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I am going to central London
To tour guide my friend
[Makaton sign language]
Good morning everybody!
[Failing to remember other signs...]
Right now I'm on the train
I don't want to talk out loud
Because there are people here next to me
So I'm just going to mouth what I want to say...
I want to do some signing!
But I've forgotten all my signs...
I've forgotten how to sign!
All I remember is:
Merry Christmas!
Or biscuit
Or tree
I've forgotten everything...
I have so much hair!
Anyway, I'll see you guys later
We're in Golders Hill Zoo
Which is a free zoo in London
And they have fallow deers
Which I don't know whether you can see
It's like all the way over there!
Nah, it's too far away
There's a fallow deer and a greater rhea
Is that how you pronounce it?
I don't know...
(No...the pronunciation should be [ree-uh] lol)
But I'm tour guiding my friend
And we're at Hampstead Heath
I can't get these deers to come closer!
This is a nice park
If you want a villagey area of London come to Hampstead
Oh there's deers over there! Oh yeah! Let's go!
They're cute
Pergola and Hill Garden closes at 3:45pm
Oh my hair is a mess! :(
(Definitely due a haircut T_T)
This place is pretty~~~
You guys should come here!
You want me to take a photo for you?
Yeah, it's fine lol
Yes please
Yeah, sure!
Just took someone's photo for them
Now I've lost my friend... lol
Ah, I should come here in the summer!
(She's trying to locate the phone lol)
You're like, "Which phone is it?!" LOL
Where is it!?
[Queuing for "London's Best Crepes"]
Next order please!
Can I have a spinach, garlic, cheese and ham?
Next order please!
Er...what you having?
This one?
And a compote de pommes?
Cream and cinnamon?
Next order please!
Thank you
Da da!
Is it good?
London's best crepe
We waited for how long? Half an hour maybe?
It tastes sooooo gooooood!
This is so cute~~~
That is the cutest house ever
It's so short [the door]!
So cute!
This one's cute [too]!
Come to Hampstead if you want to see more cute houses!
Parliament Hill
Parliament Hill~~
We're lucky it's not raining...
Because it was raining this morning...
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Vlog - London's Hidden Gem ✿ Hampstead

269 Folder Collection
TT published on July 18, 2017
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