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It's really a life-changing opportunity for me.
I, I really did lose my mind a little bit.
My name's Troye Sivan and
I am a singer-songwriter from Australia.
I'm Kia's One to Watch for 2016.
For me,
music is something that I do because I love it.
The Billboard Music Awards are by far going to be the biggest stage that i've ever played on.
It's really a life-changing opportunity for me.
My name's Adam Anders. Uh you know i've had the privilege of producing a lot of great artists
from Tori Kelly to CeeLo Green, Miley Cyrus
I think what Kia's doing with this One to Watch this is really cool, cuz
it's hard to kind of, to kind of rise above the noise
today. There's so much new music, there's so many new artists
like, how do you pick what you're gonna listen to next?
So to put the spotlight on a worthy artist like Troye
is really, really cool.
I'm Keith Caulfield, and i'm the co-director of charts at Billboard.
Kia's One to Watch program with Tori Kelly last year
was an amazing moment for her
everyone from John Legend to Zendaya were
tweeting about how amazing the performance was.
Watching what happened to Tori last year makes me realize
just how powerful this really can be.
It's a lot of pressure, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Troye stands out in the music industry today
because he is an incredibly authentic artist
(sings) spontaneous YouTube video...
It's truly remarkable what he's done because
at the beginning, people would say "oh YouTuber Troye Sivan."
and now it's: "Pop singer-songwriter Troye Sivan blah blah blah."
Now, it's about the music.
When I found out I was Kia's One to Watch for 2016
and that I was going to be playing the Billboard Music Awards
I really did lose my mind a little bit. I, I
I was so excited, it's
one of those things where it's gonna be so surreal that
I won't believe it's real til it's happened basically.
I'm so grateful to Kia
to even have the opportunity in the first place.
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Kia's One to Watch Introducing Troye Sivan 2016 Billboard Music Awards

277 Folder Collection
A1m4y6 published on August 22, 2017
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