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Yeah, I'm undefeated in beer pong, lifetime.
I bench like 550 pounds, easy.
I've never been tanning.
No, you don't look fat at all.
Why do you think they call them love handles?
Everybody loves them.
Dude, I've hooked up with like 87 girls.
I've only hooked up with like 2 girls.
Of course I noticed your new haircut.
We're not lost, okay?
We're just taking a way that you don't know.
I don't even watch porn.
I don't even know who that girl is.
She friended me on Facebook.
Ahh, but I don't know how to make a sandwich.
You have to make it for me.
I've never seen The Notebook.
I'd love to watch it with you though.
No, no, no. You gave me chlamydia.
I would never do a threesome with 3... 2 guys.
Dude, if LeBron James was here right now,
I'd punch him, right in the face.
I hate strip clubs, they're gross.
I only wear Magnum condoms.
Regular ones just don't fit me.
7 a.m. breakfast with your parents? Sounds great!
I've never cried. I was a silent baby.
Yeah, I used to wear footsie pajamas,
but I never got my dick stuck in the zipper.
I was wasted last night, had like at least 20 shots,
and like 30 beers.
Your dad ties your ties?
I'm so good at tying ties.
Dude, she was not a tranny,
I swear, okay? I would tell you.
I've never seen an episode of Sex And The City, actually.
No, she didn't dump me, alright?
I dumped her. She was crazy.
Nah dude, I've never frosted my tips.
I can run a mile in like a minute and a half. Tops.
Dungeons and Dragons tournament, sounds..sounds terrible.
Eww, dude, I've never taken a bubble bath.
Baby, that girl is my cousin, OK?
We're really close.
I thought I ordered a whisky,
but, I mean, I'll drink it.
...603, 604
Who the hell is Justin Beiber?
Sir, I was not speeding.
You should see the other guy, two eye patches.
I'm at my grandma's, I'm helping her take a bath.
They're not guns, okay? They're her cats.
They're Siamese or something, I dunno. They sound weird.
Maybe her cats are terrorist.
This is strawberry chapstick.
I would never cheat on you.
We're just friends.
Don't worry, I got this.
I've never shaved my chest.
Armpits, taint.
I don't even like them.
It's not Magic Mike, it's a documentary.
If I cleaned up my diet,
I would look just like Channing Tatum.
Why would I be wearing your shirt?
This is mine.
Hey, it's a baby deer, and a giant Ker ball.
And it's ridiculous.
I'm not sure that people lie about half of those things I just did
What's my life with that?
Don't they taste good, Kermit?
Make sure you subscribe to our channel.
We put out new videos every Wednesday.
That was such a good yawn.
You are so good at being sleepy tired.
Alright, say "We'll see you next week!"
Say bye, Spiderman.
We have to go make our Halloween costumes.
And if you play your cards right,
maybe I'll show you what we're gonna be.
We don't know yet, we have to make them.
Alright, so we have to go sewing stuff
and get fabric and go to the craft store.
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Things Guys Lie About

13959 Folder Collection
Jerry published on July 19, 2017    Jerry translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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