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Yeah in the car right now!
be there in like five minutes.
No, I'm on a diet.
Oh my god!
You do not look fat in those jeans.
I know, right?
I got them on sale.
I am such a good driver.
Just give me like fifteen minutes,
alright I'll be right in like fifteen minutes.
Oh yeah, I read that book
Yeah, I'm almost ready
I got almost ready.
These are my real nails.
I know, right?
They're so long.
I hate when girls talk shit behind my back.
I never talk shit about anyone behind their back.
I'm 5'7.
and I'm like a short 5'7.
No, I already ate dinner. I'm really not that hungry
What's wrong?
No filter.
What's wrong?
No makeup.
I am such a nerd.
I never eat junk food.
What should I weigh?
Wait, I weigh like 110.
This is like real tan.
I never go tanning.
Like Olive skinned.
Yeah. My eyelashes are so real.
I don't wear fake lashes.
I can totally like eat whatever I want
and I never get fat.
I'm not gonna drunk text
and I'll tell you that much
I swear on my life
I'm not gonna drunk text and I
I'm not even that drunk.
I work out like six days a week at least.
My god! Your new hair looks so cute.
That's like short, Miley Cyrus thing, it's so in right now.
It looks so good on your face.
Uh, God! I hate drama!
I will never hook up with my ex
He's like gross
and like I hate him.
Oh! This thing,
I just pulled out of back of my closet.
Oh, I haven't even eaten anything yet today.
Ewww, know,
I'm not like Greg. Ewww
My hairs does get so light from the sun.
It's not highlights.
I'm so good with kids.
I know it's so good to see you.
I haven't seen you in like forever.
I missed you.
I never take diet pills.
I never go on that website.
You're such a bitch!
I mean, I mean, I'm kidding
I'm kidding.
I've only hooked up with like two guys
like my whole life.
Sorry, I haven't called you back
I just been so busy.
I never watch that show.
The show's such trash.
No, I did not have sex with him.
We only like hang out a couple of times
but like no we never had sex.
Yeah. You could have my number.
It's uh.... one, two, three
No, it's a real number.
I swear.
Work done?
No, I've never had any plastic surgery
like everything is my
I was born like this.
This is my real hair.
I take so many vitamins.
I can drink more than anybody sitting in this table right now.
I'm only having one glass of wine today.
No, sorry. I don't need directions.
I know exactly where we're going.
who's that?
It's not mine.
I'm 21.
It's totally me.
I just grew my hair up, bleached it.
I'm not gonna make out with anyone tonight.
So glad I'm single.
Best life ever.
Oh my god!
It smells in here.
It wasn't me.
There are my little guys.
There I looked like a double-headed monster.
They have one body, two heads
but they're different heads
but they're both equally as exciting.
Yeah, Marble, do you lie?
No, I never lie.
Kermit, do you lie?
I'm asleep.
Sometimes I lie to you guys.
'Cause I said the WALK word
and it doesn't mean for you.
I'm sorry.
Say goodbye, spiderman!
Goodbye, spiderman!
Say bye, Sylvie unicorn.
I've got to be majestic over here.
Alright. See you next week.
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Things Girls Lie About

37792 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on August 6, 2017    李依庭 translated    reviewed
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