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Hi, I'm Ben Southall.
a few years ago i won the best job in the world being an island caretaker on the
great barrier reef in Australia
well unfortunately for me my time is up
but luckily for you 'The Best Job in the World' is back. Yet this time there's not one, but six amazing jobs in Australia all up for grabs!
How about working here as the new Chief Funster.
Crash festivals and events, write reviews and live the life of a Sydney VIP.
Have you considered working as a 'Taste Master'?
Eat your way around the state, forage out the finest produce and uncover the best bars and restaurants.
Have you considered working as a 'Wildlife Caretaker'?
it's a very relaxed working environment
Wake up the kangaroos
swim with dolphins and sea lions and explore kangaroo Island
Or you could be an 'Outback Adventurer'?
travel the outback
meet the locals and have a new adventure every day
How about working as a 'Lifestyle Photographer' with TimeOut magazine?
discovered hidden laneways
create photo shoots and work with high profile designers and artists
and finally, you could be a full time "Park Ranger"
check the water temperature, patrol the beaches and leave only footprints.
The pay's not bad either. Each job includes a free jar of Vegemite.
...oh and a 6-month contract worth $100,000
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The Best Jobs In The World - Official Trailer

11749 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on August 26, 2013
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