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I always flinch when I hear colleagues saying things about e-cigarettes
that they know or should know are completely wrong or exaggerated or scaremongering.
There's too much of that going on.
It's the tobacco industry who manufactures them
They might or might not be able to help you quit, but there are definite harms that they can cause
We don't yet know about vaping.
The dangers of e-cigarettes are clear
It's the same as anti-freeze
You know, we used to have very dangerous products and the makers of those used to lie about those
Of course there is the never-ending concerns about the alleged effects of smoking
The evidence is certainly inconclusive at this time
We now have much safer products and the public health community is lying about those
The E-cigarette makers are making these for kids, because they make chocolate and other flavors
What's going on?!
money, funding, funding, money
Money is corrupting our most trusted organizations
Money has something to do with everything
The cover-up is real
If you are a pharmaceutical company
who was starting to see your share of the
market on nicotine replacement therapy slide,

What you gonna do? You gonna
sit on your bum and do nothing?

Cigarette companies realize that
E-cigarettes are now a threat to the old business

And are they?
Huge threat!
165,000 kids die from second-hand smoke
every year
1,000,000,000 people will die
this century from tobacco

It's still a big deal. It's still around 20% of adults are smoking many countries.
One in five. That's not going away at
the moment. That's certainly not going away quickly.

There is a solution, but it will cost big organizations billions of dollars
Smoking, it's good business
So they lie
We know that they don't actually
allow people to stop smoking

Now there's even more evidence that that these are a gateway to smoking regular cigarettes
The pollution of disposable
The E-cigarette industry has been ripping tactic after tactic from Big Tobacco's playbook
Today's electronic cigarettes are no better than the Joe Camels of the past
It's about one of the biggest public health interventions potentially of all time
If you look at E-cigarettes, growing evidence that this could be the breakthrough that we're waiting for
A billion people could die in the 21st century. If these things take off
potentially hundreds of millions of
lives could be saved

This is a miracle. This is an absolute public health miracle in the making.
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You Are Being Lied To - A Billion Lives

115 Folder Collection
Danny Wang published on October 24, 2017
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