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Hi travel bugs, what's up? I'm currently at Shìlín Yèshì, one of the most famous and biggest
night market here in Taipei, Taiwan.
There are a variety of vendors that sell
everything from clothing to accessories

to of course, food!
I hope you're hungry today because I'm
going to go take you try some of the

best street food here in Taiwan!
So one thing about being in Taiwan is it's
extremely hot and extremely humid.

I don't know if you guys can see but I am sweating like crazy! But there is a cure!
If you're super hot and you're thirsty and you want something to drink,
there are some traditional Taiwanese drinks that you can get. Number one...
this is called aiyu bing.
The drink is called Aiyu Jelly Drink.
The jelly is made from the seeds of a
variety of fig.

It is served in sugar water with a handful of lemons.
Imagine a refreshing lemonade with yummy jelly.
Another drink you can also try is Frog Egg Drink.
Don't worry, it's not actually frog eggs. It's sugar water with chewy tapioca balls.
After you have your drink the first snack you can have is this
Taiwanese sausage!
Now this is made out of pork, it's super super delicious. We're going to take a bite!
Taiwanese sausages are sweeter and firmer than what we're used to in the States.
It's flavored with rice wine and garlic.
So the next thing we're going to try is, the best way to describe it, is oyster omelette.
In Chinese it's called ézǎi jiān.
And if you take a look at it, right can see
there's like oyster, there's lettuce,
and there's this really sweet, sweet sauce. The interesting thing about this is there's
like this sticky consistency you see. It's not cheese, it's some kind of powder.
Look at that! Yummm.
All right, we're going to take a bite of this oyster.
Since we are eating street food, the streets are extremely crowded.
So you'll often find people sitting anywhere they can - including temples.
One thing about being in Taiwan is no
matter how hot it is, you will always

crave noodle soup.
So right here we have the pork intestine
soup. In Chinese it's ézǎi mee sua.

You can see there's pieces of pork
intestine right here.

This noodle is kind of like vermicelli noodle. There's cilantro and you can see
the soup is kind of sticky.
It's super yummy, this is one of my
favorite Taiwanese dishes.

All right, let's try it.
Back in the days due to poverty, people made use of every part of the animal's body.
Animal blood was thought to give you energy, so they mixed it with rice.
Today it is the popular food zhu xie gao, pig's blood cake.
This is a rice cake plus pig blood. It's dipped in soy sauce, it's coated with
peanut crumbs and there's also pieces of cilantro in there as well.
I'm kind of scared to eat this, I really hope it tastes like mochi...
But I seriously doubt it. Let's try it...
It honestly tastes like sticky rice, it's not too salty - kind of savory.
Next up is the latest food craze here in

I mean just look at this line.
This is called hujiao bing.
it's filled with ground meat and cook in
a cylinder on high heat, sticking to the

sides to bake.
Oh my gosh it's so big! It's huge!
Look at this. Omg!
So it has a very, very hard covering. And it's actually kind of crispy when you
press it down.
You see there's a lot of sesame seeds in the coating.
Oh it is super, super peppery!
I didn't get any of the meat yet but
can see that's what it looks like inside.

It's kind of like any regular pork bun except the outside if very, very different.
Y'all I am so there's still a lot more street food you haven't tried yet.
But it's ok! Stick around to this channel, be sure to subscribe,
there's more food on the way. But for now
we're going to end today with an

awesome dessert...
Mango shaved ice! Look at this!
It is so big, look how big it is compared to my face! Oh my gosh.
Alright let's have some of this cause it looks so yummy.
Mmm there's condensed milk,
fresh mango,
...and that's the nod of approval!
Alright you, that concludes today's video on the types of street food you can in Taiwan.
I bet you're hungry now! Be sure to
subscribe and stick around, there's more

yummy eats to come.
See you next time!
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TAIWAN STREET FOOD: What to Eat in Taipei, Night Market Edition

1711 Folder Collection
pikachu published on November 6, 2017
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