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- Hey, what's up?
Coach Rock here,
the official trainer I Love Basketball TV.
Today, I'm going to show you how to make a layup.
So in this video today,
I'm not only going to be showing you how to make a layup,
but I'm going to be showing you some things
that are going to to help you,
so that you actually never miss layups.
Now I know this might seem basic,
but believe it or not,
layups are probably the most frequently missed shot
I see among young players in basketball.
Young players have a lot of trouble with layups,
and the reason why is they don't practice it.
Think about the last time you were in a gym.
Did you practice layups?
Probably not.
You probably practiced three-point shots,
probably practiced pull up jump shots, handles,
but finishing around the rim is a skill.
There's a reason why guys like Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry,
finish at a high percentage around the rim
without dunking on everybody.
It's because they've mastered
the actual art of finishing around the rim.
It's a skill.
And today I'm going to help you enhance
your finishing around the rim skills.
Now there's three main finishes
I want you to focus on today.
We're not going to be focusing on any crazy spin.
That's a little more advanced.
I've done more videos on that.
I haven't really touched on the real basics.
So today we're going to keep it basic.
We're gonna focus on the three main finishes.
You have the over-hand finish,
the under-hand finish,
and the side-arm finish.
It's good to master all of these finishes,
because in the game, the more finishes you can do,
the different variations you can do,
the easier it will be to avoid taller defenders
and still be able to finish with contact.
One thing we want to focus on with finishing around the rim,
is where we're going to hit on the backboard.
So when it comes to finishing,
I know a lot of coaches teach
hit that top corner on the backboard.
But the game has changed now.
Players are taller, more athletic.
I train my players, hit it above that...
Hit it above the square.
Because once you get to higher levels of play,
if you're still finishing layups right here,
your shot's getting pinned.
I need you to get the ball up there, off the backboard.
So you see how high that went?
That high.
I need you getting the ball that high for your layups.
So again, now let's add it to the layup.
It's not a layup like that.
It's a layup more like that.
High off the glass.
That way when the defender comes to pin my shot,
if it's that high, I don't care how tall you are,
unless you're like Dwight Howard,
and you can touch the top of the backboard,
you're not going to be able to block the shot.
Now the next thing we need to do
is keep our eyes up at the target.
We found our target.
We have our three different types of finishing variations.
Now we have to keep our eyes up,
so we know where that target is
and how we're going to hit it.
The problem that I see young players
is when they come, and they...
especially when it's time to...
especially when they face contact, go look at the man,
they'll hit the man, their head will go down,
and then they'll throw up some wild shot.
If you watch guys like Kyrie Irving,
the whole time he's driving, no matter what contact he hits,
his eyes are always up at his target.
He knows that if he gets the ball on that spot,
it's going in every time.
When you practice it over and over, you're going to be able,
you know like, alright, if I drive the lane
and I hit the ball on that spot,
the ball's going in every time.
It doesn't matter who hits me,
doesn't matter how tall the guy is in front of me,
if I can get the ball on that target, whether it's this way,
whether it's this way, whether its way,
the ball is going in.
Now the next thing we want to focus on
when we're taking contact, again, eyes up,
and we want to go into the contact.
Now a lot of players, they try to avoid the contact
and they end up throwing up a wide shot, a wild shot.
I want you to focus on getting that shoulder
in your defender's chest, so you can shield him off,
and then finishing in those spots.
So this is why we practice different finishes,
'cause let's say Coach Josh is coming from right here,
he's trying to challenge me.
If he challenges me, I go here,
I'm not going to be able to finish like this,
even with contact.
Even with contact,
I'm not going to be able to finish like this.
He's blocking it.
That's why we practice different finishes, here.
Now say Coach Josh is behind me.
Now he's trailing for the block.
Now if I go here, Coach Josh is blocking it.
He probably aint gonna block it if I'm here.
Alright, so that's why we practice
different types of finishing variations,
because they can all be used at different times.
Keep your eyes up on the target,
whether it's through contact or whatever.
So if Coach Josh again coming at me.
Come in front of me Coach, thanks.
(ball bounces)
He's coming, I'm still taking the contact, eyes up.
I'm not worried about the contact.
I'm gonna get the foul.
I might not, I might get the contact, I might not.
But I know I'm getting the ball
at least to my spot or near my spot.
Alright now we're going to drill the layups.
So what I want you to do is I start from the wing,
and maybe go through like 10 times on each side,
maybe five times each side, just going through each layup.
So you have the over-hand layup,
(ball bounces)
you have the under-hand layup,
(ball bounces)
and then you have the side-arm layup.
Practice both sides.
Until you get comfortable using each one.
Then once you get good, you can start challenging yourself.
You could practice, just do a little two ball here.
What we're doing is we're grabbing this ball like this.
Because you don't know what happens in the game.
Defender might grab your arm, your arm might get stuck,
you might have to shield your defender off
and really do a one-handed layup.
So this ball right here is going to be that accountability,
whether it's defense, whether it's whatever.
So we have a regular layup here,
then picking up the ball, over-hand.
So again do whatever you want here, hesitate,
pick up the ball, under-hand.
And then last but not least, again, side-arm.
Remember this off ball is your accountability,
it's blocking, it's holding the defender off.
Now the last phase of the layups,
and this is where a lot of players miss the most,
is in transition or fast break.
A lot of times they'll be going too fast
and they can't get the layup.
So what I would say to do, is just slow down.
Now the reason I say slow down, is because a lot of players,
they don't miss because there's a guy down there.
They're missing 'cause they're just going too fast.
They have a fast break all by themselves,
and you don't know how many layups I've seen
players miss by themselves.
And the reason is they're just going too fast
and then they're just throwing the ball up.
What you need to do, what I recommend,
is lengthen your strides at the end.
So it's kinda like,
you know how James Harden does the Eurostep?
Well, we're not going to be doing a Eurostep,
but we're going to be taking those same type of wide steps.
So you're fast and then you're slowing down.
Alright, so again, it's very simple.
And this is going to change
how many layups you miss and make.
You're in a game, you have the fast break by yourself,
slow down...
and just finish.
Last tip.
I know we're going over a lot of tips.
Last tip with layups,
land where you shoot the layup
or somewhere near there.
A lot of players miss because they're landing way over here.
If you're landing way over there,
you don't have good control over your body.
It's going to be hard to make layups.
Now if I'm going for a layup and I'm here.
That's a lot more controlled, a lot easier to make.
I hope you enjoyed today's video.
I hope it helped you out.
And if you want to take your scoring to the next level
and become a scoring machine in real games,
then click the first link in the description.
That's going to take you
to my game specific scoring accelerator.
That page, once you click the link,
it's going to tell you all about it.
Then you just enter your email
and I'll instantly send you over
that game specific scoring accelerator, absolutely free.
And here's the catch, it works on any device,
mobile, laptop,
I-pad, I-pod, anything,
just go to that first link in the description.
Click that link.
It'll take you to the page, enter your email, and again,
I'll send you over that free
game specific scoring accelerator.
If you enjoyed the video,
please, please hit that thumbs up for me.
Comment below, let me know what else you want to see.
Basketball moves, basketball drills, shooting,
vertical jump, anything, you know we got you.
As always, do not forget
to subscribe to our channel I Love Basketball TV.
We're going to keep the videos coming.
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367 Folder Collection
James published on January 26, 2018
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