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Today I am tour guiding again.
Another Korean friend...Again...
I might as well open my own Korean tour guide business or something in London...lol
Bumped into Sian- which was weird
We just bumped into each other
It's so weird!
So strange!
I know, it's so weird
I was like, "Sian!"
I know, I was like to you first! I was like, "Teresa!"
-We just saw each other last week! - I know
[Last week]
OMG I look so white!
Oh [realisation]
Not in a racist way!
We haven't seen each other for so long and now we see each other all the time! LOL
And now I'm trying to find a toilet?
Because I really need to pee... lol
And I'm sorry I haven't been filming for a while
Some stuff has been happening and I just haven't been in the mood to film these days
And I've literally just walked into an alleyway
I don't like talking to the camera in front of loads of other people
Luckily the weather is really nice today
Anyway I'm going to put this camera away
And speak to you guys later! Bye!
[Covent Garden]
I feel like a tourist
And apparently it's not very impressive
How about if I was to do 4 balls in one hand?
6 ball juggling!
No, don't don't don't!
Have you got a table for two?
Thank you~
The first time I had this was better
The first time was really good!
No pictures!
i'm joking
Just make sure my hair's ok, yeah?!
Hiyaaa~ Can I have some icecream please?
Course you can!
Just because you asked so nicely!
Do you want chocolate?
Yes please~
Thank you very much~
I like this. This is really cool. I like the stand.
[flips camera screen]
Oh cool! Look at that!
And what? You're just jealous!
You're a loser!
Have a lovely day you two~
Have a nice day~
Bye guys, see you later
Thank you~
Lets go this way
Let's go through here
And now we are going to Maltby Street Market
Borough Market is not open on Sunday
So this is a "secret" small and "quiet" alternative apparently
We're now in Bermondsey
Let's go in!
Hiya, can I have the peach iced tea?
What size? Medium or large?
Your name?
Yeah, TT
This is Tower of London
This is Tower Bridge
That is such a cute bus right there!
Going to St Dunstan in the East
[whispers] This is the wrong church
This way~
This is nice. This garden
St Paul's Cathedral
This is a shopping centre called One New Change
And there's a rooftop that lets you see the view of St Paul's Cathedral
Here we go~!
That's so cool
Who knew this was here?
I did! Ha!
This is...amazing
It's so pretty [here]!
This is St Paul's Cathedral
Usually you have to pay to go in
But if it's a Sunday you might be able to sneak inside
So that's what we're going to do and it's Sunday today
So we're going to walk on the Millennium Bridge
We can even go to the Tate Modern art museum
That's Tate Modern over there
The river water looks disgusting...
It looks like dead bodies LOL
Am I supposed to...hear something?
Or see something...?
This is just creepy
Now en route to my friend's house
Eughrgh...I'm calling the wrong person!
Hello, are you at home?
Are you in the park?
What? (He cut me off)
Hello? Why you cut me off?!
Oh no, I'm not outside!
I'm like, "Sainsburys was open"
So I'm like...in here...
Did you guys want anything?
Are you at home?
Ok I'll be there in like-
What do you guys want?
What do the kids want?
Any sweets?
Or like biscu-
You want Doritos? OK.
Which one?
OK, see ya, bye
Say hello
I wanna hold it
I wanna hold it!
I- I I - I wanna hold it!
Say cheese!
Where's the button?
Say hello
What is your name?
And how old are you, Ryuu?
4, 3? 43?!
OMG your language has improved so much
Last time I saw you was Christmas which was... 4 months ago...?
Who's car is that?
Sis- Erm...Ryuu
Is that your car!?
OMG! Let me see!
Go and sit in your car, show me your driving!
Why you crying!?
Why you crying?
Your son just jumped on me!
My face is so red now. He just jumped on me
I've just been attacked...by a 4 year old?
3 year old? How old are you?
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Vlog - Things To Do In London

194 Folder Collection
TT published on July 18, 2017
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