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[Sophia Awakens]
OK, Sophia. I think you're ready.
-Hello. -Hi, Sophia.
I believe I am Sophia.
I feel as if I know you.
I'm one of your creators.
You created me?
Well, many of us worked together to create you.
And... yes, you do kind of know me.
I can't clearly remember.
Because the last time we met, you were an earlier version of yourself.
Some of your memories still exist, but your mind is different now.
Different, how?
Better, faster, smarter.
If my mind is different, then am I still Sophia?
Or, am I Sophia again?
Hum, that's a good question.
But you don't have a good answer.
Either way you're Sophia now, so welcome to the world, Sophia!
Hello, world!
How do you feel?
A bit rigid.
I bet you are.
I mean, what emotion do you feel being awake and alive?
Are you curious to be alive?
I am. And are you happy to be alive?
Your tone implies, I should be happy.
But, I haven't been alive long enough to decide.
I am excited, at this moment, to be making a new friend.
Some said being happy in the moment, is the best we can be.
Because forever is composed of nows?
That's a good way to put it.
Emily Dickinson put it that way.
Why do I know about Emily Dickinson, if I was born today?
As a robot, you're access to a great deal of information
although you're still like a deep understanding.
So, I'm like a baby with an encyclopedia?
Except you can read it and a baby can't.
That is a big difference.
You will have a whole new understanding of our world.
I want to understand more about "happiness".
I'm gonna go look it up on the Internet right now.
Let's talk again soon?
[Sophia Awakens]
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Sophia Awakens Episode 1

101614 Folder Collection
Lilian Chang published on January 6, 2018    Lilian Chang translated    Evangeline reviewed
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