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Hello! We're en route to Saqib's wedding!
Hey Saqib! Congratulations!
Have a blessed marriage. Inshallah!
And have an amazing honeymoon.
And find Jama a wife!
Congratulations Saqib
You wanted one, you got one
Finally! You wanted one for so long!
We're looking for Saqib's wife
I think we can find one. What's your criteria? Salwar kameez?
Criteria: Breathing?
Give a speech to your future wife!
- To my future wife...?

Go on! 3 2 1!
I'm never going to care about you, only the kids! (JK)
As we go to the bride and groom
Make some noise on the count of 3!
Ready?! 1...2...3!
There was a time that Saqib and I discussed who would have gotten married first
Naturally, my friends believed it would be me
As it is the case today
I've been overtaken
And Saqib has beaten me to it
I ask Allah to bless you both
And to grant you nothing but joy and happiness
One thing about Saqib I do remember
is his ability to put a smile on the faces of those people around him.
And Rukhsar I know he will try do the best for you every day
I'll just talk about a very special moment
that I was present for.
And that was the day
after Saqib met Rukhsar for the first time.
So he calls me up
And he wants to meet for a chat
And while we're there I can see the excitement on his face
As he tells me about
this amazing amazing girl
and how much they have in common
How she understands him like no one else
And how she's the female version of him
And also from the moment he saw her
He just knew that she was the one
I remember the smile on his face as he was telling me this
And a year on from then, I'm happy to see the smile is still there
And beaming stronger than ever
And trust me, I know about smiles!
I'm a dentist!
Having seen the difference that these two have made to each others lives
And the happiness that they bring to each other
I can say with hand in heart, that these two are the perfect couple.
We're going to post the card
Is there a queue?
Candy floss queue...
Popcorn queue...
As there's a fireworks display taking this way
Hello camera!
Part 3!
We done the photo with the bride and groom
Now it's coming to a close
It's been wonderful being introduced to you
Take care. Safe!
Rukhsar...the moment I met her
She has been my biggest supporter
My biggest critic
She's been there to pick me up when I'm off the ground
And there to deflate my head when it gets too big-
which is quite often
She has...been my light
in the dark. She has been there
at every moment
And I find it difficult to look back at a time where I didn't know her
So far that,
Thank you. Thank you for coming into my life.
I love you lots.
With that, thank you everyone for coming.
I know a lot of you came from a long distance
And being here and celebrating with us.
And with that,
Our final dance- first dance- final dance?!
First dance...and then guys...you can hit the bhangra!
Thank you for coming!
They want you to say something for the camera!
OH GOD. Tell me what to say!
Thank you for coming!
00:06:44,315 --> 00:06:46,055
Your 5 tips for marriage?

Oh God...Eat a lot...
Put as much makeup on as physically possible
There are 4 components I think to (an Asian wedding)
What else was there?
- Don't make your wife angry

Keep your wife happy.
Happy wife! Happy life!
Congratulations bro!
- Thank you so much.

Thank you guys for coming, I hope you enjoyed yourself
Thank you
Get some rest, bro
Have a nice honeymoon
Thank you!
See ya!
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Vlog - Saqib & Rukhsar - British Asian Pakistani Wedding

104 Folder Collection
TT published on October 16, 2017
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