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And now '9 Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know'.
Farte Blanche - permission to fart freely
Carrie was given fart blanche around the house for the weekend.
Bropocalypse- a large gathering of bros on a mission to get drunk
Quarter beers are a sure sign of the coming bropocalypse.
Make It Snow - to throw diamonds or cocaine in the air.
I'm so rich, when I hit the club, I make it snow.
Dankrupt - to be out of marijuana
Johnny couldn't pack a bowl because he was dankrupt.
Moobs - excessive breast fat on a male
I love to bury my face between his moobs.
Clam Jam - the female version of a cock block
Jennie is a dick because she clam-jammed Rachel.
Nocialize - to ignore friends in public for your smartphone
Jenny is a dick for nocializing at brunch.
Meat Sweats - to perspire while eating large amounts of meat.
Our dinner date was ruined when Mark got the meat sweats.
Screwvenir - items kept after sleeping with someone
Jennie's new shirt is a screwvenir from Ted's house.
YOLO - Carpe Diem for stupid people
Let's have another drink because YOLO!
For more definitions visit UrbanDictionary.com.
Be sure to look up "beef walk." It's quite amusing.
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9 Urban Dictionary Definitions You Need To Know

1005331 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on February 16, 2015    Clément translated    廖詩愉 reviewed
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