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I haven't been to Nicky's since the funeral. Am I ready?
At Jack's last birthday, Lena sang off-key happy birthday. Full throttle, no-holds-barred.
Now- I'm afraid of the silence.
Ok, here goes...
How old are you today?
No. I think you're nine.
I'm ten.
Humm... Nine.
Well in that case you deserve 10 birthday tickles.
Stay here for a second.
So, an entire year and--
Yeah, I'm sorry Nik, really.
Come here.
Let's have a look at you.
You look older.
Ah, nice. Thanks for that.
It's first birthday with Lena.
How's he doing?
Still doesn't talk to anybody but me.
Yolanda says it's this way of maintaining some sort of control.
His therapist. She's helping him. It's good. Just slow.
It's hard but we're going to get through it.
Sorry I'm late. Can I -- get a hug?
Wow! You are-- big!
So, hey what are you got there?
Wow! The healer... Cool!
You bought him real toy, huh?
Why don't you bring up your toys? I'm going to speak with your uncle.
Yeah, I'll be up there in a sec.
This matters. You being here.
I just need to make sure that things are different.
Things are different.
You and Jacks, are the most important people in my life.
I'm not gonna stop watching out for you.
... Always the big brother, huh?
Last time I was back here, was Lena's birthday. Jackson adored her.
We all did.
You miss all the fun. The kids were playing "vigilante" -
Imitating that guy they keep talking about on TV.
Let me guess. Jacks was the vigilante.
No, they were all the vigilantes, and I was the only villain, but I make a mean bad guy. I gave him hell.
I should've come earlier.
I could've warned them.
Don't mess with my sister.
Remember when you and Mom were both sick as dogs.
But dad insisted his boy was going to have his birthday cake?
That thing was an abomination--
All burnt and lopsided.
That was dad in a nutshell.
He did a lot of ugly things, but it was always about family.
Ugh. Listen to me I'm rambling...
Oh really? No, no, no, don't let me interrupt you.
Who is this? You think blocking caller ID will hide you.
I don't know what's so entertaining, but the police won't find it very funny at all.
I'm going to give you some advice, are you listening?
Go outside. Meet people, get a life. And stop calling me.
What did you say?
Listen. The police can trace this call.
I know where you live... How are the locks on those doors?
Who is this? Why are you calling?
Do you feel safe, Nicky?
Who was that?
It doesn't matter. Just some stupid crank. It happens.
Do you think this is strong enough?
Look did you know his voice?
Jesus Aiden, just leave it. It's fine.
It's fine? He thinks he can get inside.
How do you know what he thinks?
You're checking the locks.
Look... I can handle this on my own. We do not need your help.
Nicky I can find this guy.
Okay, look Aiden! God, you have not changed at all, we do not need your help.
Please stop trying to fix our problems. Every time you try you just make things worse.
I better go.
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
Grown man making crank calls.
Let's see how safe you feel when I trace your call.
There you are.
Damnit! He's on the move.
I'm afraid of this. Threats to my family. Again.
I'm sorry. I over-reacted, you just make me feel crazy sometime.
Come on back. Okay? I promise I won't freak out on you.
Aiden? You're going after that creep, aren't you?
You're doing it right now. I can't believe it.
It's not like that...
Stop being a hero, let it go.
Let what? Yeah, the calling's breaking up, I can't hear you!
You can hear me perfectly. You need to stop right now.
Yeah, hello? You still there? Can't hear you. Okay, gotta go!
So we have a deal?
Shit, yeah. I can't believe you're paying me that much just to make a crank call.
Nicky Pierce, right?
I'll mention the locks like you said... And her kid. This feels wrong.
That's the point.
Someone paid this asshole to harass Nicky.
Who would pay for something like that?
Hey, did you get anywhere with DedSec? I need those ctOS hacks.
Yeah. I'm still trying. They're checking you up. Give me time.
Okay well I need your help then. Can you trace the phone call?
How could I refuse my best client?
Wait... What are we looking at here?
It's from a guy who threatened my family.
I want to know who hired him.
Well the call came from somewhere in the Loop district. But that's as far as I can see.
Okay, I can hack ctOS inside the Loop --
Then I should be able to pinpoint the source of that call.
Let's do that. Blume's building a new ctOS Center in the Loop. It's perfect.
DedSec have tried to attack that Center last month.
We failed-- and they just added more armed guards.
So it won't be easy. Be careful.
You sound like my sister. Relax, I'll make sure I'm armed and dangerous.
Blume hires private contractors to guard their ctOS centers.
These guys will be geared up and wired for action.
But I'll be ready.
If ctOS doubles their guards, I'm better double my weapons.
Hey! How's it going?
Anything I can help you?
Over the past few weeks
CtOS centers throughout Chicago have increased security due to several attacks from activist hacker group. DedSec.
When asked about security changes.
Blume spokeswoman Charlotte Gardner was decisive.
Chicago's safety is paramount.
So we've hired private security for every ctOS Control Center.
These highly skilled peacekeepers have trained in the most dangerous regions of the world.
In fact, Ms. Gardner.
These peacekeepers you refer to our military mercenaries.
Many with criminal records, isn't that true?
Indeed they've served time in the military, but...
We should hardly reject our brave soldiers for proudly serving their country, should we?
Our ctOS network is well protected.
And that gives Chicago citizens the comfort they deserve.
That was Blume spokeswoman Charlotte Gardner discussing ctOS security.
See you.
This new security is no joke, I need access.
I'm going to find out who's targeting my family.
I want that the voice behind the phone call.
That's it...
I've hack in.
What, you mean-- you're in the ctOS? Already?
I'm looking at the network as we speak.
You've got your access and I've got mine.
Profiler systems online, everybody's nasty little secrets at the click of a button.
This thing's highlighting all kinds of stuff in district.
I could take advantage of some of this.
Keep an eye out for traffic. Could be fixers in the network.
If I can see them, they can see me. All right, I gotta move. I made a lotta of noise here.
Give me time to trace your caller. I'll be touch.
Hey. I need you to cover something for me.
What is it?
I lined up a lucrative deal with a very demanding client and he needs a driver.
Here's the thing--
I come in this morning and find Maurice trying to dig his way out of the guest room.
So I need to move him.
Now I could pass this problem on to you since really Maurice your problem.
But that's not my style.
I always finish what I start. And all I'm asking of you...
All right, fine. I'll handle it.
Well don't let me push you out.
I said I'll handle it. What's the job exactly?
It's a delivery job. Gotta move some guy. I mean, how hard is that?
Just keep in mind my reputations on the line here.
He's paying top dollar for the best driver in Chicago.
Then he's in luck.
Where the fuck you been! It's gone to shit! Fuck man, it's all gone to shit!
I'm on my way.
Hurry, man. The cops are gonna find me. Hurry!
Chicago police managed to interrupt a night-time invasion on a manufacturing plant.
One assailant died at the scene while one remains at large.
Expect delays with a Parkers Square as police have set up road block.
This is squad, we have a green light on ctOS search. Scanning for suspect now.
I hope you have an invitation or you're dead.
I'm the driver.
Fuck man, what took you so long? You got a car? This thing shot to hell.
No, my rules, your car. That's a job.
Alright, well come on, man. Let's go.
Eddie's dead. I left him back there.
Oh man, the cops came outta nowhere! This is bad.
Just follow the route keep an eye out. The cops are still searching.
Your routes gonna get us killed. Sit back and keep quiet.
Just stick to the plan, I know what I'm doing!
That how your buddy wound up dead? Keep your head down.
Huh squad, we're work the alleys and see if we can flush him out.
Copy that. All surrounding bridges are still up except the Wells.
You've got support inbound on the Wells.
So come on, what's the plan? Talk to me.
You need to calm down.
They've got the island locked up.
We'll stick to the back alleys, garages-- keep out of sight.
If you see me kill the engine and cut the lights, you keep quiet.
We'll just be an old parked car. You understand?
Yeah. Yeah-- ok. Shit, my hands won't stop shaking.
You ever seen a guy shot in the gut before?
Too many.
Come on man. Talk to me. I'm freaking out, here--
Maybe Eddie's alive. He took one to the belly.
I heard that's the best place to get shots. Is that true?
A wound like that can go either way.
The bullet doesn't go right through, you're looking a lot more collateral damage.
Listen, the cops are gonna want answers, which means your friend will get an escort to hospital.
You said you've seen a lot of gunshot. How many of them live?
Live? Let's concentrate on getting you out, okay.
Oh, fuck man, they said you were good. You did it.
What the fuck... That's Lucky Quinn. Why's the club moss meeting us?
He's not meeting us. He's meeting you.
Someone knew, I swear I don't know what happened.
There wasn't supposed to be anybody.
I... I mean it's a computer plant, right?
I turn around alarms going off...the cops got there so fast. I didn't...!
Shhh. Quiet now. It's over, Son.
I got it at least, right?
That's what matters.
It is indeed what matters most.
This is how the world turns.
Not much room for fuck-ups.
Oh! Oh! I get that, Mr. Quinn. I do.
It wasn't my fuckup though. It wasn't!
Calm down. It's all right. Calm?
Get a chance to talk to your momma?
Call your friends? Your girls?
Your girls?
No sir, I was in a hurry.
That's good. Very good.
Mr. Quinn...
You can tell your employer I'll call again.
You can tell your employer I'll call again. If ever I needed another delivery.
Lucky fucking Quinn. He runs the Chicago South club.
These assholes have been preying on Chicago since before I was born.
I could have done a city a huge favor I put one between his eyes.
But this is exactly what I've been trying to stay away from.
It always comes back hard.
That can't happen again.
Hey how'd it goes? You finished that job yet?
You thought I'd be okay working for the fucking club?
A paycheck is a paycheck.
You've got to start separating the morals from the moola.
Relax. Listen... I can hook you up with my guy. He'll find you better driving gigs if you want.
Yeah sure, I don't know if I'll take them... Give him my name.
Who says no extra cash, right?
Oh, and since you asked.
Maurice is doing just fine in his new home.
I've got something for you we need to meet.
Meet? What, face-to-face?
Should I look for a guy with a mask?
No mask. Just follow my signal.
I thought you never wanted to meet.
I don't. But we need to meet.
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Watch Dogs-ACT1 Episode2

5656 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on April 9, 2018
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