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Hmm. Oh
Hello there. Handsome. I hope my fans. Love your new look as much as I do
my love
Okay, everyone put your hands together and get ready to make some noise for wrong
Come on, sweetie. Let's go very long
New in town. I was wondering if your gym offers pilates classes for who your granny?
sweetie this gym only offers the latest in Cutting-edge training regimen subversive hydra cyclin
zero graphed our lived
Wow, we should take their work out seriously around here
Oh cool a bookstore. I can get all the reading materials. I need for my new school
Hardin E. Can you tell me where you keep your books? Oh, we don't carry books anymore
They scare the customers away, you know print is so last century
But we do have these 24 Karat gold bookmarks yours bill runway-ready book bags and of course our five-star Gourmet reading cafe
No way Piedmont block latest vote these are the travel to my old hood. I have to have oh
Well, I'm excuse me a minute six and a half. Oh you need to know is that they're too expensive for you
Like so rude and so shake
Assets will reach targets in t-minus 10 seconds pluck the chickens have left the roost. I repeat the chickens have left the roost
Time to put operation sushi roll into effect are you completely sure about this sir source tea times 4 p.m.
activate chain of Command
We are so lucky we didn't just get pwned doubt
additude in Beverly Hills
okay, we're gonna need a long piece of row between
my boss invited
Now we got to figure out how to hook one end on to the role of each other end other than honestly
Well, I can handle the Archway
Wow, how's a really cool?
Yeah, um I guess after that bizarro experience. We should probably introduce yourself um I'm Sam
Hi, I'm alex you guys rock back there. Thanks. I'm clover, and it's not a major drama
We just went through it's a total pleasure to meet you both
Yeah, you know we can go and have a ginger avvocato milkshake to forget about our emotions, okay?
very well then
Yes, I was forgotten accessories like these don't grow on trees
Yep, why should watch my whip just really weird away
And I don't want to see any streaks when I look at my reflection in the hood
Rotate my rims these fog my mirrors and stops my seat cushion broadcom in a new segment
Yeah bear up and don't use any of that tape. Oh gasps eight. What can I do for you, Mandy? Oh?
You can take a big step back. I have a polka dot on stripe restraining order was merely just violate
So what's on the agenda for the first day of school Mandy to trample the football Captain High?
She's led spot for horde Assignments, but balls on my schedule for later right now. I got something else in mind
All your students it is totally report to the Principal's office like a sad
Excuse me uh-huh clover. We are guys doing here. I don't here
I just transferred on some meat
Oh neat right, okay, not get all her scobie, but hello
This is just like the biggest cosmic coincidence of the century totally it was like we were meant to hang out together. Oh
I don't suppose you ladies to break away from your fraternizing to meet your new principal
Oh, you must be miss crutch, and my name is Sam
And I just wanted you to know that in anticipation of my classes
I've gone in a few field trips written a term paper and done some advanced some of you. Wow Sam prepared watch
Yes, you must be like a big-time Brainiac well
That's all very interesting
But this school does not look favorably upon Grade-Grubbers
Just because you're new here does not mean you'll get any special treatment. I'll be watching you
enjoy your time at Beverly High
Is that me or the mixed creature real weird? Let's just say shit about friendly as a jail guard
Well, I hope some of the other bh. Peeps are nice and achieve
Newbies I am mehndi inside and passages of ab hi
Insist you let me buy you a birthday ss. I attend school at a bar sure baby sound great
Can't believe we've always had your 10 minutes, and we're already in the same crowd
I'll ask you ladies like extra bomb my middle name is phone
Welcome to bed. Hi
okay, it's official and completely humiliated luckily we have each other you guys are like my total NVGs and
Btf new best girlfriends, oh I feel the same way so do I which is why I vote we stick together
We stick together I literally I
Guess that double soy side really fleshed our threads Nowise. I am totally prepped for such an unfortunate fish
And we tested about the stuff to my locker can out it now. That's what I call resourceful. Hello clover
You're like a 1-1 with wardrobe department slash before we change do something about vin
De we'll deal with her later would she like least expected
Either their coffee just seeped into my central nervous is up or we're having a major way. Maybe it's another one of many
Whoa, what is this place? I don't know but if anyone else touching a serious alien vibe
I doubt if anything to do with Gteen Alex, whatever the vibe is it's definitely spooky ah
Hi, Pepper on some reality TV prank show. This is La after all yeah, I'm so not camera-ready
I'm not so sure these girls have what it takes to be spies Jerry, I agree
They're a bit rough around the edges, but I assure you
They're worth worthy our tests confirm that they each possess the spy gene the only genes these girls appear to have our designer jeans
They're typical schoolgirl profile is the perfect cover it sweat them to lie-detector the human memory eraser
Gloss global satellite surveillance system. I don't know girls. I get the feeling this place is no joke
Whoa check this out?
Huh, what's an eye on what see me? Yeah, what's so exciting about a bunch of boring office supply?
Rough around the edges more like jagged nothing a little training won't fit
We were affected by Alien actually the aliens are down in the freezer
We're agents hi girls
Remember if I had shot
You're not talan agents. We're secret agents. I'm jerry and this is tad welcome to whoop goes hmM
I don't care who you are. I demand to know why we've been brought here. I demand to know when it will pays
Whoop stands for world organization of Human protection a top-Secret institute aimed at fighting global crime
You're here because you've been chosen to join our elite group of international spies
Yeah, right, just as we live in Beverly hills now doesn't mean
We're stupid very true clever after monitoring you Sam and Alex for years. I've determined that you have quite an aptitude for espionage
And so not only did I arrange for you to be transferred to Bev high but I also arranged for sushi Fest
We took earlier during which I must say you just stayed a tremendous amount of potential
Hello pretty much, okay. That's it. I'm calling ago. Did you ladies know guys?
You don't have to oh, that's good cuz we so yo ya know a new city
It's trippy enough the whole extracurriculars fibers. Just doesn't fit into my schedule hmmm. Um yeah speaking of scheduled
We really need to be getting back to school. Yeah, I understand but
Before I let you go I have something for you
It's a wolf wallet phone if you happen to have a change of heart you can use it to contact Jerri
One more thing under no condition now you to mention what you've seen or heard here to anyone
Or what you have us eliminated?
Of course not we stopped doing that in the 90s
You have you one way teleported to siberia?
What in the world are you doing inside that trash man ah?
And then nothing mister
It's just us trying to tidy up always as I told you before
Your pathetic attempt to score points with me will not get you ahead at beverly now get to class
Hi girls. See you tomorrow
Pick up the pace ladies. We're wasting crime shopping from here
They're closing the mall early today, honey brittany sweat. Do you desire a superior look do you pray the genetically unattainable?
Dulong Brothers decipher you behind your batteries sheer, nD
Then the fabulous R is the process for you?
Observe the elevated moisture content eyes with reduced blink intervals for optimum Sparkle the perfectly arched right eyebrow
custom engineered to a sumptuous
47.2 Degree Angle The Dual action Duels with optional questions
the Ultra White perma-smile fortified with 15% extra piece the platinum Street tear the delicate
recovers one eye for that mysterious Peekaboo Latino and
Finally the attention-grabbing cheap mole
Now available in three colors with a visit of our diamond studded belted lined room and three easy payments only
1995 this
fabulous look can be yours
It all working perfectly soon. They will all belong to your fabulous mess
Ah you can't run away, you will be spies spies
While working for me working for woke I?
Hooper's officially relocated you
I'll let the jicama calm Kott Power Smoothie with a soy protein do
Sorry your cards been declined declined, but they just paid me bill here. It's right one of these
I can't back out with your hands in the air and step away from the plastic wow
Totally unfair rights are so not matching my shoes
Wc pincus. Oh now. I know who's to blame for this bogus mall incarceration
It's clover
And whatever it is it can't be worse than being attacked by a computer virus yeah
Madam Woof Parolee beverage
It's time to call back turkey syrians kept him a piece of our mind
Hello clover, so lovely to hear from you mister save me your salad for someone who would buy yeah, we know
It's you and your sneaky
Organization or up to making our lives miserable so what we spy for you? Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about
It's against policy to interfere with civilians lives regardless. I'd be happy to help you out of your current situations provided
You help me as well. I
Quit being blackmailed by a bomb digger
That's balding and trust me you won't regret your decision
What opinion?
Right now it's time to start your official whoop training
But it's so bogus you're actually forcing us to be spies
What kind of training are we talking about over the next 48 hours?
you'll be instructed in extreme martial art High-tech weapon and equipment use and
Super secret surveillance techniques in short it's going to be challenging grueling and extremely demanding
So what's the upside?
Well, we go get to be tired in a flight suit
speaking of suit
Here are your spy uniforms now? Let's begin Shall we
No, hey, girl. I think I see something
It's amazing
Time to focus ladies. I'm going to show you a foolproof wood cutter called blender of death observe the 5 Lethal speed
Okay, now you show me blender of death. Hey
Dan the tropical fruit
We started follow me
How's our success rate looking now?
jer most Impressive perhaps
You can be spies after all that is if you're willing to work on the rest of your skills in the field
Then consider yourselves woofs items here are your ID card?
Duty calls, huh later weapon up all night. Sorry spy missions wait for no one
Is so cool. I always wanted to take a secret with me to owe me three congratulations on your training success five
it's gonna be a pleasure working with you because of all my
Thermal are there any rules against inter uh petrova chair
Now for the mission there has been a number of mysterious disappearances in the greater, Los Angeles area
one of them being Rock Star Rob hearthrob
Really like my soul collapse always
think about it song
Will save the sobbing because you'll be exploring a missing celebrity of a different
Sort heavy wolf man like I've said before a peppy pattern is that happy been heard all about that
I give a ted motivational speaker who specializes in sharing a Bamba's everything or at least use
What is uP until yesterday before vanishing from his beverly hills office
We want you to investigate and see if the disappearances are related and now for a spy's best friend at Gadgets
We have the fountain pen microphone the Monocle magnifier and my favorites the ascending ascot cabling
Oh, yeah, I could do this whole spy thingy we're gonna have to do it with some style
I guess the liberty is whipping up a few new design
Hmm. I'm not sure okay hmm. Oh my dude
No, no, no, I don't think so
Oh now that's more like it very well then
now for your New albeit unorthodox
Gadgets the comp outer a communication device supercomputer discreetly concealed in the shape of a makeup compact
the expandable cable Bungee belt a laser lipstick
Can he ever expanding bubble gum the suction cup bottom drill Yield Go-go boots?
X-Ray or a Shake heat central 6000 infrared motion detector sunglasses
the Molecular separating perfume a tornado in a can of hairspray
The Super firming Pomade grenade and of course the jet pack backpacks don't carry
Where's our super cool personal transport device to get it to Pepe's office? I just leave that to me
Hmm, okay Spy sisters gets mission time
Whoa time out clover don't you think we should try to look a little less like team spies?
Disguises are a great idea sammy me put this compounder even weren't only one way to find out
Now that's more my bead
Wah-wah, the perfect Beverly hills family all we need now is a pet oh
Are you still doing with that thing alex? It's not okay?
Well, not exactly what I had in mind, but I guess he'll do in a pinch
Any of the Parable clients today I?
Asked you all to leave why hard to be peppy the kitchen rock isn't so depressing I can spoken to me and say
If we're gonna figure out what happened to peppy we have to get past that receptionist, then we're gonna need a five-alarm diversion
Hey Alex. Why do you put that pig?
Okay, Winkie Wanna be a Deputy spy
It's luck - luckily. I got just the key to get us in
Getting all groovy with my bag
Let's see if I were a clue where would I hide?
Hello, spending Madness buying stuff is a lot harder than I thought
Only boob had a time machine. We could travel back to yesterday and see what happened to Kathy in person. Maybe we can
Come on. Give me a boost
If I can hack into the surveillance system with our con powder, maybe we can't see what happened yesterday
Sorry from plug wow
Just like in the photo Jewish-owned s it said is it possible he got even hairier. Oh
Dear he walk away doesn't he know we're trying to spy on him let's fast-forward and see if he comes back
Put that overly processed cosmetic counter disaster. I think it might actually be peggy. Why did he look so different? Hey?
Whit my name is han
No, it looks like some sort of receipt and check out the weird fiddle on it wonder what it stands for
Hmm you think you can go anywhere you please now let me enter. I'll break the door down
It's the receptionist and she's majorly trapped
Pepe is not gonna be very happy about this. Where'd they go?
Thank you Alex these suction cups bottom Go-go boots are the phone fashionable and functional?
I went down here a moment. I can't first miss it was way
Don't think no. There's a totally secret. Spy fest going down here, and no clover. That's kind of the point
Maybe there's some kind of new votes yeah bed. Whoa I don't think
Whatever. They are they've got the same weird symbol on them. We saw the receipt Putz was holding
Hey, you're up, Danny
Do you crave who do you learn to be more popular at school?
Do you desire the joy of being a sin over the pain of being a student?
Then the fabulous or the protest for you
Don't know it's weirder the way they look or the fact that they all seem to like it now
We know why pepe look so different? He must have gone out and gotten this gnarly treatment
Hello girls
How's the mission going freaky an account before you went missing the pet store was fabula?
Ab july through a Trendy machine for insecure people and given a majorly unoriginal look now
I'm extremely disturbed by the idea that someone would actually employ a machine to alter their looks
I must say you three have done excellent spy work wouldn't you agree tad absolutely jerry their findings are?
Most interesting what's even more interesting. It's like
We're totally beginning to dig this byline, so if you ever want to get together over a latte or slop spy Stories hmM
I'm so there oh
No, we're late for school on the contrary we'll pass high-tech hologram standing in for you. No one will even notice you're missing
Yeah, real stuffy no no no turf again. You really need to get back to bed. Hi Catherine goodnight
I'll tend the wolf Jet right away
Royal when yes right away, you mean right away and since you have a trigonometry test this afternoon
I've taken the liberty of picking up the foremost authority on the subject to get you up to speed on your way to class
Thanks recovered our bath toys
Don't worry Alex. I'll send an agent out to retrieve him Cheerio
Boss we've got a problem then I suggest you take care of it
Let me get this straight
the square of the length of the side
Opposite the right angle which we call the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the two other sides
No, couldn't have said it better myself, Samantha
Shut shut but all sorts of Mega Maaan. I'm mega Martian
I told you aliens had something to do with this looks like autopilot times over girls
We'd have to do some defensive driving and great well luckily
See my dad don't worry girl. We'll be in striking position in no time
Wow, this is a popular given captions are getting it now and off my bed
Apparently not. I say we give him the slip you can't take what?
What happened? Where are they?
Yeah, we did it her weapon against I know let's get back to school
We have a repeat down. No we got to do is learn how to read properly
Careful girls the last thing I need is get caught by Miss Grinch
better turn this express into a local
Go away, Domino
walk like an Egyptian
Which is right on our tail?
Well, well, well, what do we have here?
I'm sorry to report that the infiltrators got away, sir really. Tell me more about these guys are they dangerous
They'll soon building - with professional spies not professional spy
Interesting sir. What are they?
They are three teenage girls from Beverly Hills oh
I'm fabulous and you let them get away
Yes, sir. It disappeared into thin air. Good shame for you discern
It doesn't matter after tonight
We will be full capacity America will no longer be a concern for us
Now hand me some more seaweed wrap
Fine just drop it on me
Thanks to our tutor that test with a total breeze yet another perk of our secret. Spy gig
So different yeah in a freakishly identical kind of way man. They're all falling for that lame look
Look, it's like fell yesterday
This is the face. I was born with whatever. I still have for a total refund
Yeah, well, I think you're all Batman d. But we'll be cooler than you because we're undercover spies
Tell anyone our secret Jerry I'll shut this off the siberia. It'd be worth the trip just to see the look on Mandy's face face
Great costume here only why are you wearing to hear that when you've got no hair I?
Had some hair clover
On the mission front I've been able to make some headway
It turns out all of the missing people had the fabulous a treatment prior to vanishing by Coincidence
Person who tried to take us down was also fabulous. Oh, my thank you Sam for this information girls
I think it's high time we found out who's behind these fabulous on machines. Oh
We can pick a fabulous person and tail them until they disappear, and I know just the person we could follow
Randy go could we like pick someone list repulsive?
Classmate is a perfect choice Mandy it is hmM. Duty calls kitchen duty. That is I have cookies in the oven
You may think you've gotten away with vandalizing the school Sam, but I've got the goods on you
I'll expect to see you in my office first thing tomorrow morning to receive your punishment
In trust me it won't be a light I
Can't believe it. I've never gotten in trouble like this before
Tragically unfashionable undead criminal guess they're letting anyone into bed high these days
That must be me in this room today. We can't see what's going on
Let's say what the heat sensor 6000 sunglasses had to say about that
Bow tie need some beauty sleep now like I need it
Pull now's our chance to flip inside
The compound is picking up some sort of signal, but it doesn't say where it's coming from
Oh, it's Bizarre even by Mandy standards
Look over there
Where hell these people come from and where could they be going at this time of night?
Whatever, maybe that's who she seems to start a new trend
Oh hold on. I don't think it's here for
Just to be safe we better try to blend in with the fabulous people
Do we have to I mean what fun is blending in with a clown when you're totally used to standing out?
Fine you're a good thing. I always carry an emergency makeup kit
Way to go clover. I don't even recognize myself
Let's just solve this case as quickly as possible so we can go back to our normal mug shot ourselves
It's officially trying to call Jerry
He's not answering Jerry let's send a distress call to tad. I know him oh
Hello, Dad. What's tickling your funny bone? Oh, nothing sir?
I'm just enjoying being a whoop agent and helping rid the world of Evil doers now
I see you haven't heard from the girls. Have you I'm growing very concerned about them not ugly but
Strange well if you do hear anything, let me know immediately do you have my word Jerry?
Don't worry about those amateurs Jerry. I'll take care of them personally
We are could they be taking us. I mean this is her space. It's completely Barren out here completely Barren except for that day
Hey, it does not look like a very funny place get me
No matter what kind of horrible, fate works behind that door?
What you guys to know one thing?
Welcome to sajha. Tokyo the new front side lies living where all of the whims and desires are detour to
escaping by to the Spa Slippers just
fold Recruit and Google cool colors restaurant
Best of all everything is connected by Luxurious Red Carpet lines and Walks
So you can stratton style from location to location from panache?
So this mission is about people being transported to a luxury hotel in outer space
If I great we can't become spies a whole lot sooner
Well, there's plenty movement in Rob Hearthrob Playing Beach volleyball together mmM
Fabulous Rob now we have to find the tasteless creep behind all of this
Hey, I think we just did I
Am Babu your leader and savior and this is our patty of Louisville
Utopia witek I got a scoop. Oh he's from the top 10 failed models of all time primetime special
Way better was ranked number one on account of his career only lasted five minutes literally
you've all been summoned here by my heart ornament Bacon which activated a
hypnotizing microchips inside your chip balls
Assure you the journey was not worth it
Here's our utopia is exactly the type of Elite, Oasis where people who look like?
you see
Because my awkward childhood appearance kept me out of the hidden cloud
I got two babies disbursing don't get an effort to become a famous model
But no one appreciated me
until now
With all of you adopting a fabulous look I'm finally vindicated
And I can blow up and eliminate that long
Look, we be prepped
What I reckon say when fabulous blowing up our home venice sounds fabulous
You are not fabulous. You are intruder then theater fab utopia is a guest list only venue
Let's Jam
Yury hundred a night henchmen Lend you ever hook up into creamy villain Like Bamboo
When I was cosmic have you helped me practice my Facebook?
Fashionable, what's very important in the Russian space program?
And in return Yuri was kind enough to give me five utopia and the fabulous
I fed you lies, or is more like it. I mean hello Conformity is so three years ago
Yeah, because when everyone looks the same beauty has no meaning
Well, I don't care what your girls think which is why I'm not gonna waste my perfect look on you
Then why are we dropping you're breaking machines because we're good a few simple adjustments. There's a fabulous
I can make you look incredibly
onions fabulous any formula
undateable unattractive time ten hideous beyond your wildest dreams
I'm second but go ahead and sign me up for life. Let me told you about him
I'm afraid it's too late for that
Tell them the rest of your wicked plan boss. I guess
After I give you the ultimate bad base day, I'm going to load you in a space where you'll be stranded
You'll never get away with this nice lime spy girl. Now who's being unoriginal?
Space capsule promotion system engaged ignition in five minutes these are your tricks side?
Economics stupid Safety bold phone I wish we'd never dump it. I wish I didn't like a stupid house supporting another stupid cockroach
We learn what we'll be thinking
How did our simple highschool life becomes such a mess and a row but at least the omegan became bad?
Yeah, even if it's only Gonna last a second
Hello agent wow. How romantic you were crushed on me. So my sistas we had to go insane
I mean to say man
Save you I don't think so, but you felt the same us yeah
Exactly my problem until you three came along. I was Jerry's number one agent now. You're in my way
So I'm gonna let you get jettisoned and take credit for saving the Dead
Okay, so nothing so nice could turn out to be better Lame-O
Naive much apparently you've never heard of a double agent
Farewell ladies
if only we could reset carriages
Come on spies answer. I'll never be able to forgive myself if something terrible has happened to those girls
You said your lives. That's what friends are for
Now let's go stop babu. I'm not saving anyone and so I get my face back
It's time to go through the unfabulous in process in reverse now
That's more like it
Ah beautiful
Just like your creator. You're a thing of rare beauty
It's a shame. I have to blow you up phrase Fashion boy
You may have outsmarted those highschool girls, but you don't stand a chance against the top agent like me
So you're what passes for a top agent these days. I've seen more game and a vegetarian restaurant. Let's see how you're doing
not bad gadget time
You look kinda tense. How about a Soothing value Tokyo Spa treatment?
Hey, what's going on?
Hold it right there had been there aren't gonna be any explosions on our watch oh
Joe wow dad you're doing a real bang-up job on the mission you hijacked from us. I don't understand
How did you girls escaped?
Say and Gadget is an agent's best friend now. Get ready to have your butt kicked across the Galaxy
That's that's my kinda Bob the diamonds not for Cheryl's cupcake. It's footballing. It's in your car before it's bad day
Shredding on a back one trend or nothing my 15% extra teeth can't handle
If I can still see I'd imagine bamboos getting away right now
I love acute fear repeat type of floating projectiles
If we don't stop this thing's gonna be shattered into a million pieces
What about a police you are so replaceable our planet if it?
Here I am facing my destiny close to the stars flying through outer space like a shooting star
my Journey was short, but
Sparkling hello over to Matt across who's there I've seen better acting on Daytime TV
You're saying there's some real slides around to save your butt
To him. He sure knows how to escape in style, okay forget Bamboo. We have to defuse this bomb
What are you waiting for a written invitation? Oh? Yeah? I thought about all I want to hear out of your piehole for one day
That control panel might be our ticket to shutting this thing down
Okay, that was the desired effect. I got about half a minute to figure this out before we split apart
Hey, maybe we can use the whoop employee manual to stop it good thinking. There's a chapter on Bones. Oh
Okay, hero, Kerah fire two chimpanzee to type this up. Oh, it's written some kind of weird wolf code
Ha ballast before this the only book that's gonna save my life has been my little black book
When you're done celebrating you might want to check out the collision course you've just buddha's on
Prepare for interesting origin Spear lift
What about men send us a postcard when you finally get to wherever you're going mmM clover?
I'm not sure what kind of heat. You're packing into this one, Jerri
But we gotta make it back to the space station before that bomb does don't you worry about that? We're packin whoop power?
Have an idea
You're in extreme danger. Oh
I think I'm gonna take more than a public service announcement to get bratty dimwit. You're right. We've got to take out babu's homing beacon
What's going on? What fabulous decadence an ornament going down?
What are you losers doing here?
Everyone please receive
Wow, brah Garlic Mary short guys. You sure can boogie
Speaking of cooking oh, Jerri
We're we're but totally kidnapping for Methane
Emissions not over yet
We still need to catch Bamboo and with all this extra Cargo the spaceship is too slow to help you
You'll have to use your jet packs girls. I
Don't suppose we have a choice in the matter of course not
Okay girls time to blow this batty hot faced, tornado when he can don't fail it now
Ah looks like I started speeches and I have gotten away home free
any day, maybe not
Sorry, babu. You're fabulous and gays are like so tonto not you and Jane pesky spies
Congratulations on a job well Done girl
Despite a few bumps in the road your first mission was a success
Thanks, Jerry. It was like totally our pleasure even if you did forces into it
Yeah, I admit there was a certain amount of coercion on my part, so if you don't wish to continue spying I understand
It's your choice
Well, it's definitely been difficult
But it's also been the most
Exciting thing that's ever happened to us and it's like because of this whole spy thing you don't we Minnie Kathryn
superfriends yeah
So if you're willing to put up with us again for willing to put up with you yeah jer consider us whooped for life
It's a deal
So what should we do about all the fabulous people? Yeah? I mean as much as it would please clover
We can't let Mandy know her secret agent
it's no longer an issue ruth has erase their memories and
restore their faces
Speaking of faces whatever happened to that totally cute totally backstabbing trellis
Tad is currently being disciplined for his conduct with the rest of our two-bit criminals in the wood containment facility oh
Sorted boys
Mmm. He deserves I wish all that do them that I could get the same treatment speaking of dudes allow me to introduce you to
Tan to the pavement incident. I hope you the behram over didn't you learn your lesson, no office question
Wow, hi there? He's from our paris office looks like they're the only one with excitement in her future
Hello. Hello. This is Pepe Wolfman. I have a pig. It's been through a traumatic experience. I'd love to discuss it over lunch
Hello, hi clover Rob Hearthrob here no
Rumor outed you're a big fan of my lyrical poetry I was dinner in a Serenade sound
Heck yeah, I guess holes. Well the tens. Well. I may not be well. It's cool
I still need to see minsk rich win that case you'd better take the quick way down Cheerio
Just one of the joys of the job
Hurry up you guys. I'm gonna be late for my punishment
Excuse me. Are you Samantha? Yes, but I'm in a bit of a rush. I got a date with detention mmM
That doesn't sound like the Sam. I know in fact
I've just reviewed your academic records and was quite impressed and as your new principal
I look forward to having you as one of my students lucky break sammy. Yeah, we're bob
what a zillion to one a
Coincidence like this two screens will plague which makes me wonder. What do you think happened in this way?
Hello students. My name is Chi minh nice skirt
I wait when it is black, but on my windshield
Thank you. Why do ask my whip like prevent ow. No problem. I hope you like extra blue what oh
Thanks, man
Cooper were you doing getting mandi back when she least expects it
With a little help from the paw maker
Now that's what I call a happy ending
Girls I have an urgent mission for you a giant lobster is attacking the Eastern Coastline of Japan
Aah, what's really scary here unfortunately?
I have an urgent mani-pedi mission this afternoon, and I have a ton of schoolwork to do and I have to give away Kia
But I'm afraid you leave me no choice girls
look on the bright side clovers and we're
oh ah
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Totally Spies! The Movie

8421 Folder Collection
Wan Ju published on March 9, 2018
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