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Nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you!!!
Wait wait wait wait!
Say hello!
We're at the lavender field today
No! We're in Lavender Purple Land!
Purple Land! Poo poo land!
Purple Poopy Land!
Yeah, and you!
Oh really?Thank you
And you!
Everyone is!
We're the best cousins ever~
You're 100%
Thank you!
- She had to think a little bit there!

You're.... *drumroll*
Oh, so you like her more?
You look like you're in your own drama
In her own element
Add some drama music/anime music
When will my love come to me?
Lavenders were his favourite flower! That's why I picked them!
Little girl
Little girl
Hey little girl
Where are we today?
We're in Poopy Land!
Yeah, of course!
Show us the sunflowers, lets go!
That's so cute
I can't stop laughing!
This way! This way!
Lead the way!
I can't run
We're closed.
- Oh no! You're closed- you don't have any icecream?

No, we've just done the till so-

I'm sorry
The main cafe will still be open though. They do have icecream, but it's not that kind of icecream though.
Hang on, let me put it on her
Say "ni hao"!
Thank you...
You're welcome (100% sarcastic)
She likes it, she wants to keep it now.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome...

You're a terrible man...
But did you realise he was talking to me as if I didn't speak English?
- Yeah!
And I was like...You can clearly see I can speak English- Oh this is nice

He was talking to you like really slowly.
- Like "can you speak english?"

And I was just like...I can understand you, mate. Yessss.
This is nice
Where's icecream?
Someone complimented on my hat
And then someone wanted to borrow my hat...
And he was talking to Teresa like she couldn't speak English
When I clearly could
Then what?
He put the hat on himself, took a photo. Then put it on the girl and was like, "say ni hao!"
Really? What did you say?
I was too shocked to say anything!
I was going to say something but then I was like NAHHHH
Oh, I wish I was here
What would you have said?
Or just be like, "I can speak English you know"
How was the lavender ice-cream?
There's no lavender in it lol
MMMM I want some
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Vlog - British Lavender Fields

182 Folder Collection
TT published on October 17, 2017
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