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Hey guys, it's me Sillas and welcome back to my channel.
So today, I'm gonna be doing a Q&A video a lot of you guys have been asking me questions about myself and my
Job, so I wanted to answer these for you a lot of them are quite similar
So I just put them together and generalized the questions
And I'm gonna try to answer them in the most informative way possible for you guys, so yeah, let's get started I
I Am 24 years old.
Was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and when I was about two
I moved to Sydney Australia and lived there until I was about 13, from 13 years old to
21 I lived in LA and then when I was 21 I moved to Dubai.
I Do try to go work out a couple of times a week whether it's the gym or go to yoga class
It's quite difficult though because during the time that I'm supposed to be awake. I'm sleeping. I just need to push myself because
Or else I'm just gonna be a big blob.
so I guess
Workout tip that I can give you is find something that you enjoy doing and be consistent.
So, I get this question quite a lot on almost every time I fly with a Korean
Colleague, they always ask me "are you more comfortable with english or korean?
Then I would kind of say that
I am more comfortable
I mean I'm comfortable with both to be honest
But when it comes to working or something where I have to be more professional
I would definitely prefer English I could express my feelings better rather than in Korean, but what it's
Conversational, Korean isn't a problem for me if you speak to me in Korean then I'll definitely answer back in Korean.
So yeah, I guess I don't really have a preference, but only when it comes to work.
I try to take care of my skin by moisturizing a lot, I have really dry skin
Actually my skin has changed over the two years that I've been here when I first joined
It was very dry and then it became oily and now I feel like it's dry again
I feel the dryness in my face
so I try to moisturize sometimes I use really thick moisturizer or
recently I've been using a oil.
I bought this one in Australia, let me show you guys. It's the trilogy
trilogy rose hip oil
Anyways, It looks like this and I think it's really good
I just need like a couple of drops
And I just like massage it into my face before I do my makeup and everything else
I don't feel the tightness around my eyes or like my cheek area as much as I did before.
During a long-haul flight
We usually get a CRC
Rest which means it's a crew rest compartment. That's where we get to pretty much sleep
on a long flight, but when I go to LA or Australia and we go into the CRC I
Always take off my makeup
There's never a time where I kept my makeup on before I want to sleep because after you wake up.
dry and oily and that's when I start to break out so before
Even if it's so annoying to take off your makeup when you're tired, and you want to just sleep one extra minute
I never keep it on I always take off my makeup with makeup wipes and then I put on my lotion, essence,
Moisturizer, eye cream and all that stuff.
Before the break ends, I wake up 15 minutes before and reapply everything
And sometimes I don't
And also after a fight I always try to
Put a sheet mask on, but I don't do it all the time I used to but I think I've gotten a little lazy
Fortunately, we do get our own rooms which are very very thankful about because I can't imagine like
Sharing a room with someone that I don't know and I think it's just quite uncomfortable. You can't really rest well and
Going to the bathroom , I think it's gonna be a big issue
There wasn't a specific hot new climate when I joined it was just an arm reach where it's
they put like a tape on a wall at
212 centimeters, and you have to like stretch out your arms and try to reach that line
but it has to be with your shoes off and
You can tiptoe as long as you reach that line. That's fine. I just checked on the website
It has a hundred sixty centimeter height requirement plus the arm reach
Pretty much, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone
I wanted to explore a new country a new city
And I wanted to feel uncomfortable for a bit like I wanted to be more aware of my surroundings
Because when I was in LA I think I was getting too comfortable where I was but besides that
I wanted to leave the u.s.. I just wanted to explore something new and
I wanted to travel the world. Emirates flies to so many
Destinations that a lot of the airlines in the US don't fly to, and they provide us with housing
Don't pay for any utilities like gas and water and they provide us with
transportation to and from work
How amazing is that?
I've been working with Emirates for two and a half years now almost two and a half years. I joined on June
So I think I'm very lucky because I applied once and
Pretty much got the job
After one try, I know a lot of people doing multiple times before they join, but I think I was just very lucky
I can't say that it was just all luck because I did really really really really really really work hard for it. I
I Think, I wouldn't say that it's not difficult because it is quite difficult
We had exams almost
Every day or every other day because we have training for about eight weeks and in those eight weeks four of the weeks is
safety and emergency procedures and then two weeks of
GMT which is medical which was the hardest part for me. Trying to memorize all the
medicines and signs and symptoms
Just couldn't process it in my brain. It was just so hard for me
But it was definitely doable. It's not impossible everyone does it and everyone passes or almost everyone passes
And if you don't need to get another chance
So it's not too bad, and then we have about a week of
Security and then that's where we learned how to restrain passengers and all that stuff.
Two weeks of Service training or maybe it's a week and a half. I don't know a week and a half to two weeks
It's service training the eight weeks each day seems so long, but after those eight weeks
It seems like you went by it just like that. It was so fast. It was long, but it was fast and
It was difficult, but it was definitely doable so nothing is impossible
you guys can definitely do it guys work hard for it then
Nothing's impossible
Like I said earlier I was born in the US and I was pretty much
Raised in Sydney and America so I grew up speaking English. I didn't really have to go to like
tutoring or anything for it.
I've had many jobs before I joined Emirates. I used to work in retail
as a sales associate, and I was a waitress back in high school and in college. I was working those two jobs together
while going to school and then I
Started working in an office at a mortgage company, and then I started working for fashion
I had another retail job just for a short time while I was preparing for this job
And I came here.
most of the jobs that I've had I worked for more than a year and a half each
So I send my open day in San Diego.
They didn't have one in LA at that time so I drove down with my mom
For the open day.
So the open day itself was really really long. I think mine started around 8:00 or 9:00 a.m.
And by the time I finished it was about 9:00 p.m.. They start off with the introduction
So the recruiter I had one recruiter
And she introduced herself and the company and she showed us videos about how?
Great the company is and things that they provide for us and then after that we would do a CV drop
so this is where you turn in your resume one by one and
While you're dropping in that resume you pretty much have like a minute or even less
Than one minute with the recruiter and in that short amount of time you have to make an impression. I walked up to her I
Said her name. I said hi
My name is sillas and here's my resume kind of thing and then she looked at my resume
And then she asked me a question related to my resume, and then I just answered and that was it
so it's a very quick interview like not even an interview. pretty much seeing how you talk how he walked how you smile and
How you present yourself and with that first impression,
that determines whether you make it to the next round or not.
We had about
450 to 500 people who came for the open day and only one recruiter, so after everyone finished
She said come back in like two hours after that she said that she was going to post the results on who made it on
The wall next to your name
There's gonna be a number and you're gonna be that number for the day pretty much
She posted the results and almost half or more than half of these people didn't make it just from that short
first impression
I was I made it so I was really really happy because it was one step closer to becoming a cabin crew
Something that I could always dreamed up, and then the first activity. It was a group assessment, and it was
She would hand out a picture on a card, and we were in groups of
Four I believe four was five.
She handed a picture of a card
and it was a picture of a city. different cities for different groups and
Within the group you had to discuss what you can do in this city.
during this time
She gave us about maybe five minutes. The recruiter will walk around and pretty much observe
She doesn't make any facial expression. She just walked around and you have no idea what the heck
She's thinking there was a lot of people that didn't make it from there. Maybe like more than half actually
And there we some people that really stood out I would say oh, she's gonna get the job for sure
But then this next part where we did the arm reach
She couldn't reach
It was like bye-bye from there. You don't even get a second chance. if you don't if you can't reach it
Then that's it.
Even if you did really well on the assessment and you made an impression. if you can't make that arm reach
Then you can't make it to the next round.
so the next activity was with a partner
She would give us a card and on the card was a picture of an object
With that object you have to discuss and share amongst yourself what you can use this object as, either than its actual purpose
if you guys know what I mean.
so for example
Mine was a shoe, a picture of a shoe. I had to think of another
Purpose that the shoe can hold. after the five minutes is up. We would have to present again, and I
Think this is where I made a really good impression with something very small
I'm gonna tell you guys later, so I made it, but my partner is gonna make it and I will tell you the reason why
in a little bit, but
Let's move on and then the last activity was a group assessment, and it was a scenario
So we had a scenario where a flight was overbooked and we had to choose. What kind of
Passenger we would choose. like whether it was elderly or young children or a honeymoon couple or something like that.
we had to explain why
to the recruiter
obviously, the answers that we gave probably wasn't even right
But there is no right answer and then after this she would eliminate more people and I think about from
400 to 500 people
About less than 20 people, maybe 18 people made it for the final interview. I think it was the first one
For the final interviews so I went the next morning dressed in the same outfit same hair
Makeup all that stuff final interview was about an hour long was supposed to be an hour long
but I think mine was about like an hour and 15 minutes and
during that time the
recruiter looks at your CV and ask you questions based on your CV I
Thought I messed up, and there was a time where i said " can I answer this again. I'm so sorry" and
At that time I was like so heartbroken because I felt like I made it so far, but I just messed up
but she said it was totally fine and give me another chance and
I'm here now.
So yeah, that was how my open day was. It was really long
I was very tired and my mom waited for me throughout the whole day
And I very very lucky that she was so supportive of it
So besides the obvious like looking the part like doing your hair your makeup
The way you dress and putting a smile on your face besides all of those obvious things
I think one of the most important thing is to refer the recruiter
As well as other people that you're in a discussion with, by their name.
another one is
Don't try to outshine everyone
But don't be a fly on the wall.
By this I mean, contribute to discussion, but don't
Try to show off too much, but also don't be so quiet and not say a word.
During the partner assessment
After my partner and I we discussed our
objectives or whatever
We stood up, and we didn't discuss who was gonna say something first
We just stood up and we both happened to say something at the same time.
We both kind of looked at each other
but I said to her "oh, I'm so sorry you can go ahead first" and
She went ahead, but the recruiter was like shaking her head while looking at me and wrote something down on the paper
I didn't think too much of it. When she put our names on the wall afterwards,
my name was on there but my partners name wasn't
so I think that really really helped me because she saw that I was able to
What's this word "yang bo"
"What's yang bo again?lol"
"why did i forget all of a sudden?"
Anyways that I was able to give up my opportunities to speak first
Rather than being selfish and trying to get all the attention
Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope I was able to answer most of your questions
If you guys made it this far you guys are amazing!
if you guys have any other questions write them down below
and then I will try to answer them in the comments for you or maybe I'll make a separate video so
yeah, I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and I'll see you guys next time.
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How I became an Emirates Cabin Crew

274 Folder Collection
hsin641810 published on January 10, 2018
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