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Drew, Drew, we need to talk to you.
Take it away, Zack.
Mom, please.
Guys, what's wrong with our old bike?
They're still perfectly good.
Mom, they're tricycles.
Guys, I'm sorry but we can't afford bikes right now.
I mean, it's that or food.
No, forget I gave you that option.
Tyreesha, what do you want to be?
I'm gonna be a hockey player.
Or a princess. Whichever pays better.
It's broken.
My half isn't broken.
Think he noticed?
He noticed!
It wasn't us, we were ... framed.
He's out of his mind.
Two thousand dollars?
He's a genius.
Ya, Tyreesha, you go girl!
I'll get it.
No, wait.
What if it's Mr. Moseby?
I'm toasted.
Come in.
Oh no, she's playing the diaper card again.
You know mom,
if we knew you're always gonna pull that diaper thing,
we'd of just sat in it.
Speak for yourself.
No, it isn't.
Yes, it is.
It's right there.
Are you blind?
You can totally feel it.
Ahhh, you pulled the skin!
That's 'cause there's no hair there.
And no deodorant.
Ahhh, you're looking for armpit hair.
My little boys are becoming little men.
You should really knock.
We don't walk in on you.
Actually, you do,
and you bring friends.
Oh please,
you don't realize how ridiculous you're being?
Have you looked in the mirror lately?
This is the traditional costume of the mime.
It also happens to be the traditional costume of the dork.
No one calls Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Martinez a thief!
No one's got the time.
And what president would you say you admire the most?
Oh, that's easy, President Carter.
Well, uhh, he hammers, nails things.
He build houses, build houses for ... nuns.
build houses for nuns.
Build houses for old people?
Cold people. Build houses for cold people.
Uhh, poor people!
Build houses for poor people.
Yes, and I believe everyone should have a place to live,
where you could watch TV to see commercials for stuff to buy,
which helps the economy.
Don't forget to pack blankie.
Don't need it.
I'm quitting cold turkey.
But it might come in handy.
Say you run into a grizzly bear.
You could take out your blankie
and he would laugh himself to death.
Or I can show them your report card.
Agnes, how am I gonna get rid of her?
Maybe she will have a lousy time in your date.
After all, you are as boring as a stick.
Actually worse, you can play with a stick.
Thanks for trying to cheer me up.
This is our chance to get on TV.
Yeah, I've always thought you'd be on TV.
I just assumed you'd be in handcuffs.
You mean as a magician?
Yeah, that's it.
Now watch me, Mr. Moseby.
Maurice thinks I'm really good.
OK, next stop, the basement.
Here I go.
See, it looks like I'm walking downstairs,
but I'm really just crouching lower a lit more each time,
so it looks like I'm walking downstairs, but I'm really not.
Aren't mime suppose to be silent?
I'm sorry I worked you like a pack mule.
I was just thinking of the money.
Lots and lots of money, bag loads of money!
It's OK that you wanted to make money off my cookies,
but I just need time to make them just right,
and seventy five percent of the profits.
OK, but I get ten percent of both your cuts.
It's not worth it.
Oh no, the box said it would be a honey mist auburn.
Honey, you missed auburn big time.
How many time must I tell you,
this hotel lobby is not your personal playground?
Now since you two have arrived in my hotel,
you have been nothing but ... (cough).
But delight?
A bundle of youthful energy,
whose spirit has breathed life into this stodgy, old place?
And to say thank you,
you want to reward us with free sundaes?
Thanks, Mr. Moseby, you're the best.
Man, I've been watching you scream for ten minutes.
Why didn't you wake me?
There's nothing on TV.
People, we're never gonna get picked.
Well, you won't.
But when I become a star,
you can be one of my peeps.
Not the main peep,
maybe a backup peep.
Not a peep out of you!
Gloss me.
Sorry, we're watching the counter for Maddie.
We're not allowed to accept money, make change, or touch any of the merchandise.
Is there anything you can do?
I can shove twelve gummy worms up my nose.
You wanna see?
People, let's go.
You know, I used to like this when I did it for love.
Now I'm doing it for money, and I feel dirty.
Wipe your filth off with this twenty and get back to work.
Why I don't see you working?
Why don't you help out and separate some eggs for me?
Cooking is easy.
Chill. I mean, we're on the twenty third floor.
What's Agnes gonna do?
Fly in our window?
(Banging on the window)
Man, she is good.
Let's cut the ropes.
Don't be ridiculous.
She might fall and hurt somebody.
That's a risk I'm willing to take.
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Best of Zack and Cody (Season 1)

19627 Folder Collection
Jerry published on October 5, 2017    Jerry translated    黃艾瑄 reviewed
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