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Hello Hello everybody I was white
Today we want to continue to play
Big Adventure
that it is the last time we accumulated to
some success after the start of some of the material dug
Re & Di our
EE2 friends
that we
not play EE2 played too fierce friends
would probably do some more
Let's convenient thing
It also may have
the long grass ring ah
fact, do not grow grass ring
hey do not have at best
most want is
frozen Ring
just like that it
should not do too much
In fact, so do not worry I'll EE2 played too fierce
this is a
This is a
difficult to do
Hey for
needed materials but also snowball Hey
My Where's the snowball ah
Frost Core
Frozen core is one of the drops used for Baal Baal Baal
like what the monster will fight it out
near here but we will not snow
I can never leave this island yet
Is true that you may need to rely on
storm ring or
What's that uh
mobile shoes maybe Hey how do
Ha ha ha finished
us no way
leave this island uh snowball Hey
my Where's the snowball ah
I have no such thing as a snowball right
Well, we look at and we used to do some
comparison having
I think I we equip more important
equip us to do first, OK
projectile protection
In fact, these are
very sturdy
so do a suit
wow this diamond is too expensive
Do not Do not Do not Do
iron loading
iron heel iron trousers
Let's wear
iron like
like this is enough
then there is the box iron breastplate
can take the stone to be lost manuscript
then you would worry say
this module is not
After With everything he can copy it
This module EE2
In addition to other modules
have something other than EMC
no other EMC completely unusable
these are good
amethyst and laps lazuli no saddle Hey laps
not laps lazuli Hey
Well, some can and some can not
also not necessarily be the same module can be put inside
Clearly no way
think two of them
actually not true fake
is really no Hey
strange Oh
we can also do this Hey
we can do this
upgraded version of the cupola
We do a good upgrade version of the cupola
is your
This cupola
ah it should
this feeling is very
absolutely not what this era
you know
this thing looks nothing like what this era
where's your
You look so earth ah
what everybody
are long Mercedes Benz only he looked strange
ah that with this
let us
We have a way that we Is there a way to do equipment
but if you do diamonds mounted
seems difficult
diamond dress needs a lot of diamonds
But if we win all the diamonds
can get 35 diamond
ah generated dog barrier method Terrific Oh
to the need to strengthen olivine
a raw beef there is a root rawhide bone
seems quite simple
generate dog
ha ha ha this fake
but the enhanced version of the gems how do we do ah
I will not do to strengthen Edition gems Hey
Press Press
dogs we do we have to do the dog doing
We are not sick
Ha ha ha
uh oh just point found
enhanced version of how to strengthen
the original is to use the chaos that thing
version before they can do something to strengthen
We can summon the dog
really, I always thought he was so
so so hard to find
that he needs chaos debris
then chaos debris do things more chaotic ah
dug him a thing
Well how about we do first bag
bag easiest friends
Alchemy formula box
Let's start with the good low-end
this low
While we need stone and charcoal
away we go go charcoal
last time we planted trees
Why go look near so many owls ah
my family is what it taste so that they can come in
What my family did not like the smell of owl ah
There is a thing falling Oh egg
strange why you should have been in my neighborhood Le
and has been in my family tree and lay eggs
I also gave you roof lay eggs
but still say this is not your egg bird feces
Ha ha ha I think there is a sudden
not want
to know more feel ah
another on the first phase of the low-energy
not call him low-energy
the second stage is to use iron ingots and Red stone
with the second phase
then the third stage is like diamonds and coal
with the right right right
Coal with diamonds
good third phase is completed
Let us build a small bag it
am I doing
Oh Oh
Alchemy formula box
look oh oh
Terrific stuff
I think you want to give him a more evolved version
good first removed
Because Alchemy formula box
itself can not be used to do anything strange
we acquire two out
ah used to do a upgrade brought a bag
second stage only way to be able to start doing bag
big bags need wool
wool Oh
I have my wired right
I can do with the line
four lines can do
wool OK there
ah this is a high-speed synthesis times
4 5 5 months
then I need
a row row
Hey then
bigger bag
we can hold more stuff
so afraid of things are rarely felt
= =
This box then it
I want him to evolve into a second phase
second phase I look
Oh, a lot of color oh
found a second stage
He needs obsidian with Diamond
Oh I have
then throw into with
With With With
second phase
tower when we can start doing
Converting substance on the
but in fact I think he's faster
him directly put a long straight point
right that he can put directly point
we do not have in Tut
is extra reconversion ah what
but it is also a necessary tool
we need is again mining props
Listen to me quickly explain Oh I do not know now not keep up
you can not keep it, please put my video slow 0.5 second
a few seconds to look at it ha ha ha
that this is also good
good repair necklace
he could have used paper Hey
I do have a cane
me to allow me to see what my neighborhood
There is no such thing as a good cane
ah If not how do
If not, we can not do Hey
I can eat what food
hot dog sausage
eat sausage
OK fed
can also make this ruin stone fall
destruction falling stone needs
What is bursting star
Oh, is this the bomb
TNT bomb
blasting Nova
involve explosive star Oh
how such a difficulty,
too much
but this one might also fit enough
I guess it
find many ah
I always thought he was very difficult to do
but not difficult
so this will probably amount
The Flintstones also have
again is part of the bomb
bomb I need
powder pink
I do gunpowder powder
I do not play very often coolie afraid Hey
so it may not so much gunpowder powder
if it should not be here
here in the glove compartment
uh oh oh no
Hey Kim can eat carrots
ah Kim carrot
good since there is no
since it does not, then it does not matter
we'll do a
diamond sword Well
Diamonds sword attack power is high
Come diamond sword
attack only 7 Oh
my hammer attack just before 6
Draft manuscript Diamond
Diamond draft also possible that not enough
1 2 3 Good
really really super precious
after seeing diamonds Remember
it clinch it with God as it
us to go downstairs uh
right right right downstairs we went downstairs to see
there is no such
Hey mineral water there is also unlikely to want to dig
We go ah
yes yes yes
I saw the eggs it
The eggs can be used to copy
then you can lost right
I look here, there is no good
can steal cakes
uh upstairs do not know if there was something Hey
good here
Good warm Oh Hey
Oh there is paper
Oh great
simply collect treasure king ah
Today is how is it
so so so so have
= = that we can put this necklace bag
then throw into the bow
then that he would repair his
him fix his endurance
near the player carrying tools
Hey yes yes yes he resumed his restored
we also lost the manuscript into good
like this will not be broken
ah good paper also throw into the
uh iron swords
attack power you have
6 is not resistant not resistant 6
Mobius also throw into
Oh explosion plum fruit can not copy a pity Oh
instead of copying it
is thrown into
Oh bummer go
go go No no uh
time a little too early
we may want to set off the next set
we do about this episode is a complete EE2
chain Alchemist preparation
We are about to go on to the next set
see if I can dig in a mulch-point
explosion and our plum fruit and long out
good fast Oh
have this number 6
this explosion plum fruit can be used to accumulate a little more shame Hey
OK to sauce
that today's chain Alchemist probably stay at home all day
Really have enough house
OK sauce Thank you for watching us next time you see slightly
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546 Folder Collection
Yo-Yo幽幽 published on August 16, 2017
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