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  • Hi, I'm Janet.

  • I'm George.

  • And we are doing the February ELLE cover shoot.

  • That's a good one.

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • One of my favorite colors...

  • Something dark, like blue, green or black, but I think he's gonna say pink.

  • pink.

  • I think he's gonna say that my favorite color is blue.

  • I think Janet would say that her favorite color is black.

  • I'm a hundred percent sure.

  • Her favorite color is black.

  • And my favorite color is in fact blue.

  • George's favorite food is steak.

  • I would say steak.

  • My favorite food is...

  • Ahhh.

  • ...steak or sashimi.

  • Steak.

  • Maybe steak.

  • Oh I don't know I can't decide.

  • Do I have to choose one?

  • Can I have both?

  • George is definitely a mutt.

  • He would be a mix of chihuahua, poodle, labrador, and maybe rottweiler.

  • I would say a pug.

  • Some sort of Labrador retriever slash french bull dog mix.

  • French bull dog.

  • Janet has always wanted to play kind of Michelle Yeoh action,

  • Maggie Q kind of character fight, like the black leather, and the, the sort of kickass kind of a martial art's queen, kind of thing.

  • I just want to do something where I can do kungfu, so maybe like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" but I would be like the villain, or just anything where I get to kick butt.

  • I think he would definitely want to be something exotic, maybe something in Drag Queen.

  • I would like to be the kickass martial art queen.

  • Full leather, the long hair.

  • I don't think he would want to be the typical like Joker, or anything like that.

  • The Joker, obviously.

  • The Joker, Batman.

  • It's THE thing.

  • Goes really dark as you want with that, and dress up.

  • It's good fun.

  • I would name my first born child George...gina.

  • Georgina.

  • I would say to me, if it was a boy, George, If it was a girl, Georgina.

  • If it's a boy, Ricardo, if it's a girl, Winwin.

  • Cause it'll be a winwin situation.

  • Okay, if it's a boy, Ricardo, possibly.

  • If it's a girl, Winwin

Hi, I'm Janet.

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Who Knows Who Better? Janet Hsieh & George Young

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    Cyndi posted on 2018/02/28
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