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Study in Honolulu and learn in English in America's tropical paradise
where the first word you’ll need to learn is ‘aloha’
Hawaiian for ‘welcome’.
Hawaii, of course is the best vacation destination,
its warm, its sunny, everybody seems relaxed,
So, Hawaii is the perfect destination for,
relaxing, for enjoying your life, so thats why I chose Honolulu.
Just steps from the white sands of Waikiki Beach
is the EF International Language Center,
so close to the shore that many of our classrooms
have ocean views.
The Honolulu School opened in June of 2008,
and has since grown dramatically and we are still growing,
with students from all over the world.
I have met a lot of kind of teachers, but I think,
EF tries to choose the best teacher for the people.
More than just English lessons,
our special interest classes in Hawaiian Society and Culture
will help you transition to the unique island lifestyle
of Hawaii’s capital city.
At first, I didn’t know truly how to work with iLab,
but after I realised that its a really good thing because
you can go the internet and is a good way to learn English.
My English level was really low when I arrived,
and then after I took the Cambridge test,
my English improved a lot.
Its not just about learning, its about
how you grow, how you get to know yourself better,
you get independent, you get a lot of friends around the world,
you learn about all the cultures, you learn English of course
but just the whole experience is so amazing,
being away from home in other country,
I'm going to recommend it to everybody I see.
With EF’s Homestay option
you’ll have the opportunity to live with a local family.
I just love people from other countries, I think its interesting
getting to to know about other cultures,
we have fun at meal time,
we sit around the table and watch T.V after dinner
and have a really nice time together.
There’s no better way to feel at home while you’re abroad.
Life in Honolulu is all about adventure, Hawaiian culture
and, of course, the world’s best beaches.
The best thing in Honolulu is surfing for me.
I was only in Waikiki Beach, Surfing, and I think its a good place.
The best thing about Hawaii, is the nature,
the relaxation, the vibes,
you have a lot of people who are really chilled here, and its relaxed
and its a kind of vacation so you can really enjoy
the weather and being outside with friends.
And if you want to visit other islands,
I could really recommend Maui, its so beautiful.
I was in Maui, snorkeling and I saw Turtles its really cool
you can swim with Turtles and see all the fishes
yes, its really cool snorkeling here.
I think its a really good experience to do,
not only to learn English but to learn something else about life
and to discover new places. So I think everybody should do it.
You don’t have to dream of being stranded
on a tropical island any longer.
At EF Honolulu, life in paradise is a reality.
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EF Honolulu, Hawaii USA

7873 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on September 1, 2013
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