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  • We've seen the impact

  • teamwork has had on our world,

  • but what if teams could achieve even more?

  • To truly do great work, we need people

  • that have different experiences

  • and understand the world from a different perspective.

  • The thing that's challenging is to make sure

  • that there's a platform for that collaboration.

  • Teams are very liquid.

  • We need to keep up with the way our people like to work.

  • What if people from different cultures

  • and generations could come together

  • in a more purposeful way

  • so ideas flow freely and evolve organically?

  • Just imagine what we could achieve.

  • Introducing Microsoft Teams in Office 365.

  • Microsoft Teams is helping us

  • accelerate and win on Sundays.

  • Now we can share common ideas, common goals.

  • I'm excited about the ability for people

  • to be engaged in multiple teams

  • and making it very easy for them

  • to not have to go 15 different places.

  • Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace

  • that gives people one place to connect

  • and create in inherently human ways.

  • [Matt] You have that constant thread of communication

  • that you can go back in history and see.

  • It's all right there in a single interface.

  • [Jason] Accenture is nearly 400,000 people

  • across 120 countries.

  • To be able to engage and collaborate this way

  • is a big game changer for us.

  • A way that builds trust

  • and helps create a natural rhythm

  • so ideas flow freely and evolve organically.

  • There's a lot of communication.

  • There's a lot of data sharing.

  • We're all sort of working towards the same end goal

  • and that's to build a car

  • that goes out on the race track to win.

  • [Jason] It's all happening real time

  • in a very frictionless way.

  • That's the way people expect to work these days.

  • [Domnick] Because it's part of the Office 365

  • set of collaboration tools, it's part of what we already do.

  • It's the central hub where the conversations happen.

  • It opens possibilities for connection and collaboration

  • that we never thought was possible before.

  • And it's about empowering them

  • and taking somebody's good idea

  • and making it an awesome idea.

  • It has truly made us more efficient.

  • This is exactly what we've been waiting for.

  • This is how we think the world of tomorrow will work.

  • Welcome to Microsoft Teams.

  • Together there's no limit to what we can achieve.

We've seen the impact

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Introducing Microsoft Teams

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