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We've signed up to join the trade show in Taipei at the WTC there.
There are a lot of venues there.
We need the team to prepare better this year.
Last year our booth was in a bad location.
I'm well aware of that.
So I'd like someone to try to research and negotiate for better locations.
The networking that was prepared for us failed
and we weren't able to communicate with the headquarters,
or even get online to show potential customers our website.
Taipei has better MICE support.
We had a large LCD screen that stayed dark most of the week .
Yes, the whole booth needs to be checked and double checked.
We finally got it working near the end with something graphical,
but the last two days of the trade fair was for the public
and most of the professionals had already left.
The last two day s of the show, on Saturday and Sunday are when the public is allowed,
but there are still potential clients too.
We obviously don't care about the public as much as
we do about those bigwigs visiting on the first couple of days.
We need to have the booth perfect on the first day.
We're budgeting a lot of money for advertising costs
including the design and construction of the booth display.
So this is going to take a lot of research and planning.
Also in addition to business cards,
I'd like to get much more branded promotional merchandise on our table that people can take for free.
I'd like to get the logo on about five or six different things in our booth.
Something a little more exciting than coffee cups or key-chains.
How about USB flash drives?
No one would throw those away.
I would keep mine forever.
That's a great idea.
We also would like to communicate with participating companies that we can partner with
and try to save a little money supporting each other.
Then if everything goes well,
we’ll try to schedule a couple more trade fairs worldwide .
Let's just hope it goes better than last year.
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27: How to plan for a Trade Show Part 2

765 Folder Collection
Sh, Gang (Aaron) published on July 17, 2017    Sh, Gang (Aaron) translated    林恩立 reviewed
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