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Hello hello hello!
And today in this video I’m going to give you 5 travel tips for coming to the UK
So let’s get started!
#Tip Number 1
The weather is UN – PRE-DICTABLE
In one day, it could be pissing it down with rain
Be sunny
Be windy
Be cloudy
And even have a bit of snow
I’m serious, I’m not even lying
You could experience 4 seasons in one day
Especially during March and April
Even this May, the weather was pretty damn crazy
It rained in the morning, snowed a little bit in the afternoon, and then was sunny for the rest of the day
Like I said, the weather is crazy and unpredictable
So if you’re coming to the UK, be prepared and dress appropriately
#Tip Number 2 Remember to look right!
34% of the world population drive on the LEFT hand side of the road
And the UK is one of them!
So…if you don’t want to be killed, please remember to look right when crossing the road
Wait, actually, look both ways –because I don’t want anyone to be killed!
But please take note that we do drive on the left hand side
#Tip Number 3
Remember your PSTs
Your "Please, Sorry’s and Thank You's"
We British people like to say please, sorry and thank you A LOT
In fact, we pretty much say please sorry or thank you for practically everything
Especially in restaurants
“Excuse me, please! Could I have some water please?"
"Could you pass me the salt please?"
"Please could I have this, and this and this please?"
When you want someone to do something for you or give you something
You always say, "Please"
And if someone has ever done this request for you
You have to say "Thank You" in return
We also say “sorry” a lot, and we use it for many different situations
For example, when you accidentally bump into someone:
Or when someone accidentally bumps into you:
Or when you can’t hear what someone said:
We even say sorry when we’re not really sorry
"Are you guys in the line here?"
"Yes, we are."
"You are?"
British people have a stereotype of being overly polite because we say "please sorry and thank you" a lot
But let me actually tell you a secret...
Sometimes...We say it...And we don’t even mean it!
Sometimes...it’s just a way to hide our rudeness of what we really what want to say
In fact, there are lots of hidden meanings behind what British people say and what they actually mean
For example, someone could say:
"Excuse me - Sorry, is anyone sitting here?"
But what they really actually mean is:
“Move b*tch. I'm sitting here, yeah? Get out of my way, yeah?
You got like three seconds to move your bag before I end you, yeah? I’m going to sit here whether you like it or not
So move! “
This is just one example (an exaggerated example)
There are so many other examples
And maybe I’ll tell you guys about this in another video another time (if you're nice to me
#Tip Number 4
If you’re travelling around London for a few days, I recommend purchasing an Oyster card
An Oyster card is a pay as you go transportation card that can be used on buses, trains and the Tube in London
It will save you more money compared to if you bought a day travel card or if you bought single tickets
Oh, by the way!
If you're using the Oyster on the bus, you only need to tap once
You don’t need to tap again when you leave the bus
If you’re planning to visit areas out of London, travelling around UK by train can be quite expensive
But if you’re aged between 16-25 years old, you can buy a Young Person’s railcard
This is an annual railcard – and right now it costs £30 a year
And it gives you 33% off your rail fares.
This is a good savings card if you’re planning to visit many places outside of London
The National Rail website is also a good website to go on to find out your travel fares and times
And sometimes they even have cheaper fare deals if you book in advance
So check this website out (not sponsored)
Also, if you have a Young Persons railcard, you can have linked it to your Oyster card
So that you will also get 33% off discount on pay as you go fares on the Tube
But this is for off-peak hours only
And off-peak hours is any time between 9:30am to 4pm, and any time after 7pm, between Mondays and Fridays
And any time during the weekends.
If you're over 25, and travelling in a pair, there is also some discount for you as well
So you can purchase the Two Together railcard, which gives you 33% discount for two named adults when travelling together by train
So those are some discount tips!
#Tip Number 5
Get out of London
If you're only in the UK for a few days, then London pretty much covers everything you will need to see
However, the UK is more than just London and a city is still a city
If you want to get a better feel of UK life- get out of London and visit other cities
And you can also use this opportunity to use these railcards so you can get a good discount ;)
You can also get a BritRail pass which gives you unlimited travel
Across certain parts of the UK, for a certain number of days, at a certain price
I’m not familiar with this because it’s only eligible for non-UK citizens
But check this out out and calculate whether it is something you want to do and whether it is something you want
And those are my five tips for travelling to the UK!
If you have any further questions, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you
Other than that, I’ll see you guys next time
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✈ 5 Tips for Travelling to the UK

5953 Folder Collection
france207 published on July 6, 2017
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