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Hey Conan here, You're watching the 360 Live Pre-Show,
and now we've moved out to another exciting
part of the office here at Warner Brother's.
This is my assistant Sona Movsesian's area.
Hi Sona. Hello.
How are you?
I'm doing well thank you, how are you?
You and I've been together how many years,
like two years?
How long has it been?
About eight.
Eight. Two, eight.
Close enough.
Big difference.
Probably moving on soon.
Sona's great.
Sona and I are like peanut butter and,
What are we like?
Not like jelly, cause go well together.
No, peanut butter, and like sauerkraut.
Yeah, with asbestos in it.
But it's whatever.
And we can see what Sona's working on right here.
She's got the New York Times crossword puzzle
that she works on everyday.
I usually say, hey Sona this is really important.
I need this done really quickly, it's about the show.
And she says I gotta finish my New York Times.
And then, what else?
And then Sudoku.
You do Su-doo-ko?
Everyday, and how does Sudoku work?
I don't even know.
Well, Sudoku you just have to have,
you can't repeat the numbers in the same row, column or box.
And I do the easy level, medium level, and hard level.
Good for you.
Thank you very much.
Does it ever get in the way of work?
Probably a lot?
Yeah, quite a bit Quite a bit, okay.
And then this your desk area.
It's actually cleaner than when I've seen usually.
You have a lot of Conan stuff here.
Although I found out that this was a Joel McHale bobble head
that some fan turned into a Conan O'Brien bobble head.
I've never made this pose.
That is so rude to take someone else's bobble head.
Lots of Conan dolls.
I don't know how to feel about this one.
This is the one that reflects me
probably the most accurately, right?
Very pale.
Very pale.
Okay, take it easy.
That's good.
Lots of fun stuff.
This is a picture of Sona when you were, remember?
When you were young, and you were a ballerina?
You look really nice and happy there.
What happened?
I grew up.
Let's take a look at other things here.
I'm just looking around your desk.
You've got a Dwight Schrute bobble head.
Again, that can easily be converted into a Conan bobble head
if you just make some simple cosmetic changes.
What are you drinking today?
Well there's usually is water in that.
But what else do you have during the day?
Have you ever had alcohol during the show days,
like when you're working?
Yes, yes.
What did you have?
Well, like a few days ago we had some champagne
with some St. Germain in it.
Which was, I never.
You had champagne during the day?
Yeah I mean you know.
It was just kind of a chill day.
So we call it Juice-Juice Time.
Juice-Juice Time.
That's terrific Sona.
Oh and look.
This is great.
This is a great sign for someone
who drinks alcohol at work to have up.
Oh look there's some pictures.
There's me choking you with my tie.
It's nice to have that framed.
There's me and remember when I introduced you to
President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter, the First Lady?
Yes I do remember that.
There's a photo.
It was a pretty big day for you, right?
You know what, it was.
That was very nice of you to do.
Look at that, I'm paying you a compliment.
That's a genuine compliment.
This mustache sometimes can be used
for me to do an impression of your father.
Sona, Sona, please.
Why don't you marry?
Sona, Sona, please.
Is that kind of what he's like?
No not at all.
A lot cooler than-- he does have a mustache.
And he is a cool guy.
He's the coolest guy.
But you gotta admit, if you just came
across me quickly, you might think this is your father.
Sona, Sona, America.
He's got a more like, just human skin tone.
That's rude.
Okay we have Marie.
Marie, wave!
You're way back there.
I don't know if you can see Marie.
Marie is Jeff Ross' assistant, so she really has a job.
She has things she has to do.
She's constantly working cause Jeff
actually works on the show.
I'm a jackass and a fool, and you enable me.
And you're an enabler and probably and alcoholic.
And so we have a good time.
And here's your Wall-E, right here.
This is Sona's probably only friend.
(toy noises)
And you're an adult.
Yes I am.
I don't know, I think that pretty much takes you through.
Oh and this is Sona trying way too hard to put
her Armenian past behind her.
She does this whenever people
coming to ask for her green card.
She's like, "America!"
I was born here.
Not really
Yeah, really I was born in this country.
She washed up on shore here,
and I found her in a bush.
And taught her English by having her watch
various soap operas on TV, Falcon's Crest.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
Sona why don't you enjoy this Korean beer
that they've put my face on?
My face is on everything here.
It really is.
Your life must be a hell.
It is.
That's us. (clap)
Peace out.
Say Tupac.
What? I don't know.
Isn't that a thing kids. Say Tupac?
I'm trying to be with the kids.
Tupac. Peace out.
Yeah, or dear, or dear mama.
Oh dear mama. (laughs)
Oh my god.
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CONAN: Conan Gives A Tour Of Sona's Desk

543 Folder Collection
black published on January 3, 2018
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