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- Good morning Believe Nation.
My name is Evan Carmichael.
My one word is believe.
And I believe that entrepreneurs
will solve all of the
world's major problems.

So to help you on your journey,
today's message is let go of the past.
Over to you, Joel Osteen.
(rooster crows)
♫ I wake up every morning
♫ Espresso keep me going
♫ I wake up every morning
- We all have had negative
things happen to us.

People did us wrong.
The company laid us off.
A clerk was rude to us.
It's easy to go through life offended.
In self-pity.
Blaming others, blaming ourselves.
Even blaming God.
And because we're always looking back,
reliving the negative,
we end up carrying around all this baggage
that weighs us down.
One of the best things we
can learn to do is drop it.

Let it go.
Whether it happened 20
years ago or 20 minutes ago.

Don't carry negative baggage
from yesterday into today.

You won't live a victorious life,
if you're always reliving
what didn't work out,

who hurt you, the mistakes you've made.
The reason it's called the
past is because it's over.

It's done. It's history.
Now do your part and let it go.
"Well, Joel, they betrayed me."
"They walked away and broke my heart."
"That's why I'm bitter."
"That's why I'm upset."
Well they hurt you once,

don't let them continue to hurt you
by always thinking about it.
(audience clapping)

As long as you're dwelling on that,
it's going to keep you from
the new things God wants to do.

- The story that you are telling yourself
as to why you can't be
successful is holding you back

and will always hold you
back until you let go of it.

You'll keep repeating the same pattern
over and over and over again
and playing a small game,
because that story you have in your head
just keeps cycling continuously
over and over and over again.
As a quick example,
I went to a Tony Robbins seminar in LA
And he did this intervention with a woman
and he was asking her
why she was depressed.

And all she kept doing was talking about
legitimately terrible things
that happened to her in her upbringing
and how she was abused
and everything happened in her family.
Just really terrible things
you wouldn't wish on any human being.
And what he did was, he just
kept quickly moving past.

Each one, each one, just move past.
Okay and then and then and then.
Not paying it a lot of attention.
Because, what does that person want to do?
She wants to stay there.
She's living this painful past
over and over and over and over again.
And is letting define who she
is and what she's going to do.

It's how she lives everyday.
Because of that really painful past
and so by ignoring it,
and not letting her stay there,
he was able to transition her to say
all these terrible things did happen,
you can't change that, I
feel terribly sorry for you,

nobody should have to go through that.
But you're here now.
Now you get to decide.
All those terrible people are gone,
they're not in your life anymore.
You get to decide what happens now.
And at some point, we have
to do this for ourselves.

If your parents told you that
you'd never be successful

or the people around you and your teachers
or whoever it was, at
some point you decide,

I'm going to be an adult,
I'm in charge of my life,

I'm going to make the shift.
For me, it was I was always worried
about letting people down.
And that's why I'm
always early to meetings,

I always do what I say I'm going to do
and I would always kind of
under-commit and over-deliver.

And a lot of that is positive,
those are all positive traits,
you wouldn't want the opposite.
But it also meant that I
would turn down opportunities

that were good for me
and good for other people

because I was afraid I
wouldn't bring enough value.

Even though in my head I
knew I could bring value,

I was just afraid that
I couldn't bring value.

And I would wish that
meetings would be canceled

or people would say you don't
have to show up anymore.

And I still have bits of that today
but it's not debilitating.
I go out and make those meetings happen
and go out and speak at those events
and create content for you guys.
Even though that little bit remains,
I'm able to move forward
and accomplish things that

I want to accomplish.
Because as long as you
continue to live by the story

that has happened to you in the past,
as long as you stay stuck there,
you're never going to go
off and do amazing things.

You're never going to go off
and achieve your potential.

So the question of the
day today is I'm curious,

what story from the past is hurting you,
is keeping you where you are,
is preventing you from
doing amazing things?

Let's share it up.
Put it down in the comments below,
I'm really curious to find out.
Thank you guys again for watching.
I believe in you,
I hope you continue to believe in yourself
and whatever your one word is.
Much love and I'll see you
guys again tomorrow morning

for another Shot of Entspresso.
- [Interviewer] Your approach to life,
has it changed through
your acting experience?

- Yes, whether you just get older
and you live long enough, you change.
If you don't, you may as well die.
(crowd laughs)
You know, go or grow.
You have to change.
And I've realized over the years
that I've gone through
many changes in my life.

Many changes because
that's the nature of life.

And if you don't go with it,
you may as well die, really.
You may as well be dead.
And other people who live in the past,
they just live back there all the time.
Talk about something that
happened to them 30 years ago.

They're like zombies.
And I can't hang out with those people.
I know them but I can't spend more
than five minutes with them
because I feel like suicide

at the end of it because
I feel so guilty about

being happy when they're so miserable.
(crowd laughs)
Because you know life's in session.
For many years, I thought
life is a big rehearsal

for the big event.
Then somebody in Los Angeles said,
"Tony, this is the big event."
Life is in session.
You know, we spend so
much time thinking it's

a rehearsal for the big event,
for the big red carpet in the sky.
- Our past is very determinate.
When you think about Europe
or the western hemisphere

in general, we are stuck
by issues of the past.

It is the past that holds back, you know?
And if you said that you were,
as is evident in the past,

let me burn everything, let
me get rid of everything

in the past, you're free to start thinking
about the future.
But if you're still collecting the past,
then looking to the past as a solution,
having history as a very strong anchor,
you're unable to move forward
because there are historical

reasons why our tribe of
humanity is such a slow changer.

Because change is very, very scary.
And human beings don't so
scary things on their own.

It takes something much bigger
to force them into change.

- [Interviewer] What kind
of big thing could that be?

- For every human being
individual, it's the heart attack,

the car accident, the
something that happened

which was much bigger than you.
Which suddenly you wake
up and say, "Oh my God,"

"I've been spending all
my life inside a box,"

"working for someone else,
oh isn't there a better way?"

For humanity in general, it is this.
That suddenly it stops raining,
suddenly everything goes crazy
and you can't control the climate.
So that's big enough.
If the world were hit by a meteorite,
it would be enough.
It takes enormous things
like that so we are a bit

dinosaurs in that sense,
that we will roam around

and do our thing until
we are hit by something

much bigger than us and
that's true for even

the individual who needs
a heart attack to wake up

to find out they've been working too much.
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"Don't Carry NEGATIVE BAGGAGE!" - Joel Osteen (@JoelOsteen) - #Entspresso

192 Folder Collection
Yrchinese published on November 16, 2017
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