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So me and my friend Jaiden from JaidenAnimations
Recently attended Vidcon 2k 16
And Jaiden was lucky enough to be a featured creator and talk on a panel
She got the legendary full access pass
Meaning she was allowed to go backstage and get free food
And stay in the Hilton Hotel
Where all the other featured creators were staying
And she was allowed to give said passes to other people of her choosing
So Jaiden was nice enough to give me one!
I became Jaiden's +1
Well okay she also gave a pass to her mom and her mom's friend
So I guess I was her +3
This was my first Vidcon that I attended
And I had such an awesome time meeting all my youtube friends
And also meeting all of you guys
Sorry if you couldn't make it I would've loved to meet you
Life changing is probably the best way I can think
To describe the whole experience
So me and Jaiden and I guess Tony was there too
We get there the first day and we're just walking around the convention
And we picked up these free wristband things
You know like the wristbands that you can slap on your wrist
And it would like bend around your hand
You know those...things
So we get those and we decided to walk back to Jaiden's hotel
To get my luggage
I'm still playing with the wristband thing
And the little plastic covering ripped somehow
And like an idiot!!
I pulled the sheet of metal that was inside and I started playing with that
And apparently those metal sheets can be classified as weapons
Because I cut my hand open in like three different places
I didn't even notice at first
We walked into the hotel lobby
I looked at my hand and it's all bloody
And I said to Jaiden
''Jaiden my hand's bleeding''
So I throw the band away
It's betrayed me!
I think '' I need to get to a bathroom and wash this blood off''
But since none of us knew where one was
And we're all too awkward to ask anyone
We decided '' Eh! I'll just wash my bloody hands off in Jaiden's hotel room''
And there was sooo much blood you guys!
Jaiden and Tony wasn't there a lot of blood?
Jaiden: Oh yeah yeah! There *inaudible*
Tony: Yeah!

Jaiden: Yeah....
(in unison) Jaiden: So much blood
Tony: So-so much blood

Tony: Too much
Jaiden: There--you wouldn't even believe---
(in unison again) Jaiden: So much blood
Tony: So much blood

Jaiden: So much bloo-- yeah
So I clenched my hand into a fist so blood wouldn't seep out
And..okay so I'm not sure what the rules were exactly
But all the youtubers checked into the hotel on the 4th floor
And none of the elevators in the lobby went to the 4th floor
So you got to take an escalator up there
And there's this security guard standing by the escalator
And you have to show him your badge
And after the 4th floor you get up to the higher levels
So Tony couldn't go up with us he had to wait in the lobby
So me and Jaiden took the escalator up to the 4th floor
And it--it--it's crazy!
Because you see all these popular youtubers just--just standing there!!!
What do you do when you've been watching somebody's videos for years
And then all of a sudden you just see them just bunched together just walking around!!
I'll tell you what you do
You just say ''Hey man....''
Because you're bleeding out of your hand right now
And you need to get to a bathroom immediately!!
So me and Jaiden are in the hallway and we're just like..
''Oh hey MatPat!''
''Oh hey Julian Smith
''Hey Jacksfilms!''
I don't know if you read the title but Jacksfilms is going to be important later on
So hang tight
We get to the elevators we're waiting
And then one opens behind us
And then freakin' Jacksfilms out of nowhere
Just walks up and just--just gets in like a NORMAL person!!!
And me and Jaiden just stood there for a second like
''Well sh-should we get in?
''Is this Jack's own personal elevator? Wh-what do we do?''
I don't know what Jaiden was thinking but do you know what she did?
She just walked in!
So I follow right behind her
And there we were...with Jacksfilms
The door closes
We're in a small space
He's a youtube star...and keep in mind my hand's still bleeding
I immediately strike up a conversation
James: ''Hey Jack I was in one of your videos''
And he goes: Jack: ''Oh really? Which one?
James: ''In your Tube News. You were scrolling through your twitter notifications
And I was in there for a couple of frames''
James: *sniff*
And then Jaiden said that she was in one of his tweets
Jack made a tweet complaining all the people named Jack that were going to Vidcon
And Jaiden's name was there at the bottom blurred out
So then Jack says something like..
Jack: ''Oh that's cool! So what do you guys do?''
And I said
James: ''Oh I make youtube videos it's kinda stupid''
Because I'm so used to telling other people I meet that I make stupid videos!
But then he says Jack:''It's not stupid''
And I think '' Oh! He's right!
''It's not stupid!!''
I told you this trip was life changing!
And then we told him the names of our channels
And then the doors open we weren't in there for that long
And he goes Jack: ''Oh it was great to meet you guys''
And then he shakes Jaiden's hand
And that's when I remember...
Oh that's right I'm bleeding
So he shakes Jaiden's hand
And then before he even gets a chance to shake mine
I-I-I just walk out and I don't look back
He probably thought I was really weird
But the story doesn't end there!
So I think '' Man this would be a great video
''I'm gonna make this whole experience a video right?''
So later after I was properly bandaged
Me and Jaiden go to this secret backstage food place
Where all the youtubers go and eat because they can't eat in public
People aren't supposed to know we eat food!!
And we see Jacksfilms and we also see Markiplier and Boogie
I'm sorry for stalking you guys
And I have to tell him that I'm making a video about this
So me and Jaiden get our food
Jack was just finishing up a conversation
That he's having with the only other at his table
As soon as that guy leaves we go up to him and I go
James: '' Oh hey Jack I'm gonna make a video about.....us in the elevator
Jack: ''Uh...Why?
James: ''Because I was bleeding out of my hand the whole time....''
And then he laughed! I got him to laugh!
So then I said
James: ''So yeah just be on the look out for that
That's all I wanted to say goodbye!''
So that was me when meeting Jacksfilms for the first time
I just realized that I never mentioned who Jacksfilms was
I just assumed that all my viewers knew him and his videos
I also just realized that I have no proof that this actually happened
Except for mine and Jaiden's word
And also Jack's word if your watching
Have any of you guys ever bled in front of a youtuber
That you looked up to in an elevator?
Tell me below in the comments
Vidcon was super awesome
Like seriously meeting all my fans
And having so many people excited to see me and my friends was so surreal
Thank you!
Also you may not have known but we were handing out tote bags at Vidcon
And we had some left over and now we're selling them
So that's right you can get your own animation squad tote bag
And there for sale on Alex's website at itsalexclarkbigcartel.com
Definitely putting a link in the description
And supplies are very limited so get them while there hot
And also wear a seatbelt
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My First Encounter with Jacksfilms

150 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on September 5, 2017
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