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-Excuse me!
- Hello

Have you moved the Dream Cream? Where's-
- We have and downstairs in our lovely relaxing spa
- Ah okay, thank you

I like that stand
- Thank you!
- It's really cool
- It's very useful ;)

Have you got anything planned for the rest of the day?
No, I just had an interview today so...
Really? I went to uni there!
Oh really?!
This is the thing, I just found that I didn't want to move in to London
Erm...just because...I mean (1) I didn't really want to move away from my mum
Which sounds quite sad...
- No no no! I'm the same :)
- I'm like really-

-Family orientated
-Yeah yeah I really didn't want to move away from them

And to me I just found it so much easily, I don't think I would like living in London
Just because it's very very...
Busy? And fast-paced?
Busy. Exactly! Fast-paced
- And like...
- It's very expensive

Yesssss, it is!
- Yeah, I agree

It's sooooo expensive!
You've had that much commitment for that long amount of time
And you've worked your BUM OFF
For an extremely long amount of time
Shows that you've got that push, you've got the commitment
And you can put your head to something
And you're going to do it.
That's so nice of you to say that about me! And you just met me today!
- Lovely chat!
- Nice meeting you!

Yeah, lovely to meet you!
- Unexpected from my Lush trip!

Yessss! Noooo! It was lovely. It was really really lovely
But! Good luck!
- Thank you

-For your interview
- Thank you

You'll get it!
Oooooh! Let me give it to you!
Not cracking! Ha ha
It's already cracked, don't worry lol
Just had a lovely chat with one of the sales assistants
And now I'm hungry and I don't know what to eat...
This is another day...
I haven't driven for a while...
This weather is... like...I don't understand
Are you hot? Are you cold? Are you raining? Are you what?
It's like...typical April/May weather
One minute it's sunny, one minute it's raining
And then hailing, and then snowing, all in one frickin' day, yeah?
This is a singer in Taiwan and...
She is also my friend
So you guys should check out her music! ;)
Because she's really really good!
[x2 speed as I'm sure you don't want to hear me sing LOL]
I'm at Bond Street, where are you?
Oh, it's green
You're short, man! I can't see you. Byeeee
I don't think you've been in the vlog for a while actually
Have I not? Has it been a while?
So Teresa's never been down Bond Street by the sound of it
Er...I'm not rich like you
Who goes and buys like-
What are you buying!? What are you buying!?
I am not buying- I have BOUGHT a brand new pen
That cost...?
I'm not going to disclose that ...
It's a Mont Blanc, guys!
Whatever, I can't believe she's spending that much money-
Oh yeah, how much did you spend for this camera!?
But that's a camera, it's not a pen! I could just get any pen!
You can't just get any camera that costs-!
You cannot just get any Mont Blanc, and plus a Mont Blanc lasts a last time. This camera will probably last you about 5 years!?
[Cantonese] Long time no see~
For the Chinese lot (Cantonese speaking lot) that watches
I don't even know if I have any HK viewers...
Oh yeah, well they are always slag you off for your friggin accent
By the way, we are full British!
Like born and bred, ok?
If you can't tell, then it's obviously your problem
You might want to edit that out lol
It's pretty, isn't it?
OMG how much did you spend on the pen?
So the retail price is 7 10
I rather buy a plane ticket to somewhere ...
I can afford that as well
We had to use fountain pens-
- sigh...her designer life....

No! We had to use fountain pen and I kinda fell in love with fountain pens-
Because she went to some posh up school
That's not my fault what my parents put me through, ok!?
I went to some ghetto school, yeah?
(Cantonese) Are we gonna let our phones eat first?
Or cameras eat first?
Standard Asian?
This is insta-worthy
Seriously, you can't get anymore Asian than this lol
Youngsters these days!
We did the same!
Oh, you did the same? OK
Yep, it's beautiful! Yeah, it's beautiful
Never been here before in my whole life
Not this one?
- Further down

Where am I going?
OMG it's like some dodgy hidden...
That girl's not impressed. That little girl
She's good but that girl is not impressed
Stand here like this for like...10 seconds lol
Your lovely new car
Here you go, sit in there and have a little tour
Are you still on a manual?
I prefer manuals, why they are-
Girls can drive manuals!
Yeah, I drive a manual
First time sitting in your new car
Yeah, first sitting in thingy
So it's my new baby
Her new baby...lol
I wanna try that grey one
Can I get a taro in a cup with oreos please?
Hi everyone
I'm with Aliaaaaaa~
Hello everybody
I've missed her so much and I would jump at you right now
But you're like driving...
I'm really sad today...
But you guys are gonna cheer me up so...
I got rejected like 10 minutes ago
And now I'm like...
It's okay
You can get through this!
It's starting to feel pointless now
And there's not enough jobs either
Like this post, there's only one post
100 people applied, for only ONE post
4 got interviewed, including me
So I was within the top 4
And I still can't get it!
It's so sad T_T
I'm so orange...lol
What's orange?
- Me lol

What number are you?
I thought so
- I knew it

She looks super cool
she always looks super cool
How are you? You look so nice
Look at your hair!
- You're on camera

Thank you!
She's recording
Look! There's Leah
What? She's like "
I knew you guys were gonna put on makeup anyway!
I don't have any makeup on
But these guys do have makeup on
Because they can't live without makeup
We can't live without it
Yeah- I (don't care) lol
Yeah, I was gonna come out without makeup, but then you said you're recording so I HAD to put makeup
- That's why-

NO NO NO! You were gonna come out with makeup anyway! I knew it!
Look at how clear her camera is
It makes everyone look better anyway
I have no makeup on and it looks like I've got...
She's got like airbrushed skin lol
Yeah! When I don't! (I wish I did lol)
So we gonna get pizza because Teresa is sad
And I'm sad, and we're just gonna be a bit sad today
And then we gonna be happy later
- Why you both sad!?

I was okay...and then it started raining
And it got me a bit moody LOL
Then I get rejected like 10 minutes ago
And I got even more sad
You guys are gonna have to cheer me up because I feel like xxxx
What you looking at?
He's checking you out innit
No there's nothing to look at (bitch face on)
Goodness Gracious
Don't appreciate this right now...
I'm trying so hard not to laugh, you making it so hard!
She's got her bitch face on
Just...no...Just not happening
Aw, people who don't know Alia think she's horrible but...
Flippin' hell, my mum's not agreeing innit
So we're on like a pause, we don't speak to each other anymore
When's the last time you spoke to him?
- What!?

When's the last time you spoke to him?
It's been a week...
That's not TOO long LOLOLOLOLOL
You know when you talk every day
It's like a month, feels like a month
We've ended up at some next up village
We're like in a forest
I don't know where I was reading but apparently
If you're not like- If you're like feeling quite down and stuff, you should go where there's trees
I know, and there's trees everywhere right now
And it helps you with like...I don't know what it is
Oh there's a car park there!
To reunion! Cheers!
- I missed you
- We need to meet up more often

I know, man. Why am I always the one organising?
Well if you organise it then we know we've got to go innit
What if I'm not there one day, how are you guys gonna manage?
We're not gonna manage
I'm the friggin glue of you all!
Exactly! We're just not gonna manage are we?
I was actually thinking this the other day, yeah
I was like, if Teresa was to get married
She'd have to organise us! LOOOOL
Oh God...I'm not inviting any of you LOL
Mum wants me to get married with someone from back home
I was like-
- NO!

I was like, "I'm not getting married with someone from back home, are you stupid!?"
-Can someone...open this lol

- Before I make a mess lol
She was like, "Oh!"

"Oh, he's really good looking!"
I goes, "I couldn't give two XXXX if he's good looking!"
So what if he's good looking!? LOL
I goes, "That's got nothing to do with anything, if he's good-looking!"
I can't believe your mum said that!
She should know that by now!
I was like, "You get married to him then!"
It's Leaaaaaaah
There's a thing on my lens!
There's a black dot!
That man is so happy...
He's excited
- LOL he's soooo happy

It's so weird...
Is he still filming them because I want to point the camera at him but I can't
Is he getting super excited?
I don't know...
I'm gonna get off the car and he's gonna be so pissed at me
Look at that view!
I'm okay...lol
[You can see them from] miles!
It's brilliant!
And the little bird- that's what I'm here for
To see a particular bird
Oh okay...
Yeah, the little black ones there are just gannets, they eat everything
There's a hawk, that comes down
I put little bits of bacon down
-Oh okay...

And the hawk comes in and TSCHAWK straight out- it's amazing! Absolutely amazing to see!
I'll spend up here hours and hours watching them
Just to have a look at the birds!
The camera died so I don't know whether you heard what the guy was saying to me...
About the birds and that?
Apparently they're rare to find around here
Don't record them!
Erm...there's a car in front of us and...
Someone's having sex in the car...lol
So basically before the battery cut off
- Let's pretend I was not here

Some man who was like..naked? lol
In front of us
And... lol
He saw us and then he got off the car and walked away...
So we left...
We had to give him some time
And we came back and he had moved his car...
To a car behind...lol
So dumb
With someone inside their car
I don't understand...they were just college/sixth form kids
We've been scarred for life
That's what people do in the UK do, guys LOL
I know this song!
Yeah, I know this song
OMG everyone who's watching is probably like, "OMG, how does she know this song?"
I listen to Bollywood music LOL
I can remember the beat but I can't remember the words
Do you remember what I'm talking about?
I can't remember what it was
-Can we turn it up?

But that was like the tune
I feel a bit shy in my car with the music on
Oh no, don't look!
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450 Folder Collection
TT published on October 16, 2017
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