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- What was it'? - Joe Friskit.
CUOCO: You made that up right now. Ha! HELBERG: What are you talking about?
NAYYAR: Pfft. HELBERG: That's a DVD extra.
- Oh, my God. HELBERG: He's back on.
Welcome to our behind the scenes DVD. We are the cast of Big Bang Theory.
And we're just here eating Chinese food. We're gonna open some fortune cookies.
- Are you ready for this? - I'm ready.
NAYYAR & GALECKI: I'm ready. - Who wants to go first?
- Let Kunal go first. - Wanna go first?
We made him sit on the floor, we can open a cookie for him.
- He can't read. So this will take a long... CUOCO: And read it out. Ha, ha.
Simon, will you help him sound the words out?
Yeah. Open it, Kunal, like caveman.
- Okay. "Simon." - Yup.
"What was it like being in a bathtub with Katee Sackhoff?"
I, uh... Oh.
- It was-- - Ha-ha-ha.. How was it?
- You probably don't remember that. - Where did you go?
No, it was an amazing way to meet someone.
Interesting way to break the ice, to come down--
Because we hadn't rehearsed with her, so I came down to the stage...
...to find her essentially naked with a bath towel around...
...and, like, a very intense sort of guard of Wardrobe...
...and people standing around her making sure no one was looking.
And then we were looking at each other for the first time...
...in this wet, cold, bubbly tub.
Come on, Katee, don't make it sound so cheap.
I'm sorry. Fiddling with yourself in the bathtub is a real class act.
It seemed like it'd be kind of interesting and cool...
...but then it was awkward to do that.
So we finished and she's like, "Oh, my God. I was trying so hard not to laugh.
I was squeezing my toe the whole time." I said, "That wasn't your toe."
- Yeah. So that was fun to participate in. CUOCO: That was my favorite story.
All right, I'll go next. Okay. Here we go.
"In the season premiere, when the guys returned from the Arctic...
...who had the most difficulty growing a beard?"
This is a very interesting question because of all the drama...
...behind your beards.
Would you like to share what happened with that?
- You all grew beards. You didn't. - Yeah.
- Well, yeah, you did not. - You took a stand.
NAYYAL: You couldn't. - It would be-- No.
- I'm a man-child in some ways and-- CUOCO: But you all had full beards?
- But they all had full beards. And then-- - But then...
But then we were forced to shave it.
So they could put fake beards on everybody.
There's nothing to be embarrassed about.
- It's not about that. - And we agreed to never speak of it again.
I always found that so funny. Your real beards weren't real enough.
I even said, "Can you put the fake beard over my real beard?" Because I don't--
It would kill you to pull it off.
I wanted to just have two beards. I've always wanted two beards.
"Help me. I'm trapped in a fortune-cookie factory." Just kidding.
That's a John Ritter joke actually, that I stole.
- Aw. Cute. - It is. Uh--
CUOCO: That's really funny. - Okay.
"Jim, talk about Sheldon losing his cool to his longtime enemy Wil Wheaton."
Fetch me Wil Wheaton.
What is wrong with him?
Everyone has a different theory.
I think it's very interesting that, whereas Sheldon...
...doesn't seem to have the time, energy or interest in something...
...that a lot of us find important, such as like a romantic relationship...
...he does have lots of time and energy and a passion to an obsessive point...
...with an anger for Wil Wheaton. So it's really funny to me...
...that he would bother to spend so much energy doing that.
I'm the proud owner of WilWheatonStinks.com, .net and .org.
What does that tell you?
It tells me that I am living rent-free right here.
"Johnny, why does Leonard's mom get along with everyone but Leonard?"
It was so nice of you to come all the way to the airport to pick me up.
No trouble at all.
I drove, Mother.
Yes, dear. Mommy's proud.
That was something that they talked about early on too...
...that I would have the mother that you would have idealized and needed...
...and you would have had the mother that I idealized and needed.
- Would've provided love and comfort. - Yes.
"Kaley, when Penny learned physics in order to impress Leonard...
...did it give you a better appreciation for all the science memorization the guys do?"
- No. It was a cinch. - That's not true. You said as much.
I'm kidding.
Yes, I was very stressed out about it, as you all know.
How many times was I repeating it?
- You did it flawlessly. - You memorized it very quickly.
Well, no, I just kept-- I was really stressed about it.
And, yes, I respect you all for the work that you do.
In fact, I've been thinking that given the parameters of your experiment...
...the transport of electrons through the aperture of nano-fabricated rings...
...is qualitatively no different than the experiment conducted in the Netherlands.
PARSONS: "Kunal, you've been goth, bearded and a roller-disco god.
What is your favorite costume this season?"
Uh, I dress up in a leather latex-slash- S & M Catwoman costume and that's--
It's just fun to, you know, experiment at work.
I don't know about you but I feel empowered.
"Jim, what did Sheldon learn about friendship...
...in the episode where Penny dislocates her shoulder?"
Oh, we were just talking about that. What did Sheldon learn about friendship?
Well... Oh.
Anything? I mean, Does Sheldon learn anything?
The fact that you have no idea how to answer that is sad.
Well, I don't know that as a character he did learn anything...
...if I'm being serious about it.
I immediately think of being in the waiting room with you and you asking him--
Please take a break from being you forjust a minute...
...and try being, I don't know, comforting.
But the end of that scene is him trying to be comforting and it fails miserably.
- So he learned to attempt that. - And you sang "Soft Kitty" to me.
Oh, you're right. At the end of the episode he was bendable...
...in some of his staid ways. GALECKI: There was some self-sacrifice.
Yeah. He was able to sing in the round at your drugged request.
[SINGING] Soft kitty, warm kitty
SHELDON [SINGING]: Soft kitty, warm kitty - Little ball of fur
SHELDON: Little ball of fur - Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
SHELDON: Happy kitty, sleepy kitty - Purr, purr, purr
Purr, purr, purr
"What did you enjoy most...
...about Raj, Leonard and Howard's meteor-shower mishap?"
It was just fun being high all the time.
Stars are pretty, aren't they?
- We were like in our own little world. - We shot all--
- We shot on the end of the stage. - We didn't see you.
Yeah. So it was, like, the three of us just basically stayed there...
...and had to be in our own universe.
I'll tell you what wasn't fun, was tearing the beef brisket apart.
HELBERG: That was not fun. Yeah. - It was falling on the sand and-- Aah.
- It was, like, not fun. - For a vegetarian...
-...it was especially disgusting. - Yeah.
I feel like we're forgetting something important.
Me too, but what?
-"How is Sheldon as a wingman?" - Oh.
- Not bad. I got Danica McKellar. - You're right.
- That's right. - Have you chosen one to copulate with?
- Really good. - You liked that a little too much.
- No. - Yeah, you did.
I'm a professional. These guys are just lying.
CUOCO: You enjoyed making out with her. NAYYAL: It was nice just in the show.
- But not in life. - It was awful in real life.
- No. Ha, ha. - Are you criticizing Danica?
What are you trying to tell us?
- I'm blushing. - Oh, a convenient time to choke.
"If you were not an actor, what profession would you entertain?"
- Um... - I guess that's to anybody.
- I would teach. I would be a teacher. - Teach what?
- Acting? - Well, probably.
But I'm serious. I would like to be in a collegiate environment.
Introduction to physics. Uh-- What is physics?
- I'd like to be a rapper. GALECKI: Ha-ha-ha.
Definitely. Like all rock stars.
- Like a gift wrapper at the...? - No, like a--
- A Macy's wrapper? PARSONS: Yes.
- That kind of a rapper. - Oh, I see.
- I never heard you rap anything. - But he was going to work on a song.
A rap song called "Squishy Tushy."
- It was actually a beautiful, beautiful-- - I thought it was cool.
- You can curse in Yiddish. - How could "Squishy Tushy" be beautiful?
- How could it not? - Think about what it means.
- Think about other songs that are cool. - The symbolism.
- Have you mentioned what you'd be? - Oh, God. I really don't know.
I'd be somewhere involved with horses, I guess. I'd be riding professionally.
- Growing them? - I'd be growing horses.
- What would you be? - I would be a musician.
I would like to be a musician.
- What would you do? NAYYAL: Could we collaborate?
And you could, like, lay down the track for my rap?
I don't think I would. I don't see that happening.
- You liked "Squishy Tushy." - I will not be... I will lend my vocals.
[SINGING] Sincerely yours, Howard Wolowitz
- Moving on. NAYYAL: Okay.
-"Kaley..." - Oh.
- Erh. Shh. -"...what is your favorite Penny moment?"
It has to be, I'm sorry, when she gives Sheldon the napkin...
...and then Sheldon hugs her.
Leonard, look. Sheldon's hugging me.
And what I find cute about that story is the day before we got that script...
-...Chuck Lorre came to me. - Yeah.
I was in my apartment set. He was like, "I have to tell you something."
He looked so excited. And he said, "Sheldon hugs Penny in the next episode."
And I was like, "What?"
And I got so excited, I run over to Jim and I'm like:
"Sheldon hugs Penny." And what did we do?
- Well, okay, fine, I. - I was happy.
- You bursted into tears immediately. - I cried.
- We never even read the script yet. - I found that to be so precious.
- It really was a wonderful idea. - And then I cried when we shot it.
- Is that it? - That was it. Dinner's over.
Yeah. Thanks for joining us.
We opened the last of our fortunes. I hope you enjoyed that.
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The Big Bang Theory Season 3: Take Out with the Cast [HD] [CC]

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Bryan published on August 22, 2013
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