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[ Humming ]
[ Vacuum whirring ]
Panda: Shh, quiet! You're waking Hundy.
[ Vacuum stops ]
Grizz: Hundy, I'm home!
[ Canned laughter ]
Panda: Evening, Grizz. Welcome back.
Grizz: So, how's my precious, little Hundy?
[ Canned laughter ]
Panda: Oh, you know, just wonderful.
Grizz: Hey, the place looks so clean and tidy now. I love it.
Ooh, I really love the fire. It's a nice touch.
[ Canned laughter ]
Panda: Did you find any food
while you were out? I'm starved.
Grizz: Nope, but don't cry. I found something even better.
A bed for Hundy!
[ Audience "Aww"s ]
Put him in!
Panda: Mmm.
[ Audience "Aww"s ]
Grizz: It's like, with money, we're a complete family now.
[ Canned laughter ]
Panda: Coochy, coochy, coo!
Grizz: I'll head out and get Hundy some more furnishings.
[ Clang! ] [ Both gasp ]
- Hey, bears!
Grizz: Phew! It's just Cory.
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We Bare Bears Clip - Hundy, I'm Home! [CC]

14244 Folder Collection
Jin Wang published on October 1, 2018    Jamie 榕 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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