, and it's
just a really cool ambience.

Like Zendaya was sitting right
next to us for a long time.

We didn't say anything,
but it was just cool

that she was like right there.
The party was super fun, it was great
getting to see some familiar faces,
and I just love the Soho House.
Normally you're not allowed to
take photos or videos there,

but because it a Vanity
Fair and Lancôme night,

you were able to document, so yeah.
We got to see the space,
and it was a good time.

But now I am just going to
continue editing the video

for Sunday, and just
enjoy this gloomy weather.

(world music)
(hip hop music)
(electronic music)
(rap music)
(dance music)
♪ The part when I break free ♪
♪ 'Cause I can't resist it no more. ♪
Whoa what is that sound?
Hello everybody, I'm here with Karen.
- Hi guys
- We just filmed a video together.
We did it in her beautiful little set
studio right over here.
This is the real deal guys.
- [Karen] Yeah.

- I'm at Karen's beautiful home.
Can I show a little bit?
- [Karen] Yeah of course.
- [Jenn] Oh my gosh.
- You know what this means?
- [Jenn] What does that mean?
- It means Hiro is humping this.
- [Jenn] Ew! Oh my god, get out!
- He's gross.
- [Jenn] You know, Cheeky
has never humped anything.

- Wow
- [Jenn] Yeah.

- I think I have a really sexual dog.
(indy music)
- [Jenn] I am here with Dani.
My new roommate for the week, Yes.
- I'm so lucky.
- [Jenn] (laughs) I'm the lucky one.
(calm music)
- We're here.
- We're here.

At Disneyland, we're going to the
opening ceremony fashion show tonight.
And it's at Disneyland, so sick.
- Toontown.
- Toontown.

(lofi hip hop)
The happiest place in the world.
I love these pants.
Here's Amy.
It is Thursday.
I am going to Malibu, which is quite
a far journey from here.
I'm going to a La Mer event,
and when a skincare line as exquisite
as La Mer invites you, you definitely go.
Malibu is ... It's gonna
take an hour to get there.

So, I'm glad I got some music
and some podcasts on my phone.

So, this is gonna be a bit of a road trip.
(acoustic music)
- Thank you for coming.
- Thank you for having me.
- It's great to see you, and ...
- We're both wearing
the beach on our cheeks.

- Oh, we sure are girl,
and we are slayin'.

- Bye Aimee
- Bye, I'm gonna see you guys,
I'm gonna see her on Sunday.
(Jenn laughs)

I can't wait to see you, like super soon.
- I know.
(wind drowns out speech).
(lofi hip hop)
- Oh do you like that camera?
- I love it.
At first I didn't like
it, because the mic.

But then after I bought two more cameras,
I was like, actually
this is the best out all

the other cameras I got so
I repurchased this camera.

- Is that the one that Jesse told you?
- Yeah, he did recommend
this one, with this lens.

(hip hop music)
Thanks for squeezing me in a week before.
Or a couple days.
- Just a couple days.
- Yeah, we're still on track.
- Yeah.
- The wedding hair.
- (laughs) I know.
(hip hop music)
- I love the color.
- Thank you.
- Thank you Anna.
- Is that good?

- I'm gonna have good hair for
tomorrow, and the next day.

(lofi hip hop)
- Today we are at the first ever ...
- [Both] Rare day.
(imitating air horn)
- But yeah, we're out here in the
green room, dressed for pairing.
We had a croissant and we had some coffee.
- I'm a little jittery,
I'm a little nervous.

We both got presentations today.
- I know.
- Jenn wrote ... where's your script bro?
- ♪ Be prepared. ♪
- What is this?

How many ... the heck?
- I know, this is what
20 minutes looks like.

- So this is Riley helping
me with the Eggie popup shop.

We've got all this inventory
of real-life Eggie clothes.

I can't wait to see all
these stuff on you guys.

Wow, we've got the K-tank here.
We've got the Holiday Cozy Cardigan,
the Late Shift Trouser,
my personal favorite.

And they even brought a
poster, this is legit.

This is part of the brand new collection
that is dropping on March 15th.
(hip hop music)
- You know, everyone here is
here to support our winning.

And I can't even believe what I see,
everyone helping each other
and just wanting to learn.

(audience cheering)
- We are multi-dimensional.
The channel is a visual guide.

(camera beep and shutter)
(photographer laughs)
Back at home, this is truly
the best feeling ever.

My Postmates just arrived, I
got the classic Kimchi-jjigae,

got a little bit of rice,
got a little bit of banchan.

It's a lot, I'm so excited.
I just got back home from
the very first ever Rare Day.

And it went so well,
I feel super inspired.

And I can't believe the
Rare team executed that.

It was such a well done event, I got to
meet so many of you guys.
I got to meet everybody in the room.
Yes, some kimchi-jjigae, some Wally TV.
Okay, wow, look how shiny my forehead is.
I just wanted to talk more about today.
I feel like when I was
eating my kimchi-jjigae

I was like too much of ...
I was like still kind of
on a high from the event.

But, I've calmed down now and ...
(sighs) Let me just first say that
I was so nervous before that talk.
I had prepared this talk
pretty much the entire week.

I had a full-on script,
so this is how I work.
If I don't have a script,
and I don't feel prepared,

then I just know that I'm
not going to perform well.

I'm really bad at just winging things.
I wish I was more ... I
wish I was better at improv,

and just making stuff up as I go.
But I think the Virgo in me likes this.
It likes a script.
I'm really proud that I
did this presentation,

because I definitely would have
not said yes two years ago.

I remember last year
I made it a promise to

do things that expanded my comfort zone,
and talking in front of 200 people
is definitely outside my comfort zone.
So I'm really happy that I did it.
Honestly, like 30 minutes before,
I thought I was gonna throw up.
But once I got on that stage,
I just looked at my
friends in the front row.

And it gave me a confidence
that I didn't know that I had.
And I feel really proud that I did this,
because public speaking is not my
favorite thing to do, not at all.
You know how some people, when they go
on a stage they just light up?
That is not me, I feel like ...
I don't know, I just feel
like an inside-out worm

on stage and it's bizarre,
but I just faked it 'till I made it.
I just feel like this talk
was a small victory for me,

because every time I do something
that I don't want to do,

but I know that I should do,
it makes me feel more comfortable.
And I definitely would have
not done this in the past,

and now I feel pretty confident.
Like, the fact that I didn't throw up
on the stage and freak out is huge.
(hip hop music)
- Yeah totally.
Hello everybody, I'm
currently at the Bliss event,

and it is gorgeous.
We're here in downtown L.A.,
and they've rented out this
whole beautiful rooftop area.

There are so many little sections,
I just got my nails done.

There is a tarot card reader,
there is a ton of sweets.

Over here, we've got
all of Bliss's products.

This is one of my favorites
actually, this is hilarious.

At first, you're like,
"What the hell is this?".

But his is actually a face cleanser,
and you wet it up in your
hand and then it lathers up,

and you just use it on your face.
And it cleanses so well, very thorough.
(hip hop music)
So I just got back home and I'm
dealing with this right now.

I feel like this happens every trip.
I pack, I come back, and then
I have to sort through it all.

And a part of me is ...
I mean one part of me likes cleaning,
but today I just feel
like I have so much to do.

But yeah, I am back from Utah.
I am back from the Bliss
event, and today was actually

the day that we launched the
Eggie Festival Collection drop.

I'm so excited and proud of this one,
so if you guys haven't checked it out,
please check the description box
to check out the collection,
and also the video.

The team at L.R. Creative
really outdid themselves,

and I think this video is incredible.
I don't want to toot my own horn,
but I have an amazing team.
I just feel kind of scatterbrained,
'cause I just got back from the trip,
and I haven't had any time to decompress,
because literally we got home at ...
I want to say around 10:30, 10:45.
And then I had to pick up
Cheeky from my parent's house.

So I didn't get to sleep until like 1:00.
But yeah, I am going
to clean this mess up.

So let's get started.
(lofi hip hop)
And we're all done.
What's up guys.
I am signing off, thank you so
much for watching the video.

I feel like there were so
many events in this vlog.

I'm editing it, and I'm just like,
"Damn. I really went to a lot of stuff
"the past couple of weeks."
But yeah, thank you so much for watching.
I need to show you Cheeky's
new haircut before I go,

because I think she's so freakin' cute.
Look at her, she looks like a puppy.
Hi. Do you wanna say goodbye to the vlog?
Goodbye, love you.
Say goodbye.
(lofi hip hop)
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I Didn't Throw Up! | March Vlog

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