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Staff: Are you Mr. Saint? Hello
You are Mr. Saint,right? This way,please.
Please be seated.
Thank you.
Let's drink a cup of tea with milk.
What a delicate biscuit!
The entire building is the hotel, but here is not the place for us to get an accommodation.
Our room is on the 51/F
Wow! The scenery is wonderful!
It is said that this water slide is the longest one.
Good afternoon. Welcome.
This area has not been well constructed yet.
Mr. Tseng, have a nice day
We can't access to this page,right?
It isn't a touch screen
You can divine with a crystal ball
You always see the scene in the movie that actor pour wine into the container.
What do you use this for?
We don't understand the use of some high class things.
It is said that the curtain is automatic.
Wow Wow Wow
That gave me a lot of goosebumps
Automatic curtain is awesome!
Shall we make automatic curtain in our home?
Here is the construction area in Macau!
Where am I now?
Please open the door.
I'm a beautiful lady.
Apart from the elegant beauty, what else can you see here?
All bathroom furniture are made of marble, including the bathtub
What's the color of water?
Water is colourless
Here is the changing room with shoe cabinet
You can do your makeup here
Oh, here is another washroom?!
Are these fruits fresh?
Yes, they are fresh
Here is the handwritten letter for us
The hotel offers us the accommodation with five meals
Let's have tea time at afternoon
Chinese version of Hotline bling by Drake?
Excuse me. This way please
Everything feels like a dream
Although we always wonder to have this kind of extravagant life,
we can't get used to it
Just like that most people are excited to taste caviar and Foie gras
but when you really taste it, and you may agree that minced pork rice is much delicious than it
RFID card is required when taking the VIP lift
Traditional Chinese must think that we are big spenders whorely on parents' financial support
Darling, we are taking a pleasant walk today
Are you happy?
She gets drunk easily, so she cant drink too much
The middle one is pork, while
Foie gras is one the left

This one is salmon
This is mango mousse and scone
OK. We just came back
Surprisingly, We found that our room has been tidied up
Why there are our photo and two lionets
They even gave us luggage rack
and arranged the changing room neatly
The service is perfect
We are the only VIP residents in this floor
Everyone call us Mr. and Mrs. Tseng, even though we have never met before
Why everyone know I'm Mr Tseng
Are you Mr. and Mrs. Tseng? Welcome, please come in
Everything is too amazing
Unbelievable! I almost reach my climax
You may know about my poor life in the past
God!The bathroom is so magnificent and grand.
Hey! It's me again
The reason why I can walk freely is the open bathroom
Sounds cool, right?
Let's take a look at the most luxurious toilet
Open the door
I'm a boy so I have to urinate standing up
Dodo, please clap your hands
What can I do after peeing
When can we move into this kind of house?
Here is a mini bar, providing different kind of wine and beers
Here is a coffee maker
Here are some snacks
Why I can live in such a fancy hotel
What can I do if I cant stay in such hotel in the future
Hotels nowadays are too expensive
It is impossible for us to live in such places
The reason why I live here is that I would like to let you guys to experience the fancy hotel
We only stay here for one night
This really costs alot
The accommodation per night costs nearly 28000NT
My friends said that the cost–performance ratio (CP) of this hotel is quite high, as it offers five expensive meals
I haven't photographed the dinner
It is a buffet dinner with mouthwatering food, especially the pork shank
It includes salad, champagne, juice,
caviar, Foie gras and steak

Once you ordered the food, they will service you that one without limitation
You can enjoy everything before the dinner hours(8:00pm)
Of course, I haven't eaten too much
After the dinner, we will have a supper
We haven't tried the breakfast and lunch here
If time is available, We'll definitely give it a try
We are going to have a supper
I found an interesting thing while taking bath
Can you see the shower? It is automatic rotary
You can massage the entire body
Sounds cool, right
It is a automatic rotary shower
OK I have to take a bath
Supreme enjoyment! (Sorry, I don't know how to translate this sentence)
Why there are no bubbles?
Is it broken?
(Sorry, I don't know how to translate this sentence)
Never mind. It's enjoyable!
What's in it?
(He is describing the great feeling of the massage)
This is bath salts, but not words of "want to say sth" (similar pronunciation In Chinese)
OK Let's take a bath soaked with bath salts
I'm spreading the bath salts
What's that?
Is this body scrub?
Oh! It is used to scrub after wetting this
Excuse me! I'm going to take a bath
The end~
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Hong Kong and Macao super luxury hotel

303 Folder Collection
pikachu published on August 10, 2017
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