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Valentine's Day Around the World
The Taj Mahal stands for true love, so a lot of lovers visit it on Valentine's Day.
This way, their love can last forever.
In Japan, lovers celebrate Valentine's Day on two different dates, on February 14th and on March 14th.
On the first date, girls give presents to boys,
and on the second date, boys give presents to girls in return.
On Valentine's Day, a lot of lovers choose to have a date near the Eiffel Tower.
They enjoy this festival by hugging and kissing each other.
On Valentine's Day, lovers write their names on a lock,
and then hang it on a lamp post on a famous bridge, Ponte Milvio.
After that, they throw the key into the river.
This is a sign of their lasting love.
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2193 Folder Collection
Ginger Chen published on December 26, 2017
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