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Let's talk about the difference between the tourism and hospitality industry.
Is there a difference?
Tourism is visiting places so it includes the need for accommodations, restaurants and travel arrangements.
That's hospitality related.
But business people also need these types of services.
There are also aspects of tourism that business people don't need,
like a tour guide, who only cares about helping tourists see a specific place.
It has nothing to do with business travelers.
And, likewise, there are some aspects of hospitality that tourists don't need,
such as business centers and communication services, like those used in trade shows.
So now there's something called the MICE industry.
Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.
This industry helps professionals beyond the needs of a typical tourist.
Perhaps I should look into this type of career.
Do you think I'm dressed appropriately?
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25: Tourism , Hospitality and the MICE Industry with subtitles, use CC !

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Sh, Gang (Aaron) published on July 17, 2017    Sh, Gang (Aaron) translated    Jerry reviewed
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