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Hi, my name is Bassam,
Bassam bou Dargham.
We are about to launch a tour, a 3.300 kilometers journey
from Middle East, Lebanon, to bring back my old companion,
my old BMW 3 Series, 1986, to the place where it was created,
to Munich, to the BMW production plant,
with the best company ever:
my wife.
Because I trust my car I decided to drive all the distance.
It’s been with me for over 21 years.
And never let me down at any road, at any corner.
It always runs smoothly.
And this is honestly what’s happened:
I reached Germany with this car without bigger problems.
When I was repainting my car, I was thinking:
“Why don’t I make a longer drive with my car?“
I said to my wife:
“We can go with this car to Germany, to BMW.“
she stared at me and said: “What?”
Reaching BMW in a car that was made in 1986, it’s not that easy.
Many of my friends asked, are you sure you can go?
Are you sure your car will take you there?
Because I trust my car I decided to make this journey
by Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, and then to Germany.
So, after reaching Germany I kept driving to Munich.
The first look at the towers, at the big logo of BMW was…
I can’t describe the feeling. But I was so happy.
Oh, honey…
The same body, but a convertible.
I like it.
I came past a room where there is the E30 series.
As my car.
I stopped there. I took many pictures, I looked at the cars:
They were brand new.
So, that was a very beautiful moment.
That’s my car.
It’s still the same as when I bought it.
I didn’t change anything in it. The same engine.
You can feel safe driving such a car.
It’s a great adventure.
I don’t know, sometimes I feel crazy doing this whole road trip.
I trust this car, I trust BMW.
My name is Bassam bou Dargham.
This is my BMWstory. What about yours?
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He drove 3300 KM to show his BMW 3 Series it`s birthplace.

152 Folder Collection
rihrong published on August 27, 2017
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