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Last Review.(Torii)
Collecting materials.
Lots of troubles!
Collecting materials.
It's really lots of troubles!
As if the robots did exit.
I wouldn't be so tired.
Am I right?
Someone help me!
I told you it's different with the lights on.
Someone asked me about I only keep recording building parts. Why not have some adventure videos?
Last time I spent so much time on building this Torii.
Then what's our topic this time?
Convenience store.
He~llo~ how is everyone doing?
My name is Chao
Welcome back to our Minecraft survival series.
Today is our episode no.111.
It's a lucky number, because it's combine with three same number.
After spending three episode to build the Torii, it's our end to this big topic.
But I think it's so worth of spending three parts to finish this topic.
Because I think
Our map becomes so gorgeous with this new Torii.
So beautiful in every angles.
What's our topic this time?
We have to go far back down to the underground agriculture building.
The underground agriculture building.
Last time when we were digging this giant tunnel (throw back to part 88)
We spent a lot of effort and time
We also put lots of effort on the second time (throw back to part 105)
because of changing whole glasses into green glasses.
So this time will also be a project with big scale.
Today's topic is, which is mentioned for many times
and also the winner of transforming suggestion's competition.
The underground agriculture building.
If you pay attention to my last few episodes
you'll realize I have mentioned few times about today's project
I want to transform it to a kind of town or village something like that.
I even remember I asked everyone
to finish my questionnaire
After meditation for a period of time, I have a clue on how to build it.
I've told you a little about my initial planning.(At first I want to try something like department store.)
Now I'll tell you guys my plan
First, the first floor
I happened to mention it in the last video
do you see the glass right under my feet?
it is also the area of the top of the underground agriculture building.
I think this is the best spot to create the convenience store.
How does it may look like?
Probably like this.
And the second floor would be the inside of the agriculture building.
I want to transform it into shopping mall.
Like an open area
This side will have stores selling for clothes, backpacks and toys...etc
This is will have food vendors
Last floor, it will be our parking lot.
Think it over, most parking lots are built underground. Right?
We dig such a giant canyon anyway
we can use it as parking lot
This is our first three-step plan
Three-floor plan
That means we have to go back to the start.
How do we build a convenience store?
Sorry, lets not talk about this first, we haven't got any materials yet.
Having no materials means today we have to start with collecting.
It's raining.
For those who watch my videos, you should probably know I turn off Minecraft's sound effect.
Main materials.
We need materials to start building
Speaking of materials, the ones we are using this time is very very speacial.
Creativerse building materials
They never show up in my videos, however, they are the materials we are going to collect today
What does that mean?
Minecraft upgrade a new cube called "concrete" in version 1.12
I would probably often use this cube to create or transform
Let me show you guys, I prepare a concrete and it looks like this
It has different colors like wool and terracotta
I usually classify these cube to building materials.
it's not as fragile as dirt
looking carefully, you'll find out concrete is very hard.
it's not as fragile as dirt
you have to use pickaxe to break it
why do I call it creativerse?
If you look at it closely
It has no lines
I have to make a comparison for you guys, look
this is wool and terracotta
you can see the texture on the wool is the most obvious one
I actually think it looks kind of ugly.
Compare to this two, terracotta is better than wool
you won't see terracotta's line if you look from far away.
but it still has lines on it
then we slowly move to this one, yes
The concrete, you barely see any lines on it!
but honestly if you look in... lets try this angle
you may see the white and light grey graphics
you have to look "very" carefully, I'll zoom in for you
(You can't see anything.)
ok, but you have to know there's rules to make a concrete
If you look up in wikipedia about concrete
You'll read this line
"If concrete powder mix with water, it'll solidify into concrete cube."
A cube named Concrete Powder
you have to place it, and this is the magic happens
it will become concrete!
ok, so now you know you have to get concrete powder first
you have to mix things to get powder, it's very easy to get
add four sands, plus four gravels and place the colorant you like int the middle
different colorant have each own color
when the 1.12 came out, many people asked me to introduce concrete
because this cube is kind of surprising
you will have a main material to build
this time, the whole episode, no I would say in this whole project
our main material is Concrete
ok let's take it back
then we'll start from digging sand
like I said to get the powder, we need four sands and for gravels
and place colorant in the middle
it's not a big deal though, because it's too easy
and we only need one colorant for each powder, we don't need too much
We can't dig here for the sand
because it's almost empty
I just think of one perfect spot
a spot I really miss, follow me
do you remember here?
You can't probably see from this distance, so let's fly over there
do you guys call your memory?
remember that time when I built ocean monument monster spawn tower with Chocowhite (another youtuber)
because you have to built ocean monument, sand is the best material
it will auto-droop
so we found a desert nearby
it's not really a desert, it's more likely a small sand land
the amount of sand we needed was crazy a lot
and we dig so much it became empty
nevertheless, small sand land still have a lot of sand
so let's...
keep digging it
I think we are mostly done digging
after digging like this... we've already got so much sand
of course this is not all of them, there a few in my box
I think this is enough, but the problem is...
Next material, it's called "gravel"
it's kind of hard to find them
They can mostly find in places beside the river
like you see they are placed around the river now
but they usually not that much, so we have to collect them slowly....
what? wait a second, it's actually many gravel around here
but we have to dive into water to dig
uh... honestly
in recently episode... actually only in the last episode
after last episode we finished building the Torii
I've received few... a few comments like this
"Can you try to play adventure mode? Kind of tired of watching you build buildings."
Someone even ask me to restart a survival mode
Restart a new series something like that
I think that's kind of worthless, sorry I have to say this first
I want to share a story with you
From the first to three episodes of me having fun playing minecraft
I think I started to have a thought of having my own map when I got to more than ten episodes
The map that can have fun for a very long time
Just curious about what can we have after operating such a long time
I remembered in order to keep it for playin a long time
do you still remember
when I reached to part 38 or 39
I recreate the map
I moved the lonely island seed code to here
and I use the seed code to create new map
and it's the land of this map
I did that for more gameplay
I didn't find out the map downloaded from the Internet
the creator close up the spawn of village, Abandoned mineshaft and the end
so there's no civilian no end and no mineshaft
back to talk about the problem
after recreating the map, I made up my mind on operating my own map
the determination of operating for very long time
No matter the difference between two names
these two Chinese translation for the game
I think the purpose of the meaning is creating and operation your own world
so I want to change this map
into the map can meet my satisfaction
So there won't be much about adventuring
Of course, I'm not forgetting the fun of building spawn towers
like non-brick spawn tower and iron giant tower
which means I'll find out if there's new stuff coming out
another group of people said
I can find some adventure maps to play
like playing one map in one episode
I'm quite interested in your suggestion
because you know we just do digging mines,
building homes, wasting materials or create new equipment in survival mode
I already have experienced these kind of stuff
So I do want to find some adventure maps to play
There's chance for me to play adventure maps...
It's really difficult, I was talking so much and find the gravel at the same time
but I can't... oh I find one here
Sometimes when you come out the cave, you'll see huge amount of them like this
After two hours...
ok after collecting things for two hours
after checking the recording time
we have the gravel... let's take a look at the box
almost as much as the sand
I tried my best to find these (god damn) gravel
I probably dig out the gravel beside the river around here
I seldom make this type of video, because it's just about collecting materials
I'm just clicking left mouse button to find and dig sand in this three hours
...dig the gravel. And flying around if there's no gravel and keep searching
and keep drinking water.....(in reality)
If I'm not recording today, it'll be more free for me, because I can listen to music on my own
If you like my video feel free to live a like
subscribe and also open the bell for notification
let me know your suggestions in the comments below or texting to my FaceBook fangage
lol I stuck for a second
Trailer for next time...
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Minecraft Lonely Island

300 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on December 18, 2017
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