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Your journey starts beneath Southern Skies
where Glacier and Ocean meet
A land where giant Eagles
once guarded the skies
Where creatures dwell in ancient caves
Where streams that run hot
feed rivers that run cold
And where Warrior Princesses
know how to warm your heart
Where Wizards turn water into wine
And where the people of the land can fly
Where four–legged creatures swim
Where sea creatures walk on land
Where you can blaze a trail
through blades of Gold
Where Metal Hawks soar
you can dine above the clouds
Where treasure is found underfoot
And where creatures come out under Moonlight
And where you can play on Mountains
protected by Gods
It’s a place that will forever
keep you under its spell
Traveller - your dreams are waiting
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100% Middle-earth 100% Pure New Zealand - extended edition

8359 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on July 24, 2013    小四 translated    Amber reviewed
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