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My name's Alison, and I live in a small village
of Adderley where I run a small farm shop
called "Adderley wool farm shop".
This is Jack the lamb, he's a 6-month-old lamb
who is my new sheepdog.
Jack and Jessie are really good friends.
and they've been together since Jack was 2 days old.
Jack walked up to the house 1 day and just lay down with the dog.
And ever since then they've been inseparable.
He goes out into the field with Jessie and when Jessie's rounding up the sheep.
Jack also will try and round the sheep up with him.
And he is getting quite good at it now.
He brings the sheep back to the shed where they all sleep at night,
and then he comes back up to the porch and sleeps with the dog.
We're all in the process of teaching Jack a few tricks.
that the dog can do, like shaking hands and sitting
and my daughter is trying to get him to roll over.
When I take Jess and Jack out for a walk along the Shrops union canal,
and I pick up a stick and throw it for Jessie,
following Jessie, Jack will chase after the stick.
and on occasions Jack's managed to get there before Jessie
and has brought the stick back.
So we're really pleased and it's something that Jack's learned
over the last couple of weeks.
Jack's a very friendly sheep.
A little bit mischievous at times,
will steal Jessie's stick and run off and hide it.
But on the whole he's quite a sociable little chap
and he loves the people that go by on the canal.
The people in the barges on their holidays.
Jack's a very affectionate lamb and he loves to have the top of his head scratched.
between his ears, and I find that it makes him go to sleep eventually.
Eventually I'd like to see Jack return to the flock
and hopefully he would be an attraction for my small farm shop that we run here
But he won't end up like the rest of our lambs,
which unfortunately they end up as meat in the shop.
So hopefully he'll just remain a pet and part of the family for the rest of his life.
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Jack the sheep who thinks he's a dog

3616 Folder Collection
Zenn published on August 6, 2013
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