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Welcome to PnT English channel. A learning English vocabulary with videos channel.
Welcome to the oxford 3000 essential words program. Now, let's start learning English!
Section 17: Words Starting with Q. qualification q . u . a . l . i . f . i . c
. a . t . i . o . n . qualification. qualification means an attribute that must be met or complied
with and that fits a person for something. One of the qualifications for admission is
an academic degree. qualify q . u . a . l . i . f . y . qualify.
qualify means prove capable or fit; meet requirements. She was qualified to run the marathon.
qualified q . u . a . l . i . f . i . e . d . qualified. qualified means meeting the proper
standards and requirements and training for an office or position or task. Many qualified
applicants for the job. quality q . u . a . l . i . t . y . quality.
quality means a degree or grade of excellence or worth. The quality of students has risen.
quantity q . u . a . n . t . i . t . y . quantity. quantity means an adequate or large amount.
He had a quantity of ammunition. quarter q . u . a . r . t . e . r . quarter.
quarter means one of four equal parts. A quarter of a pound.
queen q . u . e . e . n . queen. queen means something personified as a woman who is considered
the best or most important of her kind. Paris is the queen of cities.
question q . u . e . s . t . i . o . n . question. question means a sentence of inquiry that
asks for a reply. He asked a direct question. quick q . u . i . c . k . quick. quick means
accomplished rapidly and without delay. His quick reaction prevented an accident.
quickly q . u . i . c . k . l . y . quickly. quickly means with rapid movements. He works
quickly. quiet q . u . i . e . t . quiet. quiet means
characterized by an absence or near absence of agitation or activity. The factions remained
quiet for almost 10 years. quietly q . u . i . e . t . l . y . quietly.
quietly means with low volume. Speak quietly but carry a big stick.
quit q . u . i . t . quit. quit means put an end to a state or an activity. Quit teasing
your little brother. quite q . u . i . t . e . quite. quite means
to the greatest extent; completely. She was quite alone.
quote q . u . o . t . e . quote. quote means repeat a passage from. He quoted the Bible
to her. Thanks for watching! This is all for section
17: Words starting with Q. You can move on to section 18 : Words starting with R. We'll
see you next time. Goodbye!
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English Vocabulary Words With Meaning: the Oxford 3000: Words Starting With Q - Free English Lesson

7235 Folder Collection
Phan Tran published on July 19, 2017
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