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A Future of Wild Dreams
Have you ever thought about owning Doraemon,
the famous Japanese cartoon robot cat?
With its time machine, you could travel in time.
With its anywhere door, you could arrive at school in a second.
You may think these ideas sound crazy.
However, the scientists at Google X think these ideas may work one day.
Google X is a lab in California.
Many scientists there are working on a lot of wild ideas.
For example, they are inventing cars
which could drive by themselves in traffic and stop at red lights.
They are also working on robots that have super powers to do dangerous work for people,
for example, saving people from fires.
They are even thinking about building an elevator to go to outer space.
In this lab, nothing is impossible.
Do you have any wild ideas?
Don't hold them back.
Think like a scientist, and one day you may change the world.
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Ginger Chen published on December 26, 2017
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