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This is Callum.
Callum is ecstatic.
Callum has just passed his driving test.
These are Callum's parents.
They're worried about their car and their son of course.
They know one in five drivers crash in their first model.
They also know the two main causes of speeding and smartphones.
But Callum 's parents have a solution.
They downloaded the Toyota Safe and Sound app.
Once paired with Callum's phones it stops incoming calls and social media pings when he's driving.
As Callum drives for his date, mom and dad can relax.
Here's Callum. He's got the car, the girl and his tunes are on.
Callum wants to be the man.
Carla wants Callum to be the man.
Oh no, he's gone over the speed limit and the app stopped playing his playlist and started playing his parents playlist.
Don't try to turn it off because the app which just make it worse
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Toyota Safe & Sound - PR film

1092 Folder Collection
林恩立 published on September 20, 2017    林恩立 translated    Lilian Chang reviewed
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