B1 Intermediate US 1808 Folder Collection
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Nicolas is about to have an accident.
He will die in a few minutes.
The paramedics perform CPR to no avail.
Sophie is meeting her boyfriend.
She will wake up in a hospital bed, but her legs won't.
Nicolas's father will be the first one to hear of his son's death.
He will not smile again.
His grandfather will refuse to believe it.
His wife is bearing a child he will never see.
Sophie's father will sacrifice everything to make her walk again.
Her mother will be haunted by the memory of her first steps.
Her boyfriend will propose to her.
She will refuse
out of love.
Behind each victim of a car crash, there are victims of life.
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French road safety presents "Onde de choc" - #AllAffected

1808 Folder Collection
Samuel published on April 9, 2018    jenny translated    Samuel reviewed
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