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Did you get your ticket?
That's it. Lovely! Thank you!
Thank you
Hi guys...
Stop laughing at me!
We're in Seven Sisters [near] Brighton at the moment
My friend just wants to buy a drink...
We're closed!
Oh... you don't have any water by any chance, do you? That I could-
Can I refill-
There's a tap over there
Is that drinkable water?
It is indeed
Thank you
So erm...we're in Seven Sisters
And...we came from Brighton
Which...from Brighton you can take like 3 buses:
I think it's £6.50 if you ask the driver
But if you download the app
The Brighton & Hove app
You can buy your tickets online
And you save like about £1.20 or something like that
So that's what you guys should do!
I've never actually been here before
Which is why we are here today
You take your time
I'll continue talking to my "best friend"
My best friend
So I'm tour-guiding my friend who is in London for a week
And because I was going to Brighton anyway
We decided to come to Seven Sisters
We kind of came quite late...
I think it's...
What time is it now?
It's 6 now
So it's quite late...
And people are looking at me funny
Because I'm talking to a camera~ lol
OH WELL~~~~~~
Whatever! There's no one around
OMG it's so bright
But it is really pretty here!
And thankfully the sun doesn't set until like 9pm?
These views will look good
But I have a feeling I'm going to be hungry
Korean tourists...lol
Why are there so many Koreans coming here?
I don't know why there are so many Korean people comes to Seven Sisters
Wow guys, look at this!
Look at this view. Are you ready?
Bus in the way
Oh you can't really see from here...
I think we're going to be here forever
Oh my days...
That is so pretty
The camera doesn't really capture how pretty it looks
My friend wants to touch the sheep
OMG it's so sunny considering it's like 6
It's working lol
Aw that's so cute
It looks so blue...
It's so very...
It's so un-England like!
I'm hungry
We're so stupid we didn't buy snacks
Why did we not think of that?
Is this England? This doesn't look like England...
The water's way too blue
Oh my goodness
Oh he's pooing!
He's doing a
OMG they are so big!
I'm so scared
They're huge!
This one just did a -
You have some diarrhoea problems...
Crazy views, let's go!
My friend doesn't want to be in the video
So I have to like walk behind him, or like around him lol
Do we have to go all the way over there?
I can't get it off!!!
There's cow
How the hell did I manage to step on that!?
Yesterday I got bird poo on my head
Some bird just
Today I've got cow
I'm so lucky.... lol
Got it!
I'm saying I'm hungry lol
The closest thing we have are cows for meat...lol
We've gotta walk for like another hour...
The view is really nice
Can you see it? Can see it?
Come back!
I'm hungry
There's nothing to eat~~~
OMG it's the edge!
That is so scary!
Oh, someone left some coke!
Do you want some coke?
Guys, there is no signal here for your phones
So if anything happens...
You can't call anyone for help LOL
My phone has no service
And my friend's phone has no service either
So I think there is no service anywhere around here
So...be careful when you come here
Don't fall off the edge!
It's very dangerous
Super dangerous
It's so pretty here
I can't believe this is England
Bye bye view :(
Say bye bye
There's no one here...
Just us...
That's kind of scary...lol
It's really pretty here
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Vlog - Seven Sisters Country Park

97 Folder Collection
TT published on October 16, 2017
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