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Lenovo Solution Center is simple, yet powerful software that can help you get the best out
your Lenovo PC Experience. The Software allows you to quickly identify the status of System
Health, overall system security and manage the latest software updates. If your system
is running slow or you are facing frequent system disruptions, or if you suspect a hardware
issue on your system, this is a great tool to check system functionality. In this video,
we will show how you can run hardware diagnostics using the Lenovo Solution Center.
To get the Lenovo Solution Center installed on your PC, go to support.lenovo.com and Click
Support Tab. Under Product Support, click Diagnostics.
Under the Tools section, select Lenovo Solution Center. You will find different versions of
Lenovo Solution Center listed; select the one based on your Operating System. This should
start the download, once downloaded, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions
to complete the installation. In the Start Screen, type LSC and open the
application. On the Home screen, click Check Up, and click
Hardware Scan. This opens up the Hardware Scan Section where you have the option to
either Run the scan or Schedule an automatic scan on a periodic basis.
Under the Hardware Scan section, click Run Scan. This will take a few seconds and load
the available scans. You have the option to Run Quick Tests or
Run Comprehensive Tests. Quick Tests on the entire system will take around 10 to 15 minutes
to complete and will run all the basic tests to verify your computer’s hardware functionality.
Comprehensive tests on the entire system may take up to an hour to complete based on your
system’s hardware configuration. You can also select the number of times you want to
run this Scan just to make sure the hardware is perfectly functional.
There is also a list from which you can select the hardware on which you wish to run the
test. As a default option, all the items would be selected. You can deselect the ones you
don’t want to scan. Once you are ready, click launch.
The tool would test every device selected and once it is complete, you can view the
Log file to see the detailed report. If there is any part which has failed the test, it
is possible that there is problem with the hardware or its configuration.
Running the Diagnostics will help you to identify if your PC hardware is functioning optimally.
If you still have any queries, contact Lenovo Technical Support. Thank you.
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Lenovo Self-Help: How to run hardware diagnostics using Lenovo Solution Center

631 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on November 1, 2017
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