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Finally get to see Tamanna!
After like...a year!
I know! How weird is that!?
I did vlog last time but I never uploaded it
But we are ...
What we doing?
We're going to Saqib's house
It's his surprise birthday party
But we have no idea what's happening!
We're just turning up!
But yeah, Saqib is getting married!
- This year!

Which is sooo weird because last time I saw him
He was talking about how he wanted a wife
We're looking for Saqib's wife
I think we can find one.
What's your criteria?
LOLOL breathing
I can't believe it though
But yeah- we've never met his fiancée..?
That is sooo weird!
We're gonna meet her today
She's organising this surprise party
I have no idea what's happening
We have no idea what's happening
We're just gonna turn up
Come and see what goes on
We are going inside
Where are you, Tamanna?
She's wearing heels
Why have I got heels?
I'm just so [extra].
I don't know what I'm doing with my life
It's so dark, I've never filmed in the dark before
I love that you crouched like a frog
I don't even know the guy's name!
I don't even know who the guy was!
I was gonna say, "Shall we just wait together?" with the guy
And then I thought, I don't even know you fella
Imagine if we actually knocked the door and like
He would have opened the door and been like
"What you guys doing here?"
"Oh sorry! My cousin lives at number 2!"
Ok let's tell the story...
What if he sees it?
He won't see it-
I won't put it up- Oh-actually-
You're such an idiot!
Are you recording?
Make sure you record that door
I'm recording
Do you want us to hide?
No, stay there, stay there
Open it! Stop peering!

How did you!? Wait!? What!?
When did you guys do this?
Aw, he felt so bad you guys didn't wish him today
Other than Jama
I was like I'm not gonna give him any medical advice
I was like you are AWFUL friends... Oh my gosh
Oh my days!
Hello guys!
It's been ages!
OMG are you recording me?
Don't - don't record me
When did you guys find out?
2 weeks ago?
- When did we find out?

2 weeks ago
Who told you? Rukhsar?
I'm bare shocked y'know!
Your cake is hilarious
OK, guys just take it
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Vlog - Birthday Surprise

98 Folder Collection
TT published on October 16, 2017
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