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I was tour-guiding him in London the other day
We went Sky Garden
Which I've been trying to book for like ages!
If you want to go Sky Garden
You have to book there 3 weeks in advance
And it's just really annoying
I've been trying to go there for ages
But I finally went there!
But I thought Sky Garden was a bit so so...
I think One New Change is prettier
Er... what else?
I didn't film much yesterday
We just went Camden
and then I forgot to film ^^"
I can't see!
I'm tour-guiding. Again.
And we're in- I really can't see the screen!
We're in Parliament Hill
At Hampstead Heath
Again- because I really like it here
And we've got a nice view
I'm just giving my friend a British English lesson
Let's check the pronunciation from the dictionary...
I'm your dictionary!
I'm a native English speaker!
You don't trust me
He doesn't trust me
Oh, I'm wearing like the same top again, aren't I?
It's the "work" that I know of!
That's American English...
I can't do American...lol
I'm British, man
We just had...marmalade
Let's go!
We are in... Kenwood House
That was...
One of the worse interviews I've ever had...
And I am in a bad mood now...
Because that was so....
Yeah...that was really bad...
That interview...
It was just so quick that I didn't build a rapport for them-
As soon as I went in *QUESTION*!
It was like...
I felt like I was at Oxford again...Jesus Christ...
They just felt really cold and unapproachable...
But then afterwards I had a talk with another staff member...
And she was really nice...
But...I know I didn't get it
I just know
Like I felt like they ended the interview early...
They were just like
They were really rushed which really pissed me off
So because they were like
Because they were in such a hurry
And they were like trying to speed things up along
I just didn't like it
Because I couldn't build a-
They just felt so cold
It was like BOOM! QUESTION!
And I was just like ... Is that it?
Like... NO.
Because all my interviews kind of vary amongst each other
Some are really casual
And some are like really strict
But this was one of the stricter ones which I really hate
Because it's like people have no personality
They're just so hard to talk to
But yeah, I'm pretty sure- I am like 99% sure I didn't get this one
You know when you do bad, and you don't like to perform badly?
It's one of those [moods].
And I've only got like 30% battery today
So I don't know whether I can film that much...
So like, I'm trying to talk really fast
I forgot my spare battery
And this one only has 40% - no 30% left
So I'm just going to say bye
I'm in a bad mood
So we're just going to do some like therapy shopping or something
TT is in a bad mood
Thank you! Straws, sauces, just over there. - Thank you! -Enjoy
This lid is really annoying
This don't taste that good this time round
I'm in the children's section...lol
It's my cousin~
Long time no see~
You're going to be my thumbnail
You give me more views!
Let's eat x3
It's not a picture though, is it?
It's a video
What shall I do?
Thanks for the ice-cream, cuz❤️
No worries
Say bye to the camera
Byeeee~~Have fun in France~~
See you soon!
Take care
Safe journey home
Let me know when you get home
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London Vlog | Daily Life & Tour Guiding

314 Folder Collection
TT published on July 18, 2017
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