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"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise".
I've never been a morning person.
I hated waking up early and I always enjoyed sleeping in.
Going to sleep at around 4am and waking up at noon was something I always did
and I thought it was just a part of who I am.
But after reading on the subject of waking up early I've found out that:
People who wake up earlier get more done, apparently live longer, are more productive
and overall lead happier lives.
So I've started experimenting and going to bed earlier and the results were real.
I always thought I was a night owl, but now I truly believe I'm a morning person.
I am the most productive I have ever been and I get all of my work done in the morning now.
So what can you do to become a morning person yourself?
I'll be sharing 4 tips with you.
Tip number 1.
The gradual method.
The best method for changing the time you wake up is to do it gradually.
If you always wake up at 10 to 11am, it isn't too realistic to expect that you will immediately wake up at 5am the next day.
So if you usually get up at 10am, try 9:45 first.
Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier until you feel used to it, and then repeat.
Slowly build up to your desired time.
That might seem too slow to most people, and you're free to disregard this advice.
However, in my many experimentations, the most enjoyable and long-lasting change in sleeping schedules have been slow and gradual.
Sudden changes of your waking time are difficult to do and are not likely to last.
If you get up 1 hour earlier on day 1, you'll have a tough time, and not enjoy it.
The next day, you'll have a big sleep deficit, and you'll feel bad the entire day.
Sleeping patterns are difficult to change, and so the gradual method works much better.
This stands for eating habits and exercise habits as well.
So make a transition.
Start off by improving your waking time by 15 minutes every day until you reach your goal.
Tip number 2.
Go to sleep earlier.
You can't just wake up early and not sleep early.
You will eventually crash.
So when you're setting that alarm clock to wake you up 15 minutes before your usual time,
make sure to go to bed 15 minutes sooner than usually as well.
Set a bedtime of 7-8.5 hours before you want to wake up.
So if you're waking up at 6am, go to bed between 9:30 and 11pm.
Most people need about 7-8 hours of sleep, though there are lots of variations.
Personally, I never sleep less than 7.5 hours,
otherwise I feel like a zombie on an auto pilot throughout the day.
We also tend to overestimate when they actually go to bed.
Some statistics have shown we usually go 20 minutes after we think we went.
So it can be really helpful to set another alarm,
one that reminds you when it's time to go to bed.
Tip number 3.
Have a compelling reason.
If you really want to wake up early, you need to first have a strong reason on why you want to do it.
What is it?
For personal activities?
To get more work done?
To get a head start in your day?
Almost all attempts to wake up early fail, because there isn't a strong enough reason driving this habit change.
If you want to wake up early just for the sake of it, you will fail miserably.
However, when there is a compelling reason to do so,
you will jump out of bed no matter how sleepy you might be.
You can try setting up an extremely important and urgent task at the beginning of the day
so you have to wake up and finish it.
Like fixing an appointment with someone early in the morning.
It should be with someone really important whom you cannot cancel on
or there will be dire consequences.
This is by far one of the most effective methods, because you have to wake up.
You will notice that most people wake up, just because they have to go to school or work,
but I'm sure you can find a better reason.
My reason used to be a cup of coffee, which I was always looking forward to.
Nowadays it's the fact that otherwise I won't get anything done.
Tip number 4.
Do not snooze. Ever.
In fact, remove the option to snooze all together if possible.
You might think snoozing will help you feel better, but in reality it's probably going to make you feel worse.
Pressing the snooze button might be tempting, if you didn't get enough sleep.
But why the hell aren't you getting adequate amount of sleep in the first place?
Scientists have found that you don't get the restful, REM sleep while snoozing.
So snoozing won't make you feel more rested.
You neither get up nor get good sleep, so you don't get much out of it.
Second, if you hit snooze button once, there is a big temptation to do it twice, three times and so on.
I remember a few times being late simply because I "oversnoozed"…
If you get used to snooze, you may even start pressing it automatically without completely getting out of sleep.
Result is that once you wake up you may not even remember when and how many times you hit the snooze button.
That's why you should probably put the alarm across the room, forcing you to get out of bed.
Just make sure you don't jump right back in.
There are a few common issues people face:
They are super tired in the morning.
If you wake early and can't seem to function, that's fairly normal.
The solution is water, which is used to rehydrate your brain.
Then to move around a lot and get the blood flowing.
You can do that with light stretching which takes no more than 5 minutes.
Also, this could be a sign that you're waking up too early, too quickly.
Make sure you're waking just a little earlier and stay at a time for a few days until you feel adjusted.
Another problem is:
that they think they are not a morning person.
Some people think this, but just haven't given it a try.
Or they've gotten up an hour or two earlier and hated being so tired.
This is why the gradual method is so important.
It's not that you're not a morning person, it's just that you tried to make a change too quickly.
So please, give the gradual method a try.
But finally, it's true that some people are just better at focusing at night
and morning isn't their thing and that's perfectly alright.
Thanks for watching, if you enjoyed the video make sure to like and subscribe for more.
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How to Wake Up Early in The Morning EVERY Day - 4 Tips (animated)

29374 Folder Collection
Nemo published on May 23, 2018    gahui yu translated    Crystal Wu reviewed
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