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Time to Say Goodbye
When I was asked to write something for this yearbook, many memories came back.
I had a rough start, but you guys helped me get through it.
To Mandy
Thank you for saying “No” when I asked you
if I could borrow your math workbook to copy the answers.
At that time, I thought you were not my friend.
But now I know you're a true friend.
To Brad
Many thanks to you for bringing me to the hip-hop world.
With your help, I've found I have many talents.
I hope we both can shine on the dance floor in the future.
To Andy
You're really a people person.
Every time the students in our class have a fight, you're the one that helps stop it.
Most importantly, you always bring us together again.
Thanks to you, we've learned to respect each other.
Saying “Goodbye” and saying “Hello” are both important moments in our circle of life.
I hate to say goodbye to you guys.
At the same time, I can't wait to say “Hello” to senior high school life.
Let's make a deal: We'll be best friends forever.
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10018 Folder Collection
Ginger Chen published on December 26, 2017
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