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Perhaps we forgot some part of the ritual.
I will vomit if I hear more.
Have no doubt of this. If our child dies, I die.
No, my lotus, do not speak like that.
I must go to the seers house.
Just leave me be.
High priest.
Uh... ah, Bayek.
I'm sorry. I'm, ah..
I have come to seek the Lizard.
Oh, the Lizard...
One more affliction for Memphis.
The city wither in the darkness of a curse.
Disease, pestilence... the poisoned stink of the air.
The Apis Bull sickened nearly unto death.
The gods have abandoned us.
The people look to me for guidance, but I am as lost as they.
Apis, how have we wronged you?
The curse touches even my own house.
My wife. Taimhotep, has miscarried three times this year.
She's with child again but if...
If she loses the fourth...
I will look in to this curse.
My wife's Seer can help. His house is to the southwest.
if the gods are responsible.
I will kneel beside you as they strike us down.
Grow, O light; come forth, O light...
My child...
You have come at last!
Who is this man?
He is the Deliverer. Many years I have waited for him.
Quick, help me dream my child away from death!
Let us proceed with ritual.
Bring me the cauldron.
I am the master of secret things, the form of the soul that rests in the heavens...
Sothis, reveal yourself here today, and answer me without falsehood.
Let your eyes be opened.
Devoid of moisture, come forth from the stream!
Sothis, let their eyes be opened!
Let your eyes be opened!
What is this god forsaken place?
I must keep moving or be swallowed by the desert.
That shadow, that is the Soul Eater!
O you door-keepers who guard your portals.
Who swallows souls and who gulped down the corpses of the dead.
What a journey I have made, the things I have seen. I am but one of you.
Anubis' Lord of dead! Did that crazy fool poisoned me?
Arg! Nek! poison.
You will not devour my heart!
I take the bow, I sweep the sky with it.
I am he who drives off the destructive one.
I take the bow, I sweep the sky with it.
You will not claim, Destructive one.
You will feel the Sun God's wrath.
Apep will tear the Duat apart.
It is not my time yet!
I will not go into the valley of darkness.
I am the great one within his eye.
And turn to the chaos sea.
You will not claim me, destructive one.
And turn to the chaos sea.
I will destroy you.
Die, soul-eater!
I have traveled through the tomb, dark and lonely ground.
I'm here now. I have come.
Look, papa! I'm the great hunter Orion.
They are returned, safe from him who would close their eyes in darkness.
My child live.
Praise to the gods.
What do you see?
Your enemy and hers are the same.
Refuse... the temple food.
He who prepares it poisons your womb with flesh of the dead.
Go and slay the poisoner, and lift Memphis out of evil.
Praise to he who will deliver us all.
My love! Are you well?
Better for seeing your face.
There's a strangeness in your eyes. What afflicts you?
Dreams, Of our Son.
The High priest wife has been poisoned.
Her Seer claims that her poisoner is our enemy.
The Lizard?
I believe so.
The Apis bull is also at the point of death.
Let's go to the temple-- we can speak more of your dreams on the way.
Come, we'll take a boat for speed.
So how does it feel to be Medjay to the whole of Egypt?
Like trailing after an ant colony, sometimes.
But I'm proud to serve those in need.
As an am I -- and proud to serve the Queen.
Have you spoken to the high priest?
Yes, in advance of the Queen's arrival.
She's coming to Memphis?
The exiled rule appears in the heart of old Egypt.
That will see the young Ptolemy on notice.
It lifts my heart to see you, Bayek.
Aya, you are the one joy left in my life.
I want you at my side again.
I am bound to the Queen's service.
And our bond?
It means as much as ever! But we have seen the Order's evil now.
We can fight it shoulder to shoulder.
I've promised the Queen...
What has she done for you that I have not?
She lifts my gaze to the horizon.
I will never stop Mourning what we lost. Never.
But I must make a world that is larger than our griefs.
So that no mother ever again lives what I have lived.
After I killed the Lizard...
After you kill the lizard, I will leave Memphis.
Then I will follow. Let us hunt together, as we did before.
You said dreams troubled your mind.
Do you want to tell me of them?
No. I would rather not bother you.
We will need to speak of it someday, once the sands have settled.
Once the sands have settled. when will that be?
Soon, I hope.
Where should we begin?
Check the god's enclosure. I'll speak to the priestesses.
Of course, give me the dungheap job.
Pasherenptah would use a tester for the god's water.
Your coat has lost its luster, Shining One. And your flanks are hollowed.
Hathor give you strength.
These are offerings to the bull, They seem sound.
Hey! Do you feed the Apis Bull?
No. Then girl priestesses take care of all of that.
Do you know where his fodder is kept?
In that building over by the stairs, but they shut it up last week when the
bull got sick.
My thanks.
The Bulls sickness could come from his food, but it is too soon to say.
I need more evidence.
The best way out is through.
Peach pits, Half of my father's herds died because of this.
I should search the place where the God's food is stored.
I will have you soon, poisoner.
Food for the bull. The rest is likely stored inside the shed.
Peach pits, If the Apis bull was fed with these, that would explain his sickness.
And the necklace here... one of the twin priestesses wore something like it.
Let us see if the other is missing a weight from around her neck.
Greetings, Sisters of Osiris.
As I thought. One priestess is missing her necklace.
This is a subtle way of poisoning an animal.
My sisters, this is surely an accident?
One, maybe. But not a bushel.
We had the save Panchrates!
Eh, Who?
Our brother. Bandits ripped him away from us, as we walked in the market.
They forced us to poison the god!
They told us they were gonna feed our brother to crocodiles unless we...
We have not slept through the night since.
I'm so sorry! We had no choice. we never--
Something's wrong. These are no curses.
The order is surely behind this.
Go to the temple of Hathor without me. The twins cannot be left alone.
I require a medical attention! My wounds are festering!
We'll send a dog to lick them for you.
Are you Panchrates?
I am. Praise the gods for bringing a strong warrior to save me!
You are injured. I will carry you home.
Tell me about your kidnapping.
Best not to speak of it out in the open.
Besides my wounds are making me very tired.
Here is my house.
Before we go inside, let us speak.
I prefer to spare my sister's the ugliest details of my story.
Of course.
The man who ordered my abduction is a priest of Anubis at the great temple.
A priest in Pasherenptah's circle! How can I find him?
He wears a blue scarf and has a terrible cough.
The Lizard. He is marked.
Are you hurt? Did they mistreat you?
They kept me tied up... fed me little but crusts of bread fit for beggars.
This is the lizard's work.
And so I must stain my hands with another priest's blood.
The Order is everywhere.
To protect Egypt, I would kill a thousand priests.
You and I are pledged to violence, now and always.
Pasherenptah should know of this.
He waits at the palace. I have horses for us nearby.
Shall we race, like we didn't Siwa?
Only if you are ready to lose.
Bold words, I will see you back them up.
Eat my dust.
What is the price for winning?
You'll never find out!
You're slower than Ramses, and he's been dead a few years now!
You can't keep that pace.
Try me!
Faster, beast, faster! I need to prove a point!
The expected result.
If you are that confident. Let's race again.
No time!
What is this about?
The queen is about to speak. Let's go and listen.
As they rule, the gods curse our land. Withholding the rivers floods.
But as the living goddess ascends the throne, the waters will rise again!
Through me, Memphis shines as rubies set in gold!
Through me, Egypt triumphs!
I cannot lose them. They must know my voice as that of the goddess.
My queen.
The Apis bull persists in ailing?
We have found the cause of his sickness. He was poisoned.
Who did?
This the twin priestesses.
Have them boiled to death inside a bronze bull.
Goddess, no!
They were coerced.
The brother was kidnapped, by a priest of Anubis with a blue scarf and a cough.
Hetepi! But he is amongst my closest advisors.
Those living in one's shadow are the least worthy of trust.
I've even Hetepi is against me...
Your wife and child were threatened by him, but now they are safe.
We can overcome this.
The priests of Anubis will be conducting rites in the great temple.
Look for their mask.
My blade will serve as well as his.
No, Aya. Let me.
I care not who kills the priests.
Let it be done before we had to Herakleion in the north.
Ptah-Nun the the Father breathe strength into your arm.
A priest of Anubis... But is it Hetepi?
Is that the man I seek?
Another priest of Anubis.
Hetepi hides among his brothers.
How many priests does one city need?
Only one of these priests has to die. I must try carefully.
The Lizard, The priest who cursed Memphis.
I serve the ways of old Egypt.
Old Egypt asks a heavy price!
Innocence mutilated, children ripped from the womb, the High Priest's name abused.
His name was muck before you arrived.
The masses are like cattle that the gods, driven by the Herdsman's whip.
You are one of them, Bayek.
You are a cow.
It is will that drives me, not fear.
Oh, yes? And who passes the whip over your back?
Who demands that you stain in your ka with my death?
I have my gods. Now face yours.
By your death. the curse of Memphis lifted.
I should report to the others.
My queen, they acted only to lift the threats on their brother's life.
Curse will trouble you no more.
Hetepi. What could have driven him to such madness?
Memphis is yours again.
With these dark matter settled, we can finally prepare for the festival of Apis.
May demons feast on Hetepi's ka.
And may those guilty of Khemu's death soon follow.
It is agony to leave you, but... I must go on alone.
I will stand by my duty
Where will your duty take you?
North. To set the sea aflame.
I walk on your water.
I hope we will hunt together again soon. Until then, let us take this night as ours.
Until then, let us take this night as ours.
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Assassin's Creed Origins-Episode7

2280 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 4, 2018
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